Monday, November 07, 2005

Death to the french ?

You Paristinians asked for it and now you got it! So dear world, Have you finally woken up and realized that embracing arabs and islam will just get you backstabbed ?? This my dear frenchmen is what you get for your decades of anti israel policies!
now the French, Belgians, Germans, etc. have to start negotiating "land for peace" deals with them. Fromn my friend jameel at the mukata:

Euro-Jihad: Gaza Today, Tomorrow Marseille
Arab apologists are trying
their best to camouflaged any linkage between Islam and the intifada rioting going on in France, yet the Arab Press itself isn't denying anything. What's most damning is that France, which does everything in its power to criticize Israel for its behavior towards the Palestinians (any behavior!), has a long history of poor treatment of its Moslem citizens."France, the country that stands for freedom, equality and fraternity, has failed to protect the Arabs and provide them with jobs that helped integrate earlier immigrants."This is the paradox of integration faced with the promises the republic failed to keep," said criminologist Alain Bauer."
The rioting has started taking lives, and I'm curious how France will react. Regardless of what their reaction will be, you can be sure they will be blaming Israel the next chance they get.
Five cars were torched yesterday in Germany. I guess my prediction of the spread to Germany happened sooner than Germany. The true litmus test of whether this is a EuroJihad or not, will be if the intifada spreads to other countries. If it spreads, then there's something bigger and badder in the picture. If not, then the French are Eurosnobs who treat everyone equally poorly.

The Koran says the whole World belongs to Islam. Until it is under "Dar al-Islam" (Under the abode of Islam.), it is under "Dar al-Harb" (Under the abode of the sword.). Muslims are are required to conquer the whole World for Allah by using Jihad, which means holy war, and not an "inner struggle" how Leftists want you to believe.
I had to laugh, watching all these "tolerant, openminded" European nations getting TRASHED by the Islamite scum

Why is it that no one seems to be reporting that it's MUSLIMS who are doing all this?? Even FoxNews! They just keep saying over and over that it's "immigrants and children of immigrants" and when the news correspondents are asked, "What do these people want? What are they rioting for?", they just say, "Well, it's hard to say for sure... They're immigrants and children of immigrants, and they feel they're being discriminated against..." Bullshit. They're Muslims. That's all that needs to be said. You don't see any other group of "immigrants" acting like this and trying to take over their new countries. It's always the same group of people. Are these correspondents idiots, or are they just trying to be PC and not blame it all on Muslims?

Neighboring Germany, also with a large Muslim immigrant population, mostly of Turkish origin, was watching the horror unfold in France with alarm.
Wolfgang Bosbach, the deputy leader of the conservative Christian Democrats in the German parliament, told a Sunday newspaper: "There are differences between the situation in France and here, but we should not be under the illusion that similar events could not happen in Germany."
In Italy, Romano Prodi, the opposition leader, called on the government to take urgent action, telling reporters: "We have the worst suburbs in Europe. I don't think things are so different from Paris. It's only a question of time."
Denmark has also been hit with what is being characterized as its own "Islamic Intifada." In Arhus, Denmark, young Muslims were heard chanting, "This land belongs to us!"
A masked spokesman for the rioters told Danish reporters that Muslims were tired of being oppressed and harassed and warned the police to stay away.
"This is our area. We rule this place," he said.

I demand a imediate convening of the UN security council to discuss the french violence.
Concesions must be made! The french police must stop arresting criminals!
A goodwill gesture must be made, All islamic criminals curently held in france must be released.
The official french language must be changed to arabic, ALL french citizens should be required to wear a kehfiya for the men and a chador for the women out of respect and tolerance from their arab citizens! p.s. maybe they should also torch the louvre ?? then the Paristinians will actually give a damn! Team America: World Police is my all time favorite movie, NUFF SAID!


At 5:01 AM, Anonymous jamal said...

Not only muslims are rioting. Reports will say african and arab immigrants, of which not all are muslim. Now you will argue that a large proportion are muslim and that this supports your comments. I will then question why it is that large numbers of muslims feel this way and are reacting to the evident problems they face in this way. is it because they are muslim, or is it because of some other structual and french cultural reasons?

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Elchonon said...

I think both, The french "tolerance" and the arab tendacy to try to conquer the world. the africans and other non muslim immigrants have close ties with islam. They are both about killing the white man.


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