Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is the left figuring it out?

Sever plocker writes in his article on yediot acharonot's website "Evacuation of Gaza Strip settlements creates unrealistic expectations

The evacuation of Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip is creating unrealistic expectations. Here are three of the more notable expectations, which have no chance of being realized:

1. "The world will embrace us following the pullout." Forget about it!

Neither the Europeans nor the Americans have shed a single tear over the evacuation. The pullout was received in the world as the long overdue rectification of an Israeli faux pas; something Israel should have corrected a long time ago.
According to international cultural and media discourse, the Jewish settlers – with no exception – are colonialists occupying Palestinian land. Not a drop of empathy. Their and their children's' tears are perceived as local Jewish madness, especially when accompanied by "Nazi" insults hurled at Israeli soldiers.
The praise foreign statesmen lavished on Sharon will quickly fade away if no further concessions and withdrawals are made. There are no more political rewards to be gained from the disengagement; from now on disappointments are more likely."

Yea no duh! Mr plocker, With all due respect no one gives a damn about us jews. Read the full article here


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