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Arab witt and wisdom...

So for the fun i click on islamic chairity site and look at this:

Gee, so from my friend rabbi lawrence How did he become a rabbi?

the Arab News:
On its submarines Britain has 48 nuclear warheads, each one eight times as powerful as the nuclear bomb that obliterated Hiroshima. In other words, Prime Minister Tony Blair theoretically could order the almost instant incineration of 384 large cities around the world.

I agree that 48 times 8 equals 384. 48 times 8 usually is 384. You can multiple 48 times 8 all day long and get 384. I'm sure, somewhere in a mental ward in Jeddah, there's an entire room of imams doing just that for the glory of Allah.
However, he's engaging in a bit of "fuzzy math" there. Unless the 48 warheads are capable of ricocheting seven times, forty-eight warheads means 48 targets no matter how powerful they are.

But the emperor is naked!

WOW we get a look at the true colors of the traiters over at the yeshu council...

From arutzsheva
Political advisor to the Yesha Council (of Judea and Samaria communities), Yuval Porat, will head Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz's campaign to head the Likud Party. Porat served as advisor to the Yesha Council over the past year and was one of the leading strategists behind the campaign against the Disengagement Plan – ostensibly out of ideological identification with the cause.He said Sunday that after deep internal ideological conflict he decided to help Mofaz, even though the Defense Minister was one of the main backers of the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria.

You hear the guy "He said Sunday that after deep internal ideological conflict"

Maybe this might provide a key ...

Online editions of The Jerusalem Post: http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/jpost/

Spinning against disengagement; [Daily Edition] TALYA HALKIN. Jerusalem Post. Jerusalem: Feb 22, 2005. pg. 13 People: Porat, Yuval, Barnea, Ziv, Sharon, Ariel Section: Features Abstract (Document Summary) Six months ago, [Yuval Porat] and Ziv Barnea - his partner in the Spin Media firm for strategic consulting - approached The Council of Jewish Settlements of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha) with an offer to revamp the council's campaign, and were hired to orchestrate its battle against disengagement."I don't see the disengagement as private Yesha business, and my goal is to reach a ...

You mean to tell me bentzi lieberman had no clue this guy is a card caying leftist ?

Who sent them to go work for the yeshu council ? Or did yesha hire a leftists to make sure he wouldent actually acomplish anything...

The Yesha Council's main strategist is Yuval Porat. Porat is in charge of creating the strategy to be used in the battle against Sharon's anti-Jewish expulsion plan.In 1991, Porat was elected to the Secretariat of the Marxist-Leninist Mapam Party. Mapam was an openly Communist party that mourned the death of their spiritual leader Josef Stalin in 1953 with huge black borders on the front page of the Mapam newspaper. Mapam is now called the Meretz-yachad Party - a viciously anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist collection of sick Jews

oooh wait! it gets better!

Back in jan '05 from the toronto sun.

The project has its own spin doctor. Yuval Porat´s public relations consultancy, SPIN Public Opinion Shapers, has been working for months with the settlers´ Yesha Council, crafting a more saleable message. Porat identifies "lack of democracy" as the chink in Sharon´s armour. Even Israelis who favour pulling out of Gaza sense the plan is being bulldozed upon them, without adequate public input."We are calling for civil disobedience on a mass scale," Porat said yesterday. "We want to get 150,000 supporters in Gaza, so that when the time comes it will be physically impossible for anyone to move that many people." Porat maintains disobedience is a job for civilians. "We don´t want disobedience in the army. But we believe the result of this plan will be thousands of soldiers refusing their military orders," he said. "So what we´re saying is, ´Don´t let it come to that.´ Give us a referendum or new elections. If the people are given a say in Sharon´s plan, we will stick by it, even if the decision is to withdraw. We won´t like it. But we´ll accept it."

And there is more!!

Yuval Porat, the main strategist for the Yesha Council, said the next stage would be "to send hundreds of groups" of protesters on Monday to break through army roadblocks to enter Gaza to help settlers there resist the pullout nonviolently.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I wonder why this never made the news...

From gush katif's website..

Neveh Dekalim Physician Operates Upside-Down on Patient: “This Corrupt Regime Has Turned the World Topsy-Turvy”

On Saturday night, which happened to be the anniversary of the liberation of Gaza in 1967, Dr. Sudy Namir, Chief Physician at the Neveh Dekalim Clinic, performed a skin operation at the clinic, hanging upside down above the patient.

On Thursday, June 2 2005, the day the Israeli government decided to set 400 terrorists free, Dr. Namir was so shocked that he decided he had to do something that would shock as well. He went to one of the industrial plants in Gush Katif and had himself hung upside down from a forklift. For about twenty minutes he “operated” on a doll in order to find out if he could do the same on the living person.

The experiment was a success, whereupon the good doctor announced that he would indeed perform the procedure, in his clinic this time, under the proper conditions.
Tonight he operated on a young man. At his side were paramedics from the Gaza Coast Regional Council Security Department, as well as a well-known dermatologist from the United States, who had come to give him support for what he was doing

After the operation was successfully concluded we asked Dr. Namir to explain what he was doing. He explained:

“You’re right. This is a crazy thing to do. Completely crazy. But after all, it’s nothing compared to the other things that are going on around us, that are much crazier. While the Arabs around us don’t stop for a second their terror attacks, our government has freed four-hundred Arabs with proven connections to acts of terrorism in which Jews in the Land of Israel were killed. At the same time this same government is putting in jail for an indefinite period of time people loyal to their homeland. Last week Arabs who had murdered Jews were permitted to take high school diploma exams in jail, but not Jewish youths who were accused of disorderly conduct. The Attorney General decided to deprive the latter of this right.

People arrested for murder and rape are released until they are convicted, but these students are being kept in jail indefinitely.

They are the victims of a devious and corrupt regime. The world is truly topsy-turvy.
It is told in the name of R. Nahman of Breslav that once upon a time famine struck a land and only a single grain of wheat was left. They knew that anyone who ate that grain would become insane. So they decided that each would draw a letter on the other’s forehead so that at least they would remember that they used to be sane.

Why I did now in front of the cameras, 38 years after the liberation of Gaza, is truly strange. But that’s exactly my purpose. I want all the same people here and abroad to realize that Israel is going through a period of insanity, that Jews are going to be evicted from their homes, which will be destroyed, and the entire south of the country will be put in danger. Real insanity.

I stood on my head and removed a dangerous tumor. I succeeded, but the IDF, whose commanders claim to be standing on solid ground, have not succeeded in defeating the terror that threatens the lives of the people of Gush Katif”.

After the operation, and the interview, were over, Dr. Namir again checked his patient, and then sent home and told him to come back to be examined again in two days.


