Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good morning my fellow jews!

Here's a roundup of news worth reading, Elon Moreh Residents Report Police Retribution old and disgusting tactic thats been going on for a long time, Many times they will arrest you for nothing just to get revenge. MAZAL TOV DAVID HATUEL! A man who went thru the suffering of job, Like every other sane moral person my heart broke the day tali and her 4 daughters (and the fetus) were brutally butcherd But there is a time to weep and a time to sow, Tali and your beutifull angels we will never forget you! I know i cried on the day you were murderd and we cried together as we were expelled from gush katif, You in your holy neshamot(souls) and me in body. Pollard May Be Freed in 10 Years If he was a arab and killed a jew (rav kahane for instance) he would have been out of jail 18 years ago. A few words for Carmi Gillon Former Shin Bet head has no place lecturing Israelis ummm yea ok, so it might just take another 20 years for the leftists to actually conect the dots. "Rabbi" yossi beilin wants the right of return changed
Sure lets let 10 million russian goyim in, After all israel is not a jewish state in his arogant ignorant opinon.


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