Sunday, October 30, 2005

trip down the memory lane

Do not remember WHAT i was thinking.... my brain froze i was holding the torah i loved and these monsters came crashing in and ripped it from me... I constantly get asked why i chose to hold the torah and not fight... this was as you may remember NOT the final expolusion but at maoz hayam (palm beach hotel) there was 250 of us mostly women and girls are 2,000 of them. Elite commando units yamam (israel SWAT) yasam, magav, yonathan (prison commando units)
So to fight them physically was worthless it was allready lost, But i thought maybe tearing a jew out of a shull with a sefer in his hands may appeal to their neshama their soul. I thought maybe beyond all the odds i could wake up that pintale yid, that tiny spark that each jew has...
But obviusly i was wrong because ALOT of magavnikim are russian goyim, and for the jewish ones their animal soul is sooo strong that it barely affected them. So i sat there holding the torah and crying over the disgustingness of this country and i davend... i can never sing vayehi binsoh ha'aron vayomer moshe... without geting teary and seeing soldiers rush in and grab the torah from me.


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