Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Israel civil war, Fact or Fantasy?

As the state of israel perpares itself for the suicidal gaza disengagement you read on the news at least 10 times a day about the threat of civil war, This is nothing but a invention of the leftists!!
They came up with this whole nightmare as a way to make us "settlers" look like killers, to distance us from "true jews" We are the ones who are tearing apart the country, they scream!
Make no mistake! They are the ones that want a civil war!! They are the ones who want to see jews kill each other! But we will not stoop that low as much as they try to smear us and potray us negatively we stick the what we are and what we represent! YES we will fight for our country and even if that means years in jail but NO ONE will fire at soldiers unless it is in self defense.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

You are absolutely correct. I wish I could be there rather than sitting here in my house in the US. I admire your determination, God bless you.

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