Monday, October 31, 2005

wow this french dude has his head screwd on right!
I like this guy! queted from his blog "Going Orange For Gush Katif Because I'm a Proud Friend of Israel who thinks the Gaza withdrawal is an exercise in extreme folly.
The Islamofascist Paleswinians don't want Gaza, and they don't want the West Bank. They want the whole damn thing.
They want to finish what Hitler started.
It doesn't matter that Israel existed thousands of years before the pedophile pimp-prophet oozed out of the sands of Arabia. What was once Islam's is always Islam's.
What would be said if I stood in the Muslim family's yard a few blocks away and claimed it in the name of Christianity? And, after I got out of jail, went back and reclaimed it because I had conquered it before?
Sorry if the orange bothers your eyes, it'll be up for awhile."


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