A key figure in the establishment of settlement in Yesha:
Already at a young age, Baruch started his public career. He joined the "Jericho nucleus". He participated in all of the aliyot and struggles over "Sebastia" and in the creation of the settlements of Gush Emunim during the 70's. During the early years, he was active in the establishment of Ofra, Mitzpeh Yericho and Kedumim. He participated in the activities of the Elon Moreh nucleus and left after living for 8 months in Rojev, which was forcefully evacuated.
Baruch refused to accept the compromise that was reached, and went to live in Shechem in '82, and he was removed from there when he entered a hotel in the city to live there and to set up a Jewish outpost.
During his activity on behalf of the renewal of Jewish settlement in Hebron, he was removed from there. Due to his activities in the territories at that time, Fuad ben Eliezer ordered that he be forbidden to enter all of Yesha, since as soon as he was removed from one place, he would start up again in another.
When the struggle over Yamit began, Baruch went to live there and helped to establish the settlements of Atzmona, Hatzer Adar and Maoz HaYam, as well as the yeshiva in Ophira.
In 1984, after his marriage, Baruch went to live in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood of Hebron, and immediately afterwards he was one of the founders of the Admot Yishai (Tel Rumeida) neighborhood, where he still lives in a caravan together with his wife and 9 children.
Over the years, he helped to establish many more settlements all over Yesha.
Baruch was one of the first people called upon by Nati Ozeri HY"D to help the hilltop settlers. Together with Adir Zik and Israel Bermeson, he set up a fund to assist the hilltops. The fund helps to set up hilltop settlements and assists in all stages of the struggle.
Greater Israel:
Over the decades, Baruch has been considered the life force of the determined struggles for Greater Israel, within the frameworks of: Gush Emunim, the Movement to Stop the Retreat from Sinai, and in all other movements operating with similar purposes.
In most cases, Baruch prefers to participate behind the scenes. His wisdom and courage during the struggles serve as a model for thousands to courageously keep up the fight without being deterred by threats from the authorities.
Baruch fought vigorously against the "pragmatism" that has permeated some Yesha public figures and the Right, and saw in this phenomenon a disaster leading to the weakening of a strong stand in favor of Greater Israel. On this issue, Baruch subscribes to the Lubavitcher Rabbi's doctrine that it is absolutely forbidden even to speak to Arabs about any surrender of land, which constitutes a danger to millions of Jews - let alone to actually give up even a tiny piece of the Holy Land.
The right-hand man of Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT"L HY"D:
For 25 years, Baruch was considered the student and the right-hand man of Rabbi Meir Kahane, with whom he became affiliated while still a boy. Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D came to Baruch's Bar Mitzvah when the latter was already an activist in the movement.
For the first time in his life, Baruch was arrested at age 14 as he was blocking traffic with Rabbi Kahane, at the time of the American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's visit to Israel to finalize the agreements to leave the Sinai during the '70's.
During his first years of activity in the Kach movement, he was an energetic activist out in the field. He initiated brazen actions against the missionary movements and was arrested on suspicion of setting fire to an apartment of missionaries. For many years, he led the militant front lines in Judea and Samaria, to act with a firm and uncompromising hand against the Arab enemy.
For ten years, he was the spokesman for the Kach movement. In every election in which Rabbi Kahane ran, he was among the main activists.
In 1984, when Rabbi Kahane successfully ran for the Knesset and won a seat, he appointed Baruch as the secretary of the Knesset faction, and in this framework, Baruch organized the political activity of Rabbi Kahane and the Kach movement.
Knesset Speaker Shlomo Hillel worked to impose limitations on Rabbi Kahane's actions, and tried to impose countless changes in the Knesset regulations against Kach's activities. Among the changes he instituted was to make it possible to throw out Baruch from the Knesset building in light of the complaints of Arab and Leftist MKs. But Baruch kept up his activities. He is especially remembered for greatly helping to amend the "Who is a Jew" law, securing the freedom of the Jewish Underground prisoners and harassing Arab MKs.
He participated in hundreds of demonstrations and rallies organized by Rabbi Kahane, by whose side he stood, even getting arrested many times together with him.
After Rabbi Kahane was murdered, Baruch was elected as the head of the Kach movement's secretariat, and ran for the Knesset as the head of Kach, but his candidacy was banned by the High Court, claiming that he was continuing directly on Kahane's path.
He continued to be one of the leaders of the movement until the latter was outlawed after the Baruch Goldstein affair in 1994.
With the outlawing of Kach, Baruch announced, together with the whole Kach administration, that he was quitting any activity in the movement. In spite of this, the media and the authorities continued to tag him as the leader of the Kach movement.
The struggle over the Sinai:
The struggle over the Sinai was the high point of Baruch's career on behalf of Eretz Israel. He was one of the first ones to go down to Yamit to live as soon as the rumor broke of a decree to destroy the settlements and Yamit. He participated in the organization aiding the struggle, "Gan Hayarok" in Neot Sinai. He also had a hand in the establishment of Atzmona and lived there. Immediately afterwards he went to live in Hatzer Adar and organzied a powerful and uncompromising struggle that included 7 attempts to take back land as the last evacuation was being carried out, together with the Israeli army's withdrawal and the entry of the Egyptians.
He helped to establish Maoz HaYam in the Sinai and, together with his friends, organized the opposition to the Yamit establishment, which refused to actively fight the evacuation of people from Hatzer Adar. He was among the initiators and organizers of the opposition in bunkers and on rooftops, which made the act of evacuation more difficult. He was arrested tens of times in the Rafiah area. After the end of the struggle over Yamit, Begin decided to close hundreds of cases that were opened against the protesters for disturbing the peace and breaking the law. But Baruch did not receive amnesty.
IDF activities:
Baruch was drafted at the age of 20 after completing his studies in the Hesder Yeshiva in Yamit, where he studied after moving there during the struggle over Yamit. He was not called up to serve in the Lebanon War due to the court case against him for his actions in Yamit, but he decided to volunteer at any cost. He hitchhiked to Lebanon and fought in the central district in a tank. He was one of the first to take over the Beirut-Damascus route. During the conquest he identified a number of Syrian commandos. He charged towards them and killed 7 of the commandos. At the same time, he was injured by a grenade thrown at him, but after receiving medical treatment for a short time, he returned to the tank and participated in the conquest of the Beirut museum.
During his stay in the "Bechamdon" village, he helped renovate the synagogue in the town, and made sure to inform Chabad of his request to repair the mikveh, which was finally renovated with the help of the personal intervention of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
During his entire military service, Baruch was concerned for religious services for the soldiers, including putting tefillin on them. In the army he fought against the problem of assimilation in Lebanon. Once he even fired at a Lebanese woman who entered the army base. Baruch was tried for this, but the problem stopped. Twice.
During his military service he refused an order whenever it clashed with matters of religion.
After completing his army service, Baruch was sent by the IDF as an emissary to the United States, within the framework of the "Israel" project promoting accurate information on the situation in Israel and recruiting immigrants and volunteers.
Imprisonment, arrests and convictions:
Baruch's activities on behalf of Eretz Israel and Torat Israel led to hundreds of arrests and tens of convictions. Baruch always stood at the head of the struggles and never shied away from them. Even in the worst and most bitter of struggles, he was ready to pay the full price. Especially memorable were the struggles and his arrest in Sebastia and his fights against the separation agreements, missionaries and autopsies. During the struggles of Gush Emunim, he was arrested innumerable times over Shechem, Jericho and Hebron, and the entire settlement enterprise in Yesha. He was constantly under suspicion, and was arrested a number of times for being suspected of attacking Arabs and their property. After the Goldstein affair, and after being chased, he was arbitrarily put into administrative detention for half a year, and then under house arrest for 3 years!
At the age of 17 Baruch was convicted in court for the first time, and many times since then. Nine times he was forced into community service work. Baruch's file of ideological convictions is considered one of the thickest in the State. Baruch, needless to say, considers that a badge of honor.
Hebron - now and forever:
Baruch and Hebron are two concepts that have been linked to each other for two decades. He established his home there and turned Hebron into a central location and a tourist site visited by thousands ever year.
Already as a child, he visited Hebron with his parents during the time when Rabbi Moshe Levinger, the father of Jewish settlement in Hebron, had taken over the Park Hotel. He was active together with Prof. Ben Zion Tavger a"h in the excavations at the Avraham Avinu synagogue and in renovating the cemetery. Together with his teacher Rabbi Kahane, he broke into the closed military zone at Beit Hadassah 3 times and was arrested, long before it ever occurred to anyone that this was the only way people would get to live in Hebron. He assisted the "Hadassah women" holed up in the building for many months.
So it was only natural that his marriage to Sara would take place at the Cave of Machpela. Twenty years later, he came full circle and married off his two daughters at the Cave in Hebron.
On their wedding night they went to live in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. He was one of the first to come to live in Tel Rumeida (Admot Yishai) in 1984, where he has been living with his wife and 9 children for more than 20 years in a flimsy caravan.
With the outbreak of the first intifada in 1987, the stream of Jewish visitors to the Cave of Machpela and Hebron stopped.
Baruch took upon himself the task of changing the situation. Thanks to his actions, Hebron became a household word. Baruch worked almost single-handedly and succeeded where many other good people failed, bringing in thousands of Jews every year to the City of our Fathers.
This is how Baruch made extensive connections with the Haredi sector. Tens of great rabbis and Torah giants from the entire spectrum came to Hebron thanks to his activity, and they all forged close links with Hebron and with settlements throughout Yesha.
His home in Tel Rumeida was the scene of visits by great Haredi rabbis, among them: Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach ZT"L, the Halachic giant of this generation, as well as the Gaon Rabbi Ben Zion Abba Shaul ZT"L, the Rebbes of Karlin and Arloy and others.
Baruch was part of many struggles in the Cave of Machpela that strengthened the Jewish hold there. He promoted the Cave to those who were unfamiliar with it and organized all activity there. As a result of all his efforts, 8 new Torah scrolls and a lot of equipment were brought into the Cave.
Baruch established two Kollels, which contributed greatly to the Cave's revival.
Together with Israel Bermeson, he set up a system of welcoming guests to Hebron, where hundreds of people are hosted every year. Baruch's home itself has become a lively center for welcoming guests.
He is personally involved in caring for the needs of IDF soldiers and the needy population of Kiryat Arba and Hebron.
He set up a Rabbi Zilberman-style Talmud Torah, which he still directs. He renovated the burial places of Yishai and Ruth and put up a synagogue on the site. For years Baruch handled all Chabad matters in Hebron, rescusitating their heritage in the city.
He made people aware of the Chabad Ashkenazi cemetery in Hebron and the grave of Rebbetzin Menucha Rachel Slonim.
Thanks to his wisdom, the transfer of the Chabad plot of the cemetery to the Palestinians as part of Oslo 2 was avoided.
For years, Baruch handled the restorations there. For a month and a half he conducted a sit-down strike there, in protest over the lack of security. He started an on-site Kollel, which led to a permanent Jewish hold there. In order to continue handling Chabad matters in Hebron, two years ago Baruch helped Rabbi Daniel Cohen to get settled in Hebron and to take on responsibility for Chabad property there.
Baruch served as a member of the Kiryat Arba local council and of the Society for the Development of Kiryat Arba, and as a member of the administration of Jewish settlement in Hebron.
His connections with the Haredi public:
Out of faith and the recognition that the religious and ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) public must unite in order to establish a joint enterprise to protect the sanctity of Israel and the future of settlements in Yesha, and in order to prevent anti-religious parties from gaining power, Baruch understood that the way must be forged in a Haredi direction. Baruch himself leads an exemplary Haredi lifestyle.
For years he was active in public Haredi struggles. He was an active participant in the struggle against autopsies, for closing roads on Shabbat, for the "Who is a Jew" law, and actions against the Reform movement, missionaries, abortions, etc. For years, for every problem arising in the Haredi public, Baruch worked behind the scenes to solve the problem, and to help, which increased his credibility and opened doors among Torah giants and rabbis who saw him as a faithful emissary for the issues that were important to them.
Baruch's special treatment of the Haredi public led them to make frequent visits to Hebron and to assist settlement in Yesha. Thus, for example, thanks to his connections, Baruch worked hard in the Haredi sector to prevent Shimon Peres from being chosen as the President of the State of Israel, and for the rise of Moshe Katzav. In 2000, instructed by the rabbis, he greatly helped to get the Tal Law passed in the Knesset. He also worked hard to promote Haredi settlement in Yesha.
He is considered by the Yesha Establishment and the right-wing parties as an expert on the Haredi sector. Many attribute the right-wing tendencies of the Haredi public in recent years to, among other things, Baruch's activities in this sector of the public.
Charity and Hessed activities:
Baruch runs a large charity fund, together with Adir Zik and Israel Bermeson Z"L. He distributes financial aid and supplies to hundreds of families. This is in addition to his activities in welcoming guests to Hebron .
Activities on behalf of Soviet and Syrian Jews:
During the '70's he was very active on behalf of Soviet Jews and Prisoners of Zion. His work on behalf of Natan Sharansky, Yosef Mendelevitch, Yaakov Levine and others, is especially memorable. All of them are grateful to him to this day. A number of times, Baruch was arrested by the authorities for these activities. He also worked for the freedom of Syrian Jews.
He participated in active struggles against extradition of Jews to non-Jewish authorities. He began with the struggle against extraditing William Nakash. From being one of the founders of "The Committee to Free Jonathan Pollard" until today, he is still active on this issue.
"A Helping Hand to our Sisters"
For 25 years, Baruch has been the director of operations to get Jewish girls out of Arab villages. He has succeeded in rescuing about 300 Jewish women from Arabs. He considers this his personal mission that he received from his teacher and rabbi, Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D. With every case of assimilation that comes up, he tries to drop everything to take care of the problem. Numerous institutions around the country constantly turn to Baruch for his help in solving assimilation issues and the kidnapping of girls to Arab villages.
The voice of the territory:
In 1997 Baruch, together with Haim Didovsky, set up the news agency "HaKol M'haShetach" (The voice of the territory), for the purpose of fighting against the media's tendentiousness. "HaKol M'haShetach" can give itself a great deal of credit for its achievements in being an effective mouthpiece for anything connected to Yesha and the struggle for Eretz Israel. Later the name was changed to "Kol Rina", in memory of Rina Didovsky HY"D, who was violently murdered on her way to Kiryat Arba.
Elections to the Knesset:
In the elections of 2003, MK Michael Kleiner, the chairman of the Herut movement, decided to add Baruch Marzel to his list, who would bring electoral power to the party. Baruch had many doubts about this, but after he was convinced that on the political map there was no other party that faithfully represented the issues of Eretz Israel, he decided to run as number two on the list. The Leftist parties and the chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Judge Mishael Cheshin, tried very hard to ban Baruch from running for the Knesset. After a long and exhausting struggle, the High Court of Justice finally allowed Baruch to run.
In spite of the short time until the elections, Herut succeeded in getting about 40,000 votes, but didn't reach the minimum threshold.
The Haredi parties and the National Union, fearing Herut's power gained by including Baruch, fought together against the party and invested a lot of capital in the campaign against Herut. Many complaints from all over the country came in about phony votes and about canceling votes of the party.
(The material is based on data from the newspapers "Ma'ariv", "Yediot Achronot", "HaAretz", "HaShavua", "Makor Rishon", "Nekuda", and the Yesha Archives.)

