Monday, October 31, 2005

wow this guy woke up!

So now yigal amir files for a appeal... why does the guy wait 10 years ? I mean granted i cant blame him for taking barry chamish's theroy's as crazy but still chamish lays out this exact evidence in his book "who murderd yitzchak rabin" What is really intresting is the article below on ynet regarding chamish's website, It mentions david rudstein, That was a bit suprising but not very. Rudstein lived in miami about 10 years ago right accross the street from me. As i small kid about 7 i pissed his daughter off and he beat the royal crap out of me. Another former miami resident curently living in israel now and a former kahanist told me a few years ago that rudstein was a FBI snitch on kahanist activities... i see him hanging around jerusalem with a poster "who killed rabin" i dont give any credibility to this guy!,7340,L-3161933,00.html
But i will state the obvius, Yigal amir did NOT kill rabin!


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