Sunday, November 20, 2005

Awww poor fwenchies

France scrambles to perform damage control

Tour operators say they are worried that television images of rioters setting cars on fire may yet deter foreign visitors. The tourism industry employs 1 million people and accounts for $124 billion in revenue, or 6.5 percent of gross domestic product.
"We're highly worried," said Georges Colson, chairman of SNAV, France's travel agents federation, in a telephone interview. "Yesterday there was a map of France on fire on CNN. The pictures may scare many people away."
Colson said he has called on France's tourism ministry to step in with a publicity campaign, if necessary. The 75 million foreigners who visited France last year spent 32.8 billion euros ($38.5 billion), about a third of its tourism takings.
Violence is ebbing after President Jacques Chirac authorized curfews on Nov. 8. Still, the riots may have damaged the image of France, some conference-industry officials said.
"It's deplorable for France's image abroad," said Frederic Bedin, managing director of Le Public Systeme, a public-relations company based in Levallois-Perret near Paris, adding that Paris may lose business to cities such as London, Madrid, Barcelona, Marrakech or Hong Kong. "The Chinese and Japanese see riots in France on TV and think there's a civil war."

*NEWSFLASH* france's image abroad was ruined many many years ago, By you snobby fat pricks. Why would anyone want to visit fwance ?? Its not like the hookers are cheap, Drugs are not legal, laptop computers are not sold at blowout prices... LETS GO TO ASIA!


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