A day at the Knesset

HAHA i love jameel! He writes the funniest shizzle...

My daughter's kindergarden teacher: "Children! This is gan, NOT the Knesset, please be quiet!"

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Democracy...What a joke..

Rabbi laurence hits the bullseye AGAIN!

Click here to see what mohamad the boy molester has to say about marean "the butcher" barghouti

Thursday, I hammerd on President Bush and Condi Rice for sitting on their duffs and being wimps about not forcing Hamas out of the Palestinian "elections" due to their being soaked with the corruption of terror. The United States has been adamant about keeping Nazis out of post-Rich German elections, Imperialists out of Japanese elections, Al-Qaida and Taliban out of Afghani elections, and Ba'athists out of Iraqi elections.
But not only is it okay for Hamas terrorists to run for election in the lesser-standard Palestinian elections, but it's obvious that they want terrorists from Fateh as well to represent them...
Jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti on Saturday morning emerged as one of the most popular candidates in the Fatah primary vote ahead of the Palestinian Authority elections in January, showing a clear lead over "old guard" candidates.
Barghouti, who is serving five life terms in jail for deadly attacks against Israel, had a very strong showing in the West Bank town of Ramallah where he was running from prison, winning some 30,000 votes out of the 40,000 eligible Fatah voters.

He's not the only one.
Two fugitives from Fatah's violent offshoot, the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, also secured high positions. The Jenin winner, Jamal Abu Rob, who gave himself the nickname "Hitler," is wanted for killing several suspected informers with Israel. The Nablus candidate, Jamal Jumaa, is a leader of Al Aqsa in the West Bank's largest city.
There's more, like one of the murderers of the Israeli Monister of Tourism who was convicted of murder and "sentenced" to a "prison" in Jericho that's as meaningless as Augusto Pinochet's "house arrest." Ha'aretz and Reuters do a fine job of ignoring that blood-soaked individual by pretending to focus on just Fateh's results.
If you want someone to represent you with blood on their hands, what does that say about you? If you want a terrorist to represent you in a government, then what does that say about you?
Simple: you support terrorism. You support murder. You support the continued killing as a policy.
Bush said in 2002 that he demanded new Palestinian leadership that was uncomprimised by terror. By cleaning out the corruption and those with blood on their hands, progress could be made towards peace and a Palestinian state.
The Palestinians have answered this opprtunity by demanding the terrorist group Hamas' inclusion in the elections.
Bush needs to respond to that answer. Failure to respond will speak volumes to terrorists all over the world.
It sickens me, it does.

