Tuesday, November 29, 2005

But the emperor is naked!

WOW we get a look at the true colors of the traiters over at the yeshu council...

From arutzsheva
Political advisor to the Yesha Council (of Judea and Samaria communities), Yuval Porat, will head Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz's campaign to head the Likud Party. Porat served as advisor to the Yesha Council over the past year and was one of the leading strategists behind the campaign against the Disengagement Plan – ostensibly out of ideological identification with the cause.He said Sunday that after deep internal ideological conflict he decided to help Mofaz, even though the Defense Minister was one of the main backers of the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria.

You hear the guy "He said Sunday that after deep internal ideological conflict"

Maybe this might provide a key ...

Online editions of The Jerusalem Post: http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/jpost/

Spinning against disengagement; [Daily Edition] TALYA HALKIN. Jerusalem Post. Jerusalem: Feb 22, 2005. pg. 13 People: Porat, Yuval, Barnea, Ziv, Sharon, Ariel Section: Features Abstract (Document Summary) Six months ago, [Yuval Porat] and Ziv Barnea - his partner in the Spin Media firm for strategic consulting - approached The Council of Jewish Settlements of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha) with an offer to revamp the council's campaign, and were hired to orchestrate its battle against disengagement."I don't see the disengagement as private Yesha business, and my goal is to reach a ...

You mean to tell me bentzi lieberman had no clue this guy is a card caying leftist ?

Who sent them to go work for the yeshu council ? Or did yesha hire a leftists to make sure he wouldent actually acomplish anything...

The Yesha Council's main strategist is Yuval Porat. Porat is in charge of creating the strategy to be used in the battle against Sharon's anti-Jewish expulsion plan.In 1991, Porat was elected to the Secretariat of the Marxist-Leninist Mapam Party. Mapam was an openly Communist party that mourned the death of their spiritual leader Josef Stalin in 1953 with huge black borders on the front page of the Mapam newspaper. Mapam is now called the Meretz-yachad Party - a viciously anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist collection of sick Jews

oooh wait! it gets better!

Back in jan '05 from the toronto sun.

The project has its own spin doctor. Yuval Porat´s public relations consultancy, SPIN Public Opinion Shapers, has been working for months with the settlers´ Yesha Council, crafting a more saleable message. Porat identifies "lack of democracy" as the chink in Sharon´s armour. Even Israelis who favour pulling out of Gaza sense the plan is being bulldozed upon them, without adequate public input."We are calling for civil disobedience on a mass scale," Porat said yesterday. "We want to get 150,000 supporters in Gaza, so that when the time comes it will be physically impossible for anyone to move that many people." Porat maintains disobedience is a job for civilians. "We don´t want disobedience in the army. But we believe the result of this plan will be thousands of soldiers refusing their military orders," he said. "So what we´re saying is, ´Don´t let it come to that.´ Give us a referendum or new elections. If the people are given a say in Sharon´s plan, we will stick by it, even if the decision is to withdraw. We won´t like it. But we´ll accept it."

And there is more!!

Yuval Porat, the main strategist for the Yesha Council, said the next stage would be "to send hundreds of groups" of protesters on Monday to break through army roadblocks to enter Gaza to help settlers there resist the pullout nonviolently.


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