Sunday, November 06, 2005

'Intifada' in France

Rioting and arson, fueled by frustration and anger on the part of France's
Muslim immigrant population, spread unchecked for days, ultimately reaching
Paris.French officials have been largely at a loss to deal with the crisis,
torn between the risks posed by inaction, and the potential for backlash
posed by a serious crackdown.
Oh wow how shocking!! the french were basically beging for it! First england now france. 2 countries that let the arabs run loose and did not police them, When is the world going to learn that the only way to deal with islam is CRUSH IT!

By early Sunday, more than 2000 cars had been burned, 193
people detained and several police officers and firefighters injured after a
10th night of rioting across France, according to national police spokesman
Patrick Hamon.

In the Normandy city of Evreux, five police officers and three
firefighters were injured when two schools, a post office, a shopping center and
50 cars were burned,

Two schools in Grigny, south of Paris, were set ablaze and
firefighters responded to 30 reports of arson in Toulouse, in southern France,
the Interior Ministry said. Several cars were on fire and several trash cans
were burning outside public buildings.

If this was jews rioting to protest the large scale anti semitism going on, Had they done just .001% The ENTIRE world and ALL of the so called "respected" jewish leaders would go on a unmatched rampage of condeming this, But hey its arabs doing the violence so its ok.
I dont mind so much the arabs geting away with it, What bothers me more is the fact that jews still dont understand that protests are useless! All those gush katif demonstrations around the world were futile. Forget about torching cars! No one in all of the world got up and said "lets shut the country down on august 17th" Jews will be jews.... we love being trampled on.


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