I Have the Right to Be Unforgiving

This article made me cry, by

As a refugee and an exile from N'vei Dekalim, I object very strongly to the article by Barbara A. Olevitch, "No Promises Not to Forgive, Please", which recently appeared on Israel National News.com. Ms. Olevitch wrote against the idea of "We Won't Forgive and We Won't Forget". As a Gaza refugee, I have the right to be as angry and as unforgiving as I please to the Arabs who never wanted to live in peace with the Israelis but just wanted destruction -- of my town. Where grass grew and paths flowed and houses stood are now just ruins and sand. The trees, bushes grass and flowers that we planted and watered for over 25 years with that scarce product of Israel are probably now dead. My windows, my doors, the air conditioner that we couldn't get out of the wall and the attic, my children's crib - all gone. The tree that my husband planted on Moshav Katif to give me something green because I was blue is probably dead, too. No, I will not forget, nor will I forgive.I will not forget the rightist government of Ariel Sharon, who turned left to save his sons, and the ministers that he bribed and those that he didn't, but who lacked convictions, like Binyamin Netanyahu and Limor Livnat, who are no better and should never be voted for again.Ms. Olevitch bases her legitimacy on her degree and experience as a clinical psychologist. She feels that she has seen too many lives wrecked by anger. I cannot argue with that, but when someone kicks you out of your home, I feel that it is perfectly legitimate to be a lot more than angry or mad. I have been told by the social workers who are aiding the Gush Katif families that being angry is even healthy. "All reactions are OK," they said. "The only thing you shouldn't be doing is sleeping all day." Ms. Olevitch feels that we have "no obligation to mourn". While I wouldn't call it an obligation to mourn, the reality is that we are in mourning. We have lost everything -- our homes, our jobs, our schools, our possessions, our lifestyles, our friends, our communities. We even did kriyah the day we became refugees. How can you be expected to carry on when you have lost everything? How can you be expected to just "move on" when you still have no permanent place to live or work? When your whole future is just one hazy "with God's help, it will be all right." Ms. Olevitch, as many others, objects to the "We Won't Forget; We Won't Forgive" T-shirts. She feels that they lead to (pick one) stagnation and political conflict. She feels that now, since the exile is complete, we should go out and find some other project to keep us busy. Barbara, what is wrong with political conflict? It is what makes democracy grow. Keeps it strong. It is the opposite of stagnation. Stagnation is when you have a dictator. What we want to do is not just place the blame where it should be, but publicly place the responsibility for the exile on those who were responsible and thereby, maybe, prevent future exiles. We have suffered enough, but we are still suffering. We are living in tiny caravans or tents and have rain coming in. We feel the cold. We do not have our possessions because they were either destroyed or do not fit into our new, tiny abodes. We are suffering and we want the country to know. Why should the rest of the country just sit back and forget what we have gone through? We want the rest of the country and the world to be aware that we are still without homes, without money, without jobs. This is our project for now; we do not need to be the ones to save the rest of the world. I say, let us heal, but in our own time, which I do not think will be very soon. We do not need any artificial reminders of our pain such as a T-shirt. We live with reminders of what once was every second of our lives. How could we forget? Our present lives are constant reminders of our past lives. It is not the shirts that are divisive. Unfortunately, we live in a country that is divided. Those that wanted us out are glad we have been exiled and are quite happy to keep punishing us, while they go on with their lives as if nothing has happened at all to over 8,000 people, men women and children who once lived in Paradise. No, Barbara. We are not pitiful, nor are we to be pitied. We want to live our lives, but it is hard to do that without any money, a place to live, clothes, a home. Why do we have to take any loss at all? Who brought this about? We were doing just fine. We survived 5,000 mortar shells. We built beautiful communities. We brought millions to the coffers of the state through our agricultural products. We filled our lives with Torah V'Avodah (study and labor - ed.) and G'millut Chassadim (charitable deeds - ed.). Then, the army and the police came and marched us or carried us out of our houses. Made us pack or had other people do it. Many soldiers and other "good" Samaritans who came to help stole from us. My whole watering system was stolen, as I discovered when were allowed back in to pack. Other people have even worse stories.The ability to heal is something that HaShem gives us. But if we are not allowed to get on with our lives, then we cannot heal. As long as we are stuck in temporary quarters, we are stuck in time and cannot get our lives back. The Jews of modern-day Gaza were the most nonpolitical people ever. All we wanted was a good life. We saw neither danger nor desolation, but a beautiful area that could be built up in Eretz Yisrael, a place where we could raise our children and they could run free. I believe, Barbara, that you don't really know any of the original residents of Gush Katif. For Gaza residents to heal we need the government to at least give us some band-aids and medicine. It is the government who made us refugees and it is their responsibility to help us out of this status. Helping the Gaza refugees to resettle should be an urgent political priority. But what does the government do instead? It tries to separate us and break us, and make it as difficult as possible to get what is coming to us (albeit too little) so that we can move on. No, Barbara. As long as we live, we won't forgive or forget -- even when we will be finally able to start the next stage of our lives.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What do you mean you didnt block roads ?!?!?!

Found these 2 pix that were from road blockings in may.

Using just rocks we blocked BOTH sides of the road for up to 20 minutes at a time, 3 times!!
There was thousands of people by the junction... we went around and came down by the big green hill that says "tzeischem l'shalom" This was rush hour traffic... the roads were backed up for miles... only motorcycle cops could reach us. During the second attemt a few magavnik's came but we ran off and they arrested just 4 guys. The 3rd time they came with horses.

With the right amount of balls it takes just 5 guys to block the road... we had just 5 guys and 5 girls the first time around...

Vote marzel!

These days we are a lost nation, We are a flock of sheep with no sheaperd. Gone are our great leaders. Zev jabowtinsky, the Lubavitcher rebbe, hakadosh Rav kahane Hy'd, Rav kook, hakadosh Rav binyamin ze'ev kahane Hy'd and hakadosh Rachamim (gandi) ze'evi Hy'd.

But we have memories, writings, video's, and recorded speeches. Most importantly we have ideaoligy.

We have a derech (a path) we simply need to follow this path and we will reach our destination. But we are a lost nation, We have wanderd off this path.... we have gone so far away, And even worse we have been blinded, Our eyes have been coverd over by a cloth that prevents us from reaching our path to get to our destination.

But we still have that flame alive in us,The holy flame that our rabbi's and leaders ignited in us...

So we lost jews decide to find a guide, Someone who knows the way and is capable of bringing us back onto the path, The holy derech and lead us to our destination. And so we look for a guide but as jews we squable, We fight. Some choose one guide, Others choose another guide. And so the group gets split, With some following one guide and others following another guide.

But these guides are deceptive... Not only do they not take us back onto the corect path but some lead us into quicksand, And yet other guides lose us in the desert, and in a forest.Night time arrives... and we have not reached the saftey of the path... We are attacked by barbarians but our hopeless guides cannot and will not help us! "Have patience" they tell us"in the morning we will continue"

But is a long and bloody night. Many choose to leave the guides and find the path on their own, But it is too dark...

And then dawn comes and the sun rises.... Thousands of been killed and tens of thousands maimed.... The hopes and beliefs of hundreds of thousands have been crushed...And they are taunted by the traiters from within "Cant you see you will never get there ?"They mock us. "Lets go back to egypt, Why should we die here in this g-d foresaken place""Let us appoint a new leader and go back to Egypt" (Num. 14:4).

Then along comes a man... A man who from the begining had warned about these corupt and evil guides. A man who knows the way... he may not be a leader but if we follow him we will get to the right path and reach our destination...And then the arguing begins again! "He is not a good guide!" some say..."Nobody will follow him" yet others bemoan.

And so the lost jews have a choice, To remain in the desert for 40 years or to follow their guide.But these are diffrent 40 years....they are 40 years to doom. Its a countdown,The 40 years g-d gave the jews to repent, or the temple will be destroyed and judea shall fall.40 years our great leader rav kahane gave us before we will fall!But these jews have been blinded, They continue to squable and fight. And yet more are killed.If they choose to go back, remain in their places or follow these lost guides....The end will be the same. They will perish!It is our choice!! So i tell you now...


R. Shimon bar Yona said: 'Now will I arise': As long as the Congregation of Israel lies trodden in the dust, I will not rise. Only on that day regarding which it says (Isaiah 52:2), 'Shake yourself from the dust! Arise and sit down, O Jerusalem!'Awake from your slumbering! Ripp off the cloth that covers your eyes. Follow the guide that we know will lead us back to the path... For if we don't we will perish!

This is for the iranians

G-d willing soon...

From jameel at the muqata
Ohr chadash al Tzion ta'ir, v'nizke chulanu mehera l'oro". [Cause a new light to shine over Zion, and may we all be worthy soon to enjoy its brightness]

From jen.

Islam is the problem in France

As mentioned earlier The fwench embasador to israel, claims islam is not the root to the french intifada. Noach Klieger Answers him very smoothly.

A response to French Ambassador to Israel Gerard Araud

Sorry Ambassador Araud, but I reject your argument on this page last week that the riots that gripped Paris, and other cities around France for much of November, are "not an intifada."

Araud's contention that "This was no ‘Muslim Revolt, but rather riots by young people who suffer from discrimination" simply fails to reflect reality. It's a bit tough, really, when the facts tell a different story.

The main failure, and this must be said openly, is that everyone has been afraid to clash with the problem called "Islam." In a country where 10 percent (at least) of the population is Muslim, this is reasonable: That's a huge voting bloc, and in any event, the French, including the media, have always felt, "It won't happen here."

Go ahead, Mr. Ambassador, say it again: "This is no intifada." Of course not. At the end of the day, it's no more than a massive wave of destruction that has already taken one life and left hundreds wounded, including police and fire fighters.
In 20 days of rioting, more than 10,000 cars were destroyed, and dozens of public buildings were sacked. But Intifada? What are you talking about?
Now, the riots have died down. At least until the next time. And in the meanwhile, French officials can continue to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the true problem.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hevron Arabs Ask Jews For Help in Getting Rid of Western Left-Wing Anarchists

This is just wayyyy funny!! I have a long history of fighting with the western leftist scum in chevron.... I'd be more then glad to get rid of them!

Left-wing anarchist groups in the Hevron region regularly interfere with IDF activities and antagonize Jewish residents in the region, but have now angered the local PA Arabs as well.Members of the Palestinian Authority have approached leaders of Hevron's Jewish community in an attempt to find a way to get rid of the anarchists, many of who are students from western universities looking to both clash with the Israeli "occupiers" and engage in hedonistic endeavors during their spare time.Local Arabs told the Kol HaIr newspaper that the young westerners act in a lewd manner in public areas and corrupt the local youth with drugs and illicit sex.

preview of new blog...

