Thursday, November 17, 2005

Meanwhile, in the Land of Fromage…

From his majesty at Anti idiotrian rottweiler

the riots by unidentified “youths” of unknown ethnic background reach
the 7th consecutive day of being all over
, following hard upon 14
consecutive days of not ending at all or not happening at all, if you ask the
victims of fwench “news”, also referred to as “viewers”.
It may finally be
all over, however. One hopeful sign was that Jacques ChIRAQ finally ventured
outside his spiderhole where he’d been hiding up until now, crying like a little
girl and holding on to his stuffed sheep “Dominique” for dear life. It is said
that if the fwench pwesident comes out and sees his own shadow, it means four
more weeks of hotly denied riots. Or maybe he surrenders to it immediately in
broken German. We’re not quite sure which one it is.

PARIS - France’s worst rioting since the 1960s seems to be nearing
an end, the national police chief said Sunday as fewer cars were torched
nationwide and Paris remained calm despite Internet and cell phone messages
urging violence in the streets of the capital.
Youths set fire to 374
parked vehicles before dawn Sunday, compared to 502 the previous night, police
said. A week ago, 1,400 cars were incinerated in a single

374 counts of vehicular arson by “youths” of indeterminate ethnic heritage
in a single night is apparently considered “calm” in the land of the Gallic
Gimps and their Garlic-Buttered Garden Pest “delicacies”. Remind us to stay away
from there if things heat up. Nah, no need. We wouldn’t want to set foot in that
dump if we were paid to do so, which may well be the next trick up the fwench
tourist industry’s sleeve if things continue like they have.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso proposed that the
European Union give $58 million to France for helping riot-hit towns recover. He
said the EU could make up to $1.2 billion available in longer-term

What riots? We thought they were no more than figments of an irresponsible
foreign press’ collective imaginations?

In scattered attacks, youths [of mysterious and undetermined
cultural origin - M.] rammed a burning car into a center for retirees in
Provence and pelted police with stones in the heart of Lyon, the country’s third
biggest city. A firebomb was tossed at a Lyon mosque but did not explode.
nationwide storm of arson attacks, rioting and other violence, often by young
people from impoverished minority communities, has lost steam since the
government declared a state of emergency Wednesday.

We see that they haven’t given up their predilection for torching old
geezers, the darling little “youths”. Still, we feel that we have to remind you
that, hundreds of torched cars, a burning nursing home, stoned police and a
failed firebombing of a mosque (they must have mistaken it for a synagogue, or
maybe they’d run out of places to torch) aside, nothing is happening. It’s all
good. Calm, actually. So quit that irresponsible nonsense about riots, will

If the downward trend continues, “things could return to normal
very quickly,” National Police Chief Michel Gaudin said, noting that French
youths burn about 100 cars on an average Saturday night.
The unrest continued
for an 18th night Sunday. In Toulouse, rioters rammed a car into a primary
school before setting the building ablaze, the regional government

OK, we’re getting a headache here. First they’re winding down, then they’re
all but over, then things could “return to normal pretty quickly” (nothing
abnormal about a hundred torched cars in fwance, obviously, which is no
surprise. We’d burn the sorry excuses for vehicles ourself if we found any
outside the palace) and now they’re continuing for an 18th night?
How many
primary schools are burned down by “youths” on an average Sunday night in
Don’t tell us, we’re not sure that we want to know.
So, it may
well be that the media have decided that it’s all over, but it’s still the best
reality show out there. Besides, we’re not about to let ourself be stuck with
all of these snacks and beers and nothing to laugh at on the tube.

Yea i stole the whole post misha :)

Read what the french embassador to israel says

Social issues, not religion, are behind Paris riots

In addition, as shocking as the riots were, it is important to keep them in
perspective: This is no intifada, no civil war. It was a riot by underprivileged
citizens, similar to other events that have rocked Western countries in recent
In light of the current situation, the government of France has
set the following two goals:

A show of force; to reestablish
public order and protect citizens and property; to prosecute those suspected of
violence to the full extent of the law; and to use the necessary legal tools to
enable police to do their job

A show of justice: French
authorities know full well that suppressing the riots may be necessary, but will
not solve everything. Therefore, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has
announced a series of concrete steps (such as job creation and fighting
discrimination), to aid those wanting to meld into our society.

Spare me!!


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