Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Israel civil war, Fact or Fantasy?

As the state of israel perpares itself for the suicidal gaza disengagement you read on the news at least 10 times a day about the threat of civil war, This is nothing but a invention of the leftists!!
They came up with this whole nightmare as a way to make us "settlers" look like killers, to distance us from "true jews" We are the ones who are tearing apart the country, they scream!
Make no mistake! They are the ones that want a civil war!! They are the ones who want to see jews kill each other! But we will not stoop that low as much as they try to smear us and potray us negatively we stick the what we are and what we represent! YES we will fight for our country and even if that means years in jail but NO ONE will fire at soldiers unless it is in self defense.

Another holocaust documentry?

Ladies and gentleman, This site should NOT exist but sadly in the circumstances we are now in the need has arose, this site will document the real story. You will find out who the enemy is, You will read stories of might hero's some as young as 12 who will go thrue imense suffering and brutality to defend the land of israel! g-d bless em!

Cant get it to upload the pic oh well. hey dosent the guy in the bottom right with the red shorts look like he is about to moon ? now talk about non violent resistance!
OUCH! yea having 7 soldiers / cops rip you off a bulldozer hurts like heck! That was taken last week sunday at "tal yam" when the army destroyed the empty houses near shirat hayam, "We were just following orders" yea yea we heard that line many times before. Thank g-d for avi bieber now here is a real jew! may hashem bless him! For now i am in jerusalem after being brutaly thrown out of "maoz hayam" community, otherwise known as the palm beach hotel. Let me tell you what i went through there is something NO JEW should ever expirience, let alone here in eretz yisrael. The images in my head are 100 times worse then the pictures, being there smelling the smoke, crying filling the air, watching as helmeted men with clubs beat and drag young girls, mothers with baby’s in their arms, thrown onto buses…. reminded me of another era 65 years ago… i actually spoke to a surviver my rabbi who was in bergen belsen… he told me the nightmares are back and i’m sure many other survivers are going through the same thing. It is ripping us apart! the reality that this was just the beginning…I will be going back to gush katif tomorow g-d willing, internet courtesy of orange 3rd generation (oh wait that costs a arm and a leg) Updates to follow!


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