The lubavitche rebbe to sharon:

Renewal Of Jewish Settlement In Hebron
Free Translation—Unedited
September 5, 1968Brooklyn, New YorkTo: General Ariel Sharon
Greetings and Blessings.
I gratefully acknowledge receipt of your letter from the 24th of Av. It arrived a bit late, and I apologize for the delay in answering.
Regarding the substance of your letter, as we discussed at length when you were here — I am in full agreement with you concerning the liberated territories. Unfortunately, however, I do not agree with you that a shift in public reaction (at this time) in our Holy Land would influence those in power to change their position. According to my information — from sources which have been reliable until now — there is no evident change of intentions in these circles. I could only wish that there were a shift in public opinion which would cause at least a change in the government’s unofficial stance. Yet what is actually happening, is the preservation of the Arab character of the Old City of Jerusalem (with the explanation that we must maintain the status quo, just as part of the city looked when we conquered it last year — since it would defy “justice and honesty” etc. to take advantage of the conquest to force something upon the residents who were there until then!) The consequenses of this position in day-to-day life are obvious — especially considering that they believe that they have fulfilled their obligation to the Jewish community by partially populating the environs of Jerusalem with Jews.
Of course, I am writing you all this unofficially and privately, because it is not my place to speak about faults of Jews, and especially those who have it within their capability to achieve wondrous things in the said areas, and for various reasons are not doing so.
It is also understood that I am not writing this in order to accuse anyone, for what would such an accusation help? I only mean to express my anguish, at least in writing, to you and to those who you estimate might benefit from knowing the content of these few lines.
If the above is true regarding Jerusalem, then the situation is even worse concerning Hebron, where mainly Arabs dwell.... The Arab community there is grounded, developed, and according to the rumors, it is also organized, all of which only confirms the attitude mentioned above. Despite this, I investigated the possibility of opening a Yeshivah. I received a clear answer — saying that “it would be better for me” to explore possibilities of a Yeshivah in Jerusalem than one in Hebron. Within the inner circles of settlers (contrary to the view of those in charge) there are many Chabadniks (some who are open about it, and others who are unknown). I am sure you are also aware of the situation of the settlers there — who are not far from being prisoners. The reason given is also similar to the one stated, being based upon “justice and honesty,” and the common denominator of all these phenomena is: What will the “greater world” say, etc., as we discussed when you were here.
And for example, if there should be some quarrel between an Israeli youth and an Arab youth in Hebron; since the Arab youths would outnumber the Jews there, it is possible that the Jewish youth would be beaten up, etc. On whose side, in your opinion, would the Israeli military police stand in that situation — especially if the Mayor (who, it would appear, had a part in the riots and pogroms of 1929 against Jews in Hebron) were to come and make a commotion about the “provocation” by the Jews.
This is also the reason I asked you when you were here about the circumstances, and the reason for the manner in which Jerusalem was captured last year, where many, of the best Israeli soldiers fell in battle, completely disproportionate to the number of deaths on all the other fronts.
Incidentally (and maybe not incidentally) you still owe me an answer on this (and when you were here, we agreed that you would investigate and give me an answer). The information I have received on this — as I said, from a source who has been reliable until now — and as I said in our conversation, there was an uncontested order from above regarding this.[106] I wish I would be proven wrong. However, in our conversation, there was much room left for doubt.
I would like to add, that my asking about this did not (G-d forbid) stem from pointless curiosity about a painful subject. Rather, it was to demonstrate the thought process of those who issued that order, because many of them are still in charge. Unfortunately, and perhaps to our embarassment, they have not changed their outlook, since even then it was forseeable that this would cause more fatalities. From this we can understand the present situation in Jerusalem and Hebron.
Without a doubt, I have not, G-d forbid, given up hope that the situation will change. But until then, there would be no benefit or practical advantage to issuing a call for people to settle Hebron. For there would be bitter clashes between the people in charge (whom we have been discussing) and even such people who would not answer the call (to move to Hebron), but would be moved to think in that direction — and all the more so those who might answer the call and go to live in Hebron. The confilct would be to the extent that the government would issue laws against those who would go to settle. This would reveal to the world — not just the Jewish world, but even to the gentiles — that those who make the decisions are bent on making it difficult for the settlers, and even worse than “difficult” — they would humiliate them and strengthen the morale of the enemies of Israel.
I do not despair concerning all this. But it is not a shift in Jewish public opinon which will affect change, but rather the mistakes of the Arabs and their supporters. So it was in the past, when such mistakes last year forced the “pursuers of peace” to finally agree to provide security, naturally leading to a pre-emptive war. I hope that in the future it will be easier, and will not G-d forbid injuriously affect lives or even property of our brothers, no matter where they live.
It is amazing to what extent the label which was given to the Children of Israel in our Torah, “a stiff-necked nation,” has not only endured until this day — but has been used by some for the opposite of the Torah and vital interests of the Jewish people. An example from the most recent weeks: the Algerian hijacking of the El-Al plane, when everyone clearly saw the reaction of even those who are supposed to be among the “friends of Israel.” Yet despite all this, they congratulate the nations for finding a solution which was supposed to be an “ethical victory.” Even if you could find reason to say that they were forced to agree to the extortion (to save lives), yet what obligates them to crown the architect of this deal as a Man of Ethics and totally righteous, and an example for the Masses? It would seem that there is no way to fathom a stiff-necked nation. This stubbornness expressed itself so strongly in the form of believing in the kindness of the nations (despite the message from our Prophets and Seers that the kindness of the nations is veiled sin), that even the invasion of Czechoslovakia[107] did not weaken this spurious belief. Even though it would seem that the episode in Czechoslovakia has nothing to do with the subject of this letter — the inner significance is relevant, because it demonstrates the sentiment of some of those who decide the policy-making-process in the Holy Land, a process which expresses itself in deeds, grievous and painful acts which also cause much worry for the future (the near future at least — until they do away with their attitude about these matters).
We should end off on a positive note: I thank you for the warm greetings which you brought me from your visit to Kfar Chabad. According to the reports and information I have received from there, you spoke from your heart and with warmth, and strengthened and encouraged them. Everyone is in need of this, including them. Especially now, during these eventful times in the “Land upon which G-d’s gaze is affixed from the beginning of the year until the end of the year,” as it states in our Torah. When, on the other hand, the enemies who surround the land, see the government in our Land exhibit more and more weakness — a government who believes that they must deal with the Arabs with silk gloves and great care — and should there be a quarrel between an Arab and an Israeli, the first thing to do is to check what the reaction will be in the capital of one country or another, and only then decide what to do. So the Arabs constantly allow themselves the luxury of creating more and more disruptions, and all the more so, disturbances, and eventually terror.
And as we approach the New Year, as the well-known saying goes, may it be G-d’s Will that this year end, together with all the undesirable things which occurred in it (they should totally and absolutely disappear) and next year, and in the final days of this year, may the blessings begin, including the crucial change in the government’s posture, without having to wait for unwished-for incidents which would force the change. After all, we have seen miracles from the All-powerful G-d in the recent past, and He is able to affect miracles in any fashion — or as the traditional saying goes, with “good that is manifest and revealed.”

With respect and Blessingsfor an Inscription for a Good and Sweet Year,to You and all your Family,

Signed: Menachem Schneerson/

P.S. As I mentioned above, due to the painful points raised in this letter, it is written to you privately. You have permission to show or describe it to whomever you feel it would benefit. I will close with the hope that in accordance with the openness of this letter, you will respond in a likewise fashion to all the points raised in it. This is in addition to an answer to my question and others, which I hope you will be able to investigate and answer upon your return to Israel.

Damn those leftists!

Photo courtesy of my roomate yossi, Google is your best friend!

From my very good friend Bangor

Some people thought I sounded frustrated with my latest rant because I got all pissy with a certain four letter word.
They think I should be more reasonable; add more gravitas to my arguments; be nicer to people around me.
Well, if being offensive works for Oriana Fallaci, then I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for me. It’s not as if I’m being more foul-mouthed than she is, and I happen to think that she is absolutely correct. This insanity has gone on for far too long. By being nice, we’ve seriously jeopardized our survival.
Some think that we need more interfaith dialogue. That’s like telling a cop and a murderer that they should discuss points of law and outlooks of morality to try to live together in peace: a futile and stupid gesture which would never really amount to anything good. How can we have interfaith dialogues when the other side refuses to even recognize that we have every right to live?
It’s beyond me. It’s absolutely stunning when I look at the level of stupidity which will do us in on a daily basis. Morons on the left who tell us that they really just want peace, and their actions don’t represent the majority, when the majority happens to be dancing in the streets like Mardi Gras every time one of their pus-filled brainiacs decide to show us the majesty and munificence of Islam by self-detonating in a crowd of bystanders. It isn’t that he’s not doing what Mohammed told him to do in the Koran; simply that he’s misunderstood by those understanding “geniuses” marching in the streets who think that all he really wants is peace.
As brilliant a holy man as Gandhi ever was, I think that not even he could have worked that one out.
It’s pretty obvious how insane they are when, after several boastful announcements from their own ilk as to whom it was who perpetrated the Amman bombings, even after one of the would-be killers openly talked about the plan, that they still blame…the Jews.
I’m not even just talking about the general population here, but the victims as well.

