Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The ADL is a bunch of pathetic dogs

On their site they write regarding kahane: In Rabbi Kahane’s gross distortion of the position of Jews in America, American Jews were living in a fiercely hostile society, facing much the same dangers as the Jews in Nazi Germany or those in Israel surrounded by 100-million Arab enemies. That was and is the case!
ADL Honors Israeli Journalist for Heroic Actions in Gaza
At a ceremony in Jerusalem, ADL presented its "Do The Right Thing Award" to Yedioth Achronoth correspondent Itzik Saban, citing his "heroism, integrity and humanity" in rendering aid to 18-year-old Palestinian Hilal Majidi during a violent attack that threatened his life.
can you believe these sick pigs ?? I was there and saw this arab kid throwing rocks at us,!!
So itzik saban gets awarded for helping a terrorist and "lynching" shimshon cytrin who is still in jail 4 monthes later!! Never mind that Ha'aretz finally printed a retraction of its own "lynch" story. Never mind that Channel 2 TV interviewed the Arab "victim", who discredited the state's contention that Shimshon tried to kill him.
The Sharon government, which has made the judicial system complicit in its massive violations of the rule of law, now rules by prevarication, intimidation and coercion ­ typical of a police state.Al-Majaydeh admitted in an interview with Israel Radio that he was hit in the head by the butt of a soldier's rifle.
Since he was also wielding a knife ­ or so it is alleged ­ the soldier struck him in the face to render him harmless. Several hours later, after having been listed as "critically injured," the Arab was seen standing and laughing with his friends.


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