Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paris in jerusalem?

What else is new, Arabs riot in Jerusalem Happens all the time BUT its exactly like what is happening in france.

Palestinian resident of Issawiyeh, near Jerusalem, shot and killed in police
chase following car burglary in Jerusalem; killing triggers riots The killing
touched off riots on Mount Scopus, a neighborhood near French Hill, where
Palestinians from the village confronted police officers who were called to
impose order.
Dozens of Palestinian youths arrived at Mount Scopus and
attempted to break into Hadassah Hospital. Large Border Police forces arrived at
the scene and dispersed the rioters.

A car was torched in a parking lot at the hospital, yet no one was injured.

According to Haaretz news

When they heard that Dari had been killed, dozens of youths tried to set out in
the direction of the hospital. Police officers prevented them from
advancing by firing shots in the air; they employed gas and stun grenades to
chase them back into the village. A separate group of village residents was able
to reach