Arab bingo and poker.

Here's a huge thubs up for rabbi lawrence woohoo keep up the good work!

Aw, fuck it. Kill them all...
Here's the rules for Palestinian Poker:
1) Count the number of palestinians killed.2) Sort them out into the various factions they belonged to.
Gunman high (terrorist killed along with human-shield kids or so-called civilians)One pair (Suits: Tanzim, Hezbollah, Fateh, Al-Aqsa, PFLP, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Reuters)Two pairThree of a kindStraight (sequential ranks of collaborating groups)Flush (all members of the same group)Full HouseFour of a KindStraight Flush (ie taking out an entire rank of the same group)Royal Flush (ie. if the IDF had used bigger ordinance when they struck Yassin and taken out the top ranks of Hamas)
Variants include Ramallah Hold-em, Jenin Baseball, and Iron Crescent.

Go ahead and put a red chip on Hezbollah. Or, if you don't have red chips, a bloody thumbprint will do.
(I will probably update the bingo card to use UNFIL and Palestinian Authority, which means there can be double-chips for when a Tanzim moonlights as a PA "security" thug.)

Mohamad's car

from The imperial rebbe lawrence

Monday, November 21, 2005

We got a nobel prize winner!

From joe settler

A friend, Robert Klein of Beer Sheva, pointed out this article.

A soldier was arrested for providing 3 guns to Palestinian Terrorist Organizations.To quote Robert:"Now if he had provided, say, 50,000 guns, that'd be called a peace process."

Personally I think the guy should get the Nobel prize just for the effort.
Why should Shimon share it alone?

Maybe Candy&Rice could have him join her staff.

Jobs this guy is now qualified for:

Prime Minister of Israel
Israeli Minister of Defense
Israeli Foreign Minister
Israeli Peace Negotiator
U.S. Peace Mediator
Yitzchak Rabin imitator
Nobel Prize winner
Prime Minsterial candidate in the upcoming elections

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A tribute to a giant of men!

Nothing i say can bring rav kahane book, Most of us will never understand a drop of his greatness. A man who was raised near zev jabotinsky, And like his mentor he was scratched off as a crazy! As zev jabotinsky ran thue europe screaming "JEWS! get out of the furnaces of europe" Sadly very few listend and thye rest cgalked him up as a nut. So too as rav kahane hy'd screamd of the dangers of the arabs, No one listens......

Kahane was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1932. He came from a family that adhered to Orthodox Judaism. His father, Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Kahane, was born in Safed, Palestine in 1905 and studied in yeshivot in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Later he emigrated to America, where he served as rabbi of two congregations. Meir Kahane received rabbinical ordination from the Mir yeshiva in Brooklyn. He was fully conversant with the Talmud and Tanakh, and worked as a pulpit rabbi and teacher in the 1960s. Subsequently, he earned a degree in international law from New York University.

As a teenager he became an admirer of Zeev Jabotinsky, who was a frequent guest in his parents' home, and joined the youth wing of Revisionist Zionism called Betar. He personally led protests against Ernest Bevin the British Foreign Secretary who opposed the foundation of Israel on the grounds that Britain should side with the Arab Muslims aspirations for an independent state. Kahane also organized and launched public demonstrations in the US against the Soviet Union's policy of persecuting Zionist activists and curbing Jewish emigration to Israel. He was a central activist in the "Free Soviet (Russian) Jewry" movement and is widely credited with the release of the Russian refuseniks to Israel.

In 1971 he emigrated from the United States to Israel (known as "making aliyah" in Judaism). He quickly moved to establish the Kach Party. In 1980 Kahane stood unsuccessfully for election to the Knesset, after which he was sentenced to six months in prison for plotting to attack the Al Aqsa mosque. Upon his release, in 1984 Kahane stood again for election to the Knesset, and was finally successful. The Central Elections Committee banned him from being a candidate on charges of racism, but the Israeli High Court found that the Committee did not have the legal power to do so.
It is notable that at his trial Kahane refused to accept the standard oath of office for the Knesset, insisting on adding Biblical quotations to it. In a later session, the Knesset Chairman demanded that Kahane repeat his oath, which he did.
Kahane's legislation proposals centered on revoking Israeli citizenship from non-Jews, and banning Jewish-Gentile marriages or sexual relations. To his detractors, Kahane defended his positions by unapologetically citing Jewish religious doctrine regarding the Jewish marriage.
As his political career lengthened Kahane was more and more shunned in the Knesset. His speeches were boycotted by Knesset members and were made to an empty parliament, except for the duty chairman. Kahane's legislation proposals (and motions of no-confidence in the Government) were all rejected by vote, until the Knesset modified its charter to outlaw legislation proposals, not requiring rejection by vote. Kahane himself called the other Knesset members "Hellenists" (in Hebrew; this is a historical term glommed from Jewish religious texts for ancient Jews who assimilated into Greek culture after Judea's occupation by Alexander the Great. Jewish religious books assert that "Hellenists" were responsible for weakening the Jewish relationship to God.) In 1987 Rabbi Kahane opened his Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea (Yeshivat Haraayon Hayehudi) in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood of Jerusalem where he would regularly give lessons. Rabbi Avraham Toledano was the Mashgiach Ruchani, and other Rabbis included Yehuda Kroizer, the Chief Rabbi of Mitzpe Yericho, and Rabbi David Bar Hayim.
In 1985 the Knesset passed an amendment to Israel's Basic Law: The Knesset banned "racist" candidates from standing for election. The Committee applied it to Kahane, who appealed against the decision to the Israeli High Court. This time the Court found in favour of the Committee, declaring Kahane to be unsuitable for election. Kahane asserted that the reason for the Kach party ban was that polls showed it about to become the third largest party in Israel.

Was Kahane right?
Interestingly, in an October 2004 survey commissioned by Israel's Channel 2 TV, it revealed that 58% of adults aged 18-22 support "transfer" (the expulsion of Arabs from Israel), 26.4% believe the slain Kach Party founder, Rabbi Meir Kahane, was correct in his call to expel the Arabs, while one-third believe the Kach Party should be declared a legal organization once again. According to a concurrent Maariv report, a survey questioning 500 Israelis (representing a cross-section of society) revealed that 13.1% favor a national leader like Rabbi Meir Kahane (pro-Jewish, strong, and consistent).

In the prophecy of jermiah it says "And you all know that a cohen and a prophet dewelled amongst you" Like jermiah the prophet, Rav kahane was a priest as well.
And like jermiah who warned of the destruction of israel, Rav kahane warned as well.
Jermiah the prophet tried to warn the king but instead the king orderd jermiah killed.
Rav kahane warned us and in the end he was killed. Our forefathers ignored jermiah for 40 years! Will we ignore rav kahane's call??

The Measure of a Man

By shifra hoffman, A small lady who radiates with life and so very powerfull!
Posted on Arutz sheva

