Sunday, November 13, 2005

Israel‘s secret negotiations to raise the Jordanian flag over the Temple Mount

By the lubavitcher rebbe 30 years ago...

We are now in a situation of ‘Nations gather and regimes talk (against the Jewish People, but their efforts will end) in vain’ [Psalms 2.1]. Not that this gathering is G-d forbid to threaten Jewish lives. The gathering is nevertheless against G-d and His anointed Nation.

The Arabs demand that they be given the sacred spot of the Holy of Holies, rights over the Temple Mount and the permit to raise there the flag of Jordan. The Government of Israel (in their willingness to concede) wanted to keep this (agreement) secret.

But in reality it is already days and weeks that this is known to Washington, the Arab Nations, and also to those who are pained by their lack of Jewish pride. They attempt to justify this step by saying this will prevent danger to life, with all their excuses. Yet in the mean time their negotiations continue together with the shocking fact that Jews are prepared to relinquish into their hands this most sacred spot to the extent of giving the permit to raise the flag of Jordan! Continuously we have stormed to prevent them from Internationalising the Old City of Jerusalem a city of three ruling governments. But they have reached a far lower state.

It may be asked: what difference does it make which flag flies there? It is irrelevant, does not bother anyone, and has no halachic problem? But the public is not grasping how frightful such a step is. Some years ago it was absolutely untenable that Jerusalem be ruled by several governments. It was further ruled out that Jerusalem be given the status of ex-territorial. Now a gentile has the audacity to state that he has total rights: not just over Hebron, Shechem, the Old City of Jerusalem. And more: he demands that the Holy of Holies be handed over to him, the Foundation Rock (of the Creation), and that he be given the rights to raise there the Jordanian flag!

They (The government of Israel piously) explain that this will save bloodshed, and one Jew is an entire world. The truth must be told - there is no link between the two.

The Talmud lays down the ruling that the Jewish people are the fiercest amongst the nations. ‘G-d gives strength to His People, G-d blesses His People with peace [Psalms 29.11]. The Midrash states [Song of Songs 2] ‘There is no strength other than Torah. When the Jewish People hold on to the Torah, they will survive. G-d will simply grant His People fortitude, and G-d will bless His People with peace. The Midrash [Yalkut Shimoni, Torah 267] relates that not only do Jewish people know of this fact, but the entire world community have heard that G-d gives His strength to His People and G-d will grant His People with peace. And this has reduced them to submissiveness to accept peace.

(From a farbrengen first day Rosh Chodesh Iyar 1976)

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