Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is there any hope left for this country?

I think not! Gov’t Regulation of Internet Broadcasts Could Undermine Arutz-7

The Council for Satellite and Cable Broadcasting is currently charged by Israeli
law with regulating the content of satellite and cable broadcasts. Broadcasting
via cable or satellite to the Israeli public requires a license. The council has
the power to grant licenses to selected content and service providers who meet
its requirements, and revoke the licenses of broadcasters who do not. If the
council’s authority is broadened to include Internet broadcasts, broadcasters
such as Israel National News (Arutz-7), might be subject to government
regulation and oversight, something that could severely compromise its
independence, objectivity, and ability to report and comment on current events
the way it sees fit.

First it was arutzsheva radio now its internet, Tomorow i will get arrested for my blog.
Freedom in this country is just something of your imgination, Freedom is something the leftists have to attack us "rightists" Freedom is given to the security forces to arrest and beat anyone they choose. And finally freedom is what the arabs have to kill jews.

Yet again another security / political macher raises the assasination story.

Mofaz: Violence may bring another political assassination
Israeli society is witnessing a “growth in savagery” which is being encouraged
by politicians and public figures, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said
“If the state does not deal resolutely with this criminality,
it might lead to another political assassination,” Mofaz said at a ceremony held
in Tel Aviv for Israel Defense Forces pensioners.

My dear shaul mofaz, Take a look at the secular society. All the stabings and shootings then you tell me about voilence. Yes violence is being encouraged by our very own prime minister who calls for forced expolusion of jews from their homes.

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