It has been fifteen years since an Arab assassin's bullet stilled the voice of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the truest and most noble Jewish leader of our generation. Although conventional wisdom teaches that "time heals all wounds," the pain and anguish of so great a loss continues. Indeed, it is compounded, as his prophetic warnings concerning the rise of an Arab nationalism that threatens Israel's very survival have become stark reality. Although it may come as a surprise to many Jews who even today opine that he should have 'toned down his rhetoric' and 'not said everything openly', in order to receive more votes for his Kach political party, Rabbi Kahane did not consider himself a politician. Rather, in his own words, "I am first and foremost a rabbi, who is in politics."Unlike the majority of Israel's politicos, his sole purpose in running for the Knesset was not self-gratification, but rather to have a broad public platform where he could focus upon and spotlight the critical issues that affect Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. Rabbi Kahane was never willing to handel (make deals), as is the modus operand of many of our Israeli so-called leaders - from the prime (or crime) minister of Disengagement to the myriad of power-hungry MKs who are willing to sell out principles and concede everything except their Knesset seats. A lack of understanding of his motivation and sense of urgency often manifested itself in the accusation by experts among Jewish "advice givers" that, in the countless lectures he delivered in communities throughout the United States and elsewhere over more than three decades, Rabbi Kahane often came across as aggressive and defiant. "Why," they asked "is he so angry?" Indeed, what could have made Rabbi Meir Kahane, of blessed memory, an angry man? Was it that the Jewish State, which, with G-d's help, came into existence after the unspeakable Holocaust as a homeland for the Jewish people, grants equal (and often superior) rights to Arabs who, by and large, declare they want to replace Israel with a "Palestinian state"? Was it that the sovereign Jewish State, which miraculously won five Arab-initiated wars, resulting in the death of thousands of Jewish soldiers, willingly continues to give up the sacred land for which our martyred sons lay down their lives? The "peace process", he so clearly foresaw, is a 'piece by peace' dismantling of Israel. In what was undoubtedly the coupe de gras in the myriad of outrageous actions taken to silence him by successive Israeli governments, was Rabbi Kahane angry at being banned by the 'democratic' State of Israel - while Arab Knesset members who openly align with Israel's enemies are permitted to run for election? He was imprisoned countless times and often suffered beatings for espousing the truth. Had he lived, might Rabbi Kahane have been angry today that funds that should have been designated for the growing numbers of victims of Arab terrorist attacks, as well as to lessen the plight of Israel's poor and deprived citizens, was reportedly (and continues to be) transferred by the government of Israel to the coffers of the Palestinian Authority? At this critical juncture in Jewish history, when the unthinkable expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza has been perpetrated by a Jewish (sic) government, and the plight of several thousand refugees they created seemingly doesn't anger members of Knesset nearly as much as the thought that they may lose power in the next election, the sage words of an anonymous philosopher seem altogether fitting: "The measure of a man... is what angers him." For, unlike the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose legacy lives on to inspire Jews in the present and future generations, the Israeli government simply doesn't measure up. A graveside memorial ceremony for Rabbi Meir Kahane will take place, please G-d, on Sunday, November 20, 2005 (l8 Mar-Cheshvan) at 4:00pm, at the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem. The ceremony will be followed by a Memorial Evening at Heichal David Hall, l4 Oholiav St. in Romema, Jerusalem, at 6:00pm. For further information about commemorative classes on Saturday night, please call the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea at 02-582-3540 or 052-869-3845.

Marzel to keneset!

Baruch Marzel Announces He’ll Run as Head of a New Party

Baruch Marzel, a prominent right-wing activist from Hevron, announced Tuesday at a press conference that he would be forming his own party to run in Israel’s upcoming general election.
Marzel’s party will be called the Jewish National Front.Marzel said, “People are looking for a new party. Many people won’t go out and vote if the alternatives are Orlev or Litzman. We will become the only alternative for people who have all but given up on the political system, and for people who are unhappy about supporting parties that served as a bridge for Sharon to expel residents from Gush Katif.”

Among those joining Marzel’s new party is Professor Israel Hanukoglo, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (1996-99), and Professor Paul Eidelberg, the president of Yamin Yisrael, a small right wing movement.MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union), who was offered the number six slot on a unified list with the National Religious Party, reportedly is considering running on Marzel’s new list.

Most people do not know much about marzel so here is some info:

Baruch Marzel was born in the United States, is married with 9 children and currently lives in Hebron. Mr Marzel graduated the "Itaray" Yeshiva of Harav Merkaz.. He served in a tank regiment in the IDF and was injured during the Lebanon war.
He began his political activity as a member of the "KACH" (Kahane) movement, and was the speaker and secretary of the party. He founded the "Admot Yshay" neighborhood in Hebron. Mr. Marzel currently serves as the chairman of "Ha'Va'd Le'ma'an Hachayal" in Hebron, and works tirelessly on a daily basis in the public arena, fighting for the good of the Israeli Nation and the Land of Israel.

As for Baruch Marzel, I really don't know what his true feelings are. I know this much. I know that Ahmed Tibi isn't scared of Arik Sharon or anyone in the Likud. I know that he isn't scared of the National Union with Benny Alon, Avigdor Lieberman, and Tzvi Hendel. I know that he's scared like hell of Baruch Marzel

I will be voting for marzel and eidleberg, I know they wont compromise! I kno baruch marzel personally and he is a true jew! Salt of the earth.

Two Years in Prison for Planning Risky Highway Roadblock

A 21-year-old was sentenced to two years in prison for planning to block a highway with burning cars. Explaining the light sentence, the judge says he took several mitigating factors into account.

Did someone say "light" GETOUTAHERE. 2 Years for planing to block a road ???

The defendant, Avraham Levkovitz of Elon Moreh, was part of a scheme to bring two old cars to a busy highway and set them afire. The objective was to bring highway traffic to a halt, thus bringing the protest against the looming expulsion plan into the public eye.

Where are all the shalom achshav traiters that riot every friday in bi'ilin against the fence ?
Or the ones the block roads.... 2 YEARS ?!?!?

The judge wrote in the verdict that "such behavior reflects a violent and anti-democratic attitude seeking to undermine the government's procedures and disrupt them with violence."

"Society requires protection from possible future actions, motivated by an ideal without considering the principles of democracy and the need to abide by the law," the verdict said

Democracy ?? sending a guy to jail for 2 years for excercising his democratic right of protest vis a vis freedom of speech ? Society is screwd!

Levinstein, together with his brother, purchased two second-hand cars and filled them with mattresses and cardboard to soak up the flammable material used to set the cars on fire.

Levkovich joined the two after hearing about Levinstein's involvement, who was his teacher at the yeshiva where he studied.

The three towed the cars to Tel Aviv and placed them at the Kibbutz Galuyot junction. However, the two cars did not ignite due to a technical malfunction, and police arrested them on the spot.

You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww poor fwenchies

France scrambles to perform damage control

Tour operators say they are worried that television images of rioters setting cars on fire may yet deter foreign visitors. The tourism industry employs 1 million people and accounts for $124 billion in revenue, or 6.5 percent of gross domestic product.
"We're highly worried," said Georges Colson, chairman of SNAV, France's travel agents federation, in a telephone interview. "Yesterday there was a map of France on fire on CNN. The pictures may scare many people away."
Colson said he has called on France's tourism ministry to step in with a publicity campaign, if necessary. The 75 million foreigners who visited France last year spent 32.8 billion euros ($38.5 billion), about a third of its tourism takings.
Violence is ebbing after President Jacques Chirac authorized curfews on Nov. 8. Still, the riots may have damaged the image of France, some conference-industry officials said.
"It's deplorable for France's image abroad," said Frederic Bedin, managing director of Le Public Systeme, a public-relations company based in Levallois-Perret near Paris, adding that Paris may lose business to cities such as London, Madrid, Barcelona, Marrakech or Hong Kong. "The Chinese and Japanese see riots in France on TV and think there's a civil war."

*NEWSFLASH* france's image abroad was ruined many many years ago, By you snobby fat pricks. Why would anyone want to visit fwance ?? Its not like the hookers are cheap, Drugs are not legal, laptop computers are not sold at blowout prices... LETS GO TO ASIA!

Looks like scientists have found the French gene

Thanx to murdock for showing me this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists may have found a gene for fear -- a gene that controls production of a protein in the region of the brain linked with fearful responses.
Their finding, published on Thursday, could lead to new treatments for mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety.
The gene, known as stathmin or oncoprotein 18, is highly concentrated in the amygdala, a region of the brain associated with fear and anxiety, the researchers report in Thursday's issue of the journal Cell.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hotel gaza!

My friend yakov a.k.a. da russian, Wrote this song back when i was living in maoz hayam also known as the palm beach hotel.

Hotel gaza!
On a dark desert highway
Cool wind in my hair
Loud sounds of Mortar
Rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance
I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy,
and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There they stood in the doorway
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself
This could be Heaven or this could be Hell
Then we lit up a fire
And that showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor
I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel of Gaza
Such a lovely place Such a lovely place (background)
Such peaceful grace
Plenty of room at the Hotel of Gaza
All the time there’s war
All the time there’s war (background)
You can find it here
You can find it here

The sound of anguish is higher
Then the voice of regret
There’s always mortar fire
But we will never forget
How they came to our village
With big trucks and tanks
Uniformed soldiers In varying ranks
So I walked up to the captain
And asked him his name
He said
Moshe Yitschak Halevi, But I’m not to blame.
The orders were passed on from far, far away.
Here come the chevra and say:

Welcome to the Hotel of Gaza
Such a Freaky Place
Such a Freaky Place (background)
Such a Big Disgrace
They're livin' it up at the Hotel of Gaza
What a nice disguise
What a nice disguise (background)
Time to Improvise

Bullets are soaring high
Missing their intended targets
Baruch Hashem
We are all praying to g-d
So none of them hits
I call out to my brothers
Stay strong my friends
And lets us pray for those
Mothers that lost kids in defense
You gotta always remember
What happened to our ancestors
Let us not wait till Rosh Hashana
In September Keep those soldiers at bay
For the losses they grieve
Gush Katif will keep standing
And we will never leave.

