Thursday, November 10, 2005

Into my mind... on gush katif.

Just about 3 monthes has passed since the expolusion of gush katif, 12th of av which is august 17th. Dates that are forever etched in my head. I have so far not been able to write down my expirience in gush katif and my feelings on everything. I kind of freeze when i try, But i am going to force myself even just a little. We will start 3 years ago when i first came to israel. I lived in the settlement of tapuach in the shomron. I travelled alot thru judea and samaria, I asked my friend ari about going to gaza and he told me "gaza is shit dont go" And so i took his ill advise and never went. About 2 years ago after sharon anounced plans to destroy the settlements in gaza, I was in america then and I must admit i was kind of not intrested "whats in gaza anyways" i couldent even point out gaza on a map. During the winter of that year, they had a shabbat netzarim. So i said what the heck and went with my friend david. To tell you the truth i was completely clueless. as we drove down to karnei i was pissing my pants from fear.
We got to netzarim and i was awe struck "THIS is gaza?!?!" WOW and I fell in love.
It would be a love story and relationship that would span 2 years till now and last me till i die.
A love which would propell me to such extremes i could never have imagined. From attending demonstrations in the freezing cold, to a human chain accross the length of gaza to jerusalem, to blocking roads and geting arrested etc... And so with gush katif, netzarim alei sinai, nisanit, dugit, ganim, kedum, sa-nur, and chomesh firmly etched in my heart i went to war. At first it was a bunch of clueless people led by even more clueless leaders but then developed into more dumb masses following even worse asses. The original bumper stickers were so lame then that even if you paid me i wouldent hang one up now. from "conecting to our roots" to "the army warns uprooting settlements is a victory for terror" What you had was a disilusioned nation and youth who so firmly believed in zionism and the state, And so firmly backed likud! with sharon at its helm. I remember almost 2 years ago at kikar malchei yisrael (for those of you that dont know, it is also refered to as rabin square) It was under the banner "the likud does not want to give in" So we have here 250.000 people at this demonstration!
I was standing next to this dude who was holding a sign saying "sharon dont bend into US presure" Meanwhile the yeshu council had hired private security that was beating up and booting anyone with a sign they did not like. They stole kahane flags which in a funny twist the police forced them to return. The disengagement from the state started then, As me and 20 friends sat down when they sang hatikva... And so the winter went on. Summer came along with yet more rallies, The kenest voted for the disengagement. MORE rallies... summer went, winter came. tent city by the keneset. MORE rallies and lamer stickers "sharon is wrong the army is right" the yeshu council launches its refrendum. Me and my friends start spaming jerusalem with yellow stickers with a new slogan "a jew does not expell a jew" WOW we caused a storm. That slogan was way too taboo and extreme for the yeshu council... But it did pick up steam and it became very popular.. and then began the road blockings... which everyone knows.. so right before passover this year we drove down to gush katif to visit. we went to rafiach yam, moraq, neve dekalim, chuf temarim and sunset at shirat hayam... the days of glory.. it was nice and quiet there sooo beutifull... we had been trying to move to gush katif since around jan. of that year but they were only taking couples. after passover ephraim tells me they are moving to gush katif to a abandoned hotel.. no toilets, no water, no electricity... NADA but its on the beach... to be continued...Next chapter i will talk about maoz hayam (the hotel) and tal yam. and their eventual expolusions.


At 7:16 AM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

Your story really touched me, because you seem sincere in wanting to help the people of Gush Katif.

It explains a lot about your anger, and your insistence that your side of the story is heard.

Don't get me wrong. I supported the settlers, and don't know why they caved in so quickly. And now look at how they are being NOT housed, shivering in the cold.

I'm still mightily pissed that certain rabbis gave the green light to do this (yeah, I know, "it was happening anyway, so we might as well get what we can out of it".....that's not what I had in mind from someone who is to spread G_d's word.

At least you put your money where your mouth was, and TRIED.


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