Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dealing with violence french style...

Editing this post to add the following.

PM: France 'at an hour of truth'

De Villepin said moves were already under way to strengthen the intelligence-gathering capability of French authorities, noting that some of the violence had been organized through Internet blogs that have now been shut down.
In order for French society to provide the same changes and opportunities to all its citizens, said de Villepin, 30 billion euros will be spent in France's riot zones, with the focus primarily on helping young people.
The prime minister said the French employment agency would focus on 239 hot zones to help provide jobs for 1.5 million people. France's national unemployment rate is about 10 percent, but in areas hit by rioting the level is nearer 40 percent.
He said money will be spent to provide apprenticeships for students 14 years old and older who want to leave school. But he stressed the program will allow those young people to go back to school to gain the knowledge they need to succeed better at the jobs.
In addition, said de Villepin, funds will be channeled toward providing 100,000 scholarships as well as providing better access to upper-level colleges and universities.
To entice people off state subsidies and back to work, de Villepin said, unemployed workers will get 1,000 euros plus a monthly supplement to go back to jobs.
De Villepin announced the creation of an agency for "social cohesion" which will go into riot zones, be in direct contact with mayors and local officials, and provide programs to deal with hot-button issues like joblessness and discrimination.
In addition, he announced that local associations, such as civic and religious groups, would receive 100,000 euros for outreach programs.

I have NEVER seen anyone conceded defeat so fast as these french! They are the worlds greatest ass kissers and apoligists.

The prime minister said the nation faced a "moment of truth" over its failure to integrate Arab and African immigrants and their children. Yahoo news reports. Whats up with these french ?
Why cant they just blame the damn arabs for rioting! They blame israel for arabs killing israeli's, And now when the arabs kill frenchmen they blame themselfs. Further on in the article

"The rioting is forcing France to confront anger building for decades among
residents who complain of discrimination and unemployment. Although many of the
French-born children of Arab and black African immigrants are Muslim, police say
the violence is not being driven by Islamic groups."

Howd they know ?? why of course, The youth are being driven by satanic cults!!

"Communist Party leader Marie-George Buffet warned that the decree could
enflame rioters. "It could be taken anew as a sort of challenge to carry out
more violence," she said. "

They have a communist party ? Well marie how do you propose to end the violence.

Back to the washington post, Reports:

The politicians in Paris, as well as many Parisians, feel immune to the
rioting in the suburbs and elsewhere, said Guillaume Parmentier, who heads
the French Center on the United States, a Paris-based research organization.
"So a few cars are burning in the suburbs," he said. "This is the sort of
thing that happens; it's very unpleasant, but you can't put a policeman
behind every car."

Ummm no, you beat the living crap out of the rioters, You use tear gas, water canons, And you arrest every rioting bastard.... My new slogan is "Thank g-d i'm NOT french"

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