Allah to Norway Martyrs:No Virgins for You!

From the specious report
I guess this is why the europe intifada is not very popular.

Tehran, IR Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has passed along an Official Statement from Allah in which The Almighty clarifies His position on global terrorism. The Divine Proclamation rates 191 countries on a sliding scale of importance, with attacks inside the borders of the United States receiving the greatest number of martyr points. The Proclamation is in response to al-Q'aeda lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri's recent audio tape message urging attacks in America, England, Australia and Norway. But Norway, home of the Nobel peace prize, seemed a surprising target since it didn't support the U.S. war against Iraq. "Al-Zawahri needs to look at a freakin' map," the Statement decrees. "Apparently, that moron doesn't know Norway from Denmark." Norway actually appears near the bottom of The Master List. Among the "Coalition" countries specifically mentioned: "Those martyred in the United Kingdom shall receive the total allotment of 42 virgins, but they shall have bad teeth and prepare meals which taste like under-cooked rubber bands. Virgins awarded to those martyred in Australia shall be gigantically tall, curse like a sailor, and drink like a... well, like an Australian." Islamic extremists are expected to take the proclamation seriously, especially after reports that Akmed Abu Baba, accidentally killed in a botched suicide bomb plot in Paris last year, got three rude French virgins with hairy armpits and intolerable body odor.

A jew and a arab in the desert...

From my friend menachem at JewishHigh

A fleeing Taliban-ian, desperate for water, was plodding through the Afghanistan desert when he saw something far off in the distance. Hoping to find water, he walked toward the object, only to find a little old Jewish man sitting at a card table with neckties laid out on it.
The Arab asked, “My thirst is killing me. Do you have water?”
The Jewish man replied, “I have no water. Would you like to buy a tie? They are only $150. This one goes very nicely with your robes.”
The Arab shouted, “Idiot! I do not need an overpriced tie. I need water!”
“OK,” said the old Jew, “it does not matter that you do not want to buy a tie. I will show you that you have not offended me. If you walk over that hill to the east for about two miles, you will find a lovely restaurant. Go! Walk that way! The restaurant has all the water you need.”
The Arab staggered away toward the hill and eventually disappeared.
Four hours later the Arab came crawling back to where the Jewish man was sitting at his table.
The Jew said, “I told you, about two miles over that hill. Could you not find it?”
“I found it all right,” rasped the Arab. “The idiot wouldn’t let me in without a tie.”

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Meanwhile, in the Land of Fromage…

From his majesty at Anti idiotrian rottweiler

the riots by unidentified “youths” of unknown ethnic background reach
the 7th consecutive day of being all over
, following hard upon 14
consecutive days of not ending at all or not happening at all, if you ask the
victims of fwench “news”, also referred to as “viewers”.
It may finally be
all over, however. One hopeful sign was that Jacques ChIRAQ finally ventured
outside his spiderhole where he’d been hiding up until now, crying like a little
girl and holding on to his stuffed sheep “Dominique” for dear life. It is said
that if the fwench pwesident comes out and sees his own shadow, it means four
more weeks of hotly denied riots. Or maybe he surrenders to it immediately in
broken German. We’re not quite sure which one it is.

PARIS - France’s worst rioting since the 1960s seems to be nearing
an end, the national police chief said Sunday as fewer cars were torched
nationwide and Paris remained calm despite Internet and cell phone messages
urging violence in the streets of the capital.
Youths set fire to 374
parked vehicles before dawn Sunday, compared to 502 the previous night, police
said. A week ago, 1,400 cars were incinerated in a single

374 counts of vehicular arson by “youths” of indeterminate ethnic heritage
in a single night is apparently considered “calm” in the land of the Gallic
Gimps and their Garlic-Buttered Garden Pest “delicacies”. Remind us to stay away
from there if things heat up. Nah, no need. We wouldn’t want to set foot in that
dump if we were paid to do so, which may well be the next trick up the fwench
tourist industry’s sleeve if things continue like they have.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso proposed that the
European Union give $58 million to France for helping riot-hit towns recover. He
said the EU could make up to $1.2 billion available in longer-term

What riots? We thought they were no more than figments of an irresponsible
foreign press’ collective imaginations?

In scattered attacks, youths [of mysterious and undetermined
cultural origin - M.] rammed a burning car into a center for retirees in
Provence and pelted police with stones in the heart of Lyon, the country’s third
biggest city. A firebomb was tossed at a Lyon mosque but did not explode.
nationwide storm of arson attacks, rioting and other violence, often by young
people from impoverished minority communities, has lost steam since the
government declared a state of emergency Wednesday.

We see that they haven’t given up their predilection for torching old
geezers, the darling little “youths”. Still, we feel that we have to remind you
that, hundreds of torched cars, a burning nursing home, stoned police and a
failed firebombing of a mosque (they must have mistaken it for a synagogue, or
maybe they’d run out of places to torch) aside, nothing is happening. It’s all
good. Calm, actually. So quit that irresponsible nonsense about riots, will

If the downward trend continues, “things could return to normal
very quickly,” National Police Chief Michel Gaudin said, noting that French
youths burn about 100 cars on an average Saturday night.
The unrest continued
for an 18th night Sunday. In Toulouse, rioters rammed a car into a primary
school before setting the building ablaze, the regional government

OK, we’re getting a headache here. First they’re winding down, then they’re
all but over, then things could “return to normal pretty quickly” (nothing
abnormal about a hundred torched cars in fwance, obviously, which is no
surprise. We’d burn the sorry excuses for vehicles ourself if we found any
outside the palace) and now they’re continuing for an 18th night?
How many
primary schools are burned down by “youths” on an average Sunday night in
Don’t tell us, we’re not sure that we want to know.
So, it may
well be that the media have decided that it’s all over, but it’s still the best
reality show out there. Besides, we’re not about to let ourself be stuck with
all of these snacks and beers and nothing to laugh at on the tube.

Yea i stole the whole post misha :)

Read what the french embassador to israel says

Social issues, not religion, are behind Paris riots

In addition, as shocking as the riots were, it is important to keep them in
perspective: This is no intifada, no civil war. It was a riot by underprivileged
citizens, similar to other events that have rocked Western countries in recent
In light of the current situation, the government of France has
set the following two goals:

A show of force; to reestablish
public order and protect citizens and property; to prosecute those suspected of
violence to the full extent of the law; and to use the necessary legal tools to
enable police to do their job

A show of justice: French
authorities know full well that suppressing the riots may be necessary, but will
not solve everything. Therefore, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has
announced a series of concrete steps (such as job creation and fighting
discrimination), to aid those wanting to meld into our society.

Spare me!!

Police get ‘evacuation bonus’

This just makes me MAD!!! According to Ynet It pays to evacuate: Senior police officers who took part in the recent Gaza Strip and northern West Bank pullout are being rewarded with trips overseas at the police’s expanse, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

Yeah no wonder none of them refused orders,

Massada2000.org Has a S.h.i.t. List, Self hating israel thtreatening.

I say we get together a list of all the high ranking officers that helped make gush katif expolusin the fun it was, Dont forget the counslers at camp massiyahu, ayalon, migras harusim and the others... Some good jews in the diaspora need to spot these guys on the street and break their teeth.. (is that considerd incitment ? i guess i'll just have to wait to see if my door gets broken down)

Actually as i write this post i was searching gamla (you cant forget their webaddress its carved onto my orange bracelet :)

Awsome website in hebrew The pillory of shame Which lists all those that were involved AND those that get a tzalash (Its like a congresional medal of honor) in english
Niso shacham definatly gets high rankings on the pillar of shame!

lets not forget american jews!

US Jewish Leaders Affirm Support for Israel’s Disengagement Plan
Monday 23.5.05 – Haaretz
James S. Tisch, Chairman, of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations reaffirmed the Conference’s support for the Israeli Government’s disengagement plan.
Tisch stated the Conference is firmly behind the disengagement. “We have unequivocally expressed our support of this plan. Amongst the Conference’s membership we have consensus on this issue.”
David Alenson, the president of the reform "Hebrew Union College" spoke about the "enormous importance" of the plan,
Ismar Schorsch is the sixth Chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary "saluted" to Sharon's leadership confronting the Intifada and his courageous decision to withdraw from Gaza.
The president of the orthodox "Yeshiva University", Richard Joels was more restrained: "We stand behind Israel apart our own opinions".

FINALLY!! Pictures from gush katif.

Sorry everyone about the delay! I have to sort thrue 3,000 pictures from 8 diffrent camera's many duplicates. Plus they are like 2mb each so i have to edit them. Gallery #1 will be pix of shirat hayam and kfar darom tent city's. The guys are american lubavitchers that came there for the summer to help fight. Kokl hakavod to them!

Kfar darom tent city.

Shirat hayam tent city, We built around 100 tents.