Friday, November 11, 2005

Here's the rundown on news from israel

Bar-Ilan professors seek cancellation of Rabin seminar as `left-wing, one-sided'

Twenty Bar-Ilan professors condemned a university seminar day, organized in
conjunction with Haaretz to mark the 10th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's
assassination. The professors said that the university was becoming too leftist,
and that the seminar's program was one-sided and denied expression to the
pro-settler national-religious viewpoint.

See the leftists are too occupied embracing the arabs and trying to "conect" that they bltantly ignore anyone religios.

Tickets for $100,000 to Hear Clintons at Rabin Memorial Dinner

People are forking out up to $100,000 for tickets to next week's dinner in
memory of assassinated former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. The main drawing
cards are the scheduled speeches by former American President Bill Clinton and
his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has been touted as a candidate for the next
presidential elections.A fund-raising letter asking for donations to the
Yitzchak Rabin Center, which is to be dedicated at dinner, notes that seating
depends on the "size of the contribution," according to the New York Post.
Priority, of course, will be given to the highest contributions."

Can anyone spare 100 grand ? i better run out and get a loan! You think bill will play his saxaphone too?

Increased alertness for fear of terror during Rabin's murder anniversary

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has instructed security forces to increase
alertness for fear that terror organizations will try and execute a terror
attack in Israel next week, during the ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary
of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.
In a
discussion in his office, Mofaz also decided to allow the passage of thousands
of workers from the Gaza Strip to Israel in the beginning of next week

You dont think there is a conection between the 2 do you ?
Why would anyone want to attack a peace rally...unless it is a shabak agent provocator dressed up as a settler..

Police: Greek anarchists attack French Institute in support of Paris rioters

About 30 youths hurled rocks and red paint at the entrance of the French
Institute in a northern Greek city Thursday, in apparent solidarity with rioters
in Paris and other French cities, police said.

No one was hurt in
the downtown attack by the youths, who were wearing hoods and crash helmets.
The youths spayed slogans near the building entrance in support of Paris
rioters, who have staged nightly violence since Oct. 27. (AP)

While your at it, burn down a few greek orthodox churches... i'll give you 20$

Haredi population to double by 2020

By the year 2020, the haredi population of Israel will double to 1 million and
make up 17 percent of the total population, said Hebrew University demographer
Professor Sergio DellaPergola Tuesday.

I'm sure that scares the leftists even more then the arab growing poppulation, There is nothing they hate more then charedim.

Religious leaders commit to peace

Rabbi Arthur Schneier: Main goals of Jewish-Muslim-Christian conference to press
governments to ensure hatred not taught at schools, and to take stand against
religious leaders who incite violence, to marginalize and isolate them

Aye good luck with that "rabbi". You think he is reform or conservative ?
I'm all for teaching violence in jewish schools, We have enough "peace" loving jews.

Investors Sell Shekels after Election of Peretz

Investors reacted to the election of Histadrut labor union leader Amir
Peretz as Labor party chairman by selling off the shekel and pushing the dollar
past the 4.70 level. The official rate was pegged at 4.704 shekels, but the
dollar receded to slightly less than 4.70 shekels in late afternoon trading. The
Euro also was up, closing at 5.535 shekels.Analysts predicted that the shekel
faces further depreciation, regardless of the strength or weakness of the
dollar, because of expectation of early elections and worries about the
influence of Peretz' socialist policies. Peretz stated Thursday afternoon that
he is in favor of a free market but "not on the backs of workers."

I'd sell all my posesions and get the hell out of this country if peres was elected.
Peretz may screw up the economy but at least he wont kill us all.


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