Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Arab bingo and poker.

Here's a huge thubs up for rabbi lawrence woohoo keep up the good work!

Aw, fuck it. Kill them all...
Here's the rules for Palestinian Poker:
1) Count the number of palestinians killed.2) Sort them out into the various factions they belonged to.
Gunman high (terrorist killed along with human-shield kids or so-called civilians)One pair (Suits: Tanzim, Hezbollah, Fateh, Al-Aqsa, PFLP, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Reuters)Two pairThree of a kindStraight (sequential ranks of collaborating groups)Flush (all members of the same group)Full HouseFour of a KindStraight Flush (ie taking out an entire rank of the same group)Royal Flush (ie. if the IDF had used bigger ordinance when they struck Yassin and taken out the top ranks of Hamas)
Variants include Ramallah Hold-em, Jenin Baseball, and Iron Crescent.

Go ahead and put a red chip on Hezbollah. Or, if you don't have red chips, a bloody thumbprint will do.
(I will probably update the bingo card to use UNFIL and Palestinian Authority, which means there can be double-chips for when a Tanzim moonlights as a PA "security" thug.)


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