Wednesday, November 02, 2005

IDF temporarily rejects draft of five anti-disengagement youths

Five right-wing youths have been temporarily rejected from the Israel Defense Forces draft due to suspicions they were involved in violence against security personnel during the disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

The recruitment date of the youths, initially set for this month, has been indefinitely delayed, a senior IDF Personnel Directorate officer said on Yedioth Ahronoth's Web site Tuesday.
MK Uri Yehuda Ariel (National Union) said he intended to consult attorneys to verify the legal validity of the decision.

Music to my abused ears! I support rejecting all torah observant youth from the ishmael defense forces! I know i would never go to the army even if i go to jail. I couldent bear to wear the uniform of a army that beats jews, draggs them from their homes and shull's and disgraces judaism Once again i am disgusted by the "right wing" camp, Why does yehuda ariel see the need to protest over this?? Why does he support these youth going to a army by which they were brutally expelled from gush katif, Could YOU be a apart of a army where a commander ordered a religious soldier to step on tallit -- a prayer shawl -- during a "lesson in values."

But i am botherd by this "The incidents in question involve assault, resisting legal activities and the blocking of roads," the top officer said.
"As a rule, the draft of all new recruits who are involved in a criminal investigation is suspended until the proceedings are finalized. We then look into the question of whether or not to draft each individual," he explained. "

This is a army that has neo nazi soldiers "
Police on Wednesday arrested an Israel Defense Forces soldier suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi group, Army Radio reported Thursday.A detective squad detained the soldier, a new immigrant and a resident of the Ariel settlement in the West Bank, after his behavior aroused suspicion. Officers found heroin in his vehicle, Israel Radio reported.Upon his arrest, the soldier told police he was a neo-Nazi and that he hated the state. A swastika was found tattooed on his left arm. Police search the soldier's home and found material connecting him to neo-Nazi organizations overseas. The soldier, who serves in a non-combat unit, lives with his mother. When police arrived at their home, the soldier's mother also declared she was a neo-Nazi who hated Israel.Military Police are investigating the drug-related suspicions against the soldier and Ariel police are probing his suspected neo-Nazi affiliations.


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