Thursday, November 10, 2005

And this country just gets worse and worse

'AIDS rapist' sentenced to 25 years

Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday sentenced Ghana-born Chris Serfo to 25
years in prison for having sexual relations with three women even though he knew
he had AIDS, and for raping another woman and infecting her with AIDS before it
was clearly established that he knew he had the disease.
In July, the court
had convicted Serfo of rape, perpetrating an act likely to spread disease,
making threats and aggravated assault.
As a result of his actions, three of
the four women who lodged complaints against him are infected with AIDS and
seriously ill. At the time of his sexual relations with the first plaintiff, in
1997, it could not be established that he had the disease. However,
after he raped her and she became pregnant
, the young woman went for a
checkup and found that she had become infected with HIV. The woman told Serfo
what happened and urged him to be tested.

Serfo ignored her advice and continued to maintain sexual relations with
other women. Two of them lodged complaints against him after they also
contracted AIDS. The first of these affairs began in 1998 and lasted until April
2001. The second began in December 2001 and lasted until April 2002. A fourth
woman met Serfo in October 2002 and had sex with him once. She did not develop
AIDS. The women also testified that Serfo abused them and used violence against

HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOO?!?!??!! You mean to say this despicable animal raped her in 1997?
Where the heck in the world was this guy for the past 8 years ??? According to the article he was NOT in jail as close back as 2002!! So we have this rapist who ALSO has AIDS and he is runing around infecting women!! Why was this guy even in israel in the first place ?!?!
I say we send home to yossi beilin's house, Because if it were up to beilin he would change the right of return laws and we would have 100 millionb more animals like this.

Terror Victim Families Protest PA Leaders at Rabin Ceremony

Families of Arab terrorists have appealed to President Moshe Katzav to
cancel scheduled speeches by leaders of the Palestinian Authority (PA) at
Wednesday's night seminar in memory of assassinated Prime Minister Yitzchak

Both the prime minister of the PA, Ahmed Qureia, and the chairman,
Mahmoud Abbas, are to speak along with former American President Bill
. "The blood of our loved ones cries from the earth" against the
crimes of Arab terrorists," the families wrote President Katzav. "Do not allow
the murderers of our children to dance on their blood that still has not dried
in our hearts."Officials of the Netanya College, where the seminar is being
held, replied that they understand the pain of the families but that the PA
leaders' willingness to appear in Netanya shows that they have "true intentions
for a dialogue." They repeated Rabin's statements that peace is made
with enemies and not with friends.

3 sick disgusting terrorists..... euoligizing a 4th terrorist... being hosted by a 5th terrorist (shimon peres) And evidently the event is being attended by many more potentiol terrorists... I'll paypal 5$ to anyone that can write a song on the above. Mr officials at the netanya college,
"NEWS FLASH" here in israel we kill our enemies, If you want to make peace with your enemies then ummm... wait to them the arabs are friends so i guess *I* as a right winger and a settler are their enemies... thats kool i hope i piss em off. Well if they want to make peace with me MOVE TO FRANCE!!

Anyways on to the good news (yea we have good news in this country)

Right-wing speaker: 'Don't go to army'

Thousands of right-wing activists attended Wednesday evening a conference in
Jerusalem held under the banner "We won't forget and won't forgive – The war on
Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem has begun. The Israeli government has declared war
on God and his Bible."

Eran Sternberg, former spokesman of the Gaza
Strip Regional Council, called on youth not to enroll to the IDF until "it
restores its role as the Israel defense forces."

Sternberg blasted
the IDF, saying that "The crime of the uprooting plan was committed first and
foremost by the army."

"If you receive an illegal command, I call
on you, the youth, to smile and go to jail. If I was to be recruited now I would
not go to the army," he added.

I like eran he's a awsome guy, I got to know him back in gush katif in the golden days.

Mixed Messages Reflect the Reality Article from a month ago, After the pathetic "thank you in orange" rally.

"At least 10,000 youths were there at Sacher Park in Jerusalem at the
'Orange Thanks' event [this past Wednesday night] - those wonderful youth who
were willing to give up their freedom and be arrested and imprisoned in order to
prevent the expulsion of Jews from parts of the Land of Israel. In truth, when I
saw the organizations that sponsored the event, I knew that I should not have
high hopes. These were the same bodies that used the public's longing for unity,
gathered the tens of thousands under their wings, and led a strong political
battle - while making sure that a serious struggle would not develop on the
ground, even though the public was tremendously ready for it, and especially in
Kfar Maimon.

Not to mention that some of the organizing bodies condemned the idea of
refusing orders...In truth, I did not understand why the event took on a festive
nature, when the expellees are still in hotels, caravans and tents. Where is the
great victory here? ...I came with full knowledge that this event would not
herald the liberation of the national-religious camp from the bonds leashing its
collective consciousness - but I also didn't expect such patent darkness. This
was darkness whose meaning was that since we supposedly won by holding
ineffective protests, not only is there no need to change our strategy, but the
opposite is true: We should continue the same way even more forcefully.

First, one rabbi got up and said that we love and embrace the IDF and will
continue to enlist and influence; at least he didn't say 'with sensitivity and
determination' [the phrase used by those who implemented the expulsion]. These
words, for me as an expellee, were like a sword in my heart. How can the rabbi
love those who destroyed our lives and threw us out? My little children even now
tremble when they see an army uniform. Isn't it a bit early, honored rabbi?
Right after he spoke, they showed a chilling film of the destruction of N'vei
Dekalim, the beautiful town destroyed by those the rabbi had just

Later, a 15-year-old girl was called to the stage, one of the heroines who
sat in jail for a long time, followed immediately afterwards by a famous and
important rabbi who in the past claimed that the road-blockings were a
desecration of G-d's name! For a moment it wasn't clear whether the 'Orange
Thanks' were from the leadership to the youth, or from the Prime Minister to the
leadership...This intolerable disparity between the words of the rabbis and the
actions of the youth is precisely the same gap between the leadership and the
public. And this event, where the messages were contradictory and confusing,
expressed clearly the confusion from which the Orange camp suffers.

I actually did not attend that really for exactly THAT reason.

And finally i'm not sure if this should be catogorized under good or bad news...

Rightist given 'Sharon insane' sign back
The Jerusalem District Court Wednesday ordered police to give back to
right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir a sign carrying Prime Minister's Ariel
Sharon picture with the wording "Insane?"
The sign was confiscated from Ben Gvir by police about a year ago, on claim
it constituted an insult to a government employee. However, the court ruled that
the sign was part of a legitimate protest, protected by the freedom of

Itamar my dear itamar... :) your just way outta control my man,
I had a awsome time talking with itamar ben gvir tonight at the confrence. The reason why i am not sure if this is considerd good or bad is as follows, Yes he got his sign back. It wasent about the sign as it was about the freedom of speech. The fact that the sign was confinscated in the first place comes to show how bolshvik this country is. Even the yellow and black flags with kahane's picture on them. Which time and time again have been ruled "legal" in courts, Yet they are allways confinscated (or i should say stolen) by the politzei.

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