Monday, October 31, 2005

straight from the donkey's mouth

Shimon Peres: "Basically, I think it's better talking than shooting, but if you cannot stop shooting, you shouldn't stop talking," (Jerusalem Post 2001)

"It is a great mistake to learn from history. There is nothing to learn from history."(M'aariv interview, 1993)

Abu Mazen (Palestinian Prime-Minister) expressed public support for terrorism against Jewish citizens living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. He told the London-based Arabic paper A-Sharq al-Aussat that "all means" were legitimate against Jews living in Yesha. Asked about Abu Mazen's call to murder Jews, ex-Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said:"It doesn't matter what they say." (INN March 2003).

In any other country this guy would be locked up in a mental instetution... But to quote my convo with moshe feiglin who gave me a hitch from tapuach junction to jerusalem

moshe: ok i'm gonna drop you off here at french hill, i'm going to the mental instetution
me: why you going to the mental instetution?
moshe: well its mostly known as the keneset its full of raving and ranting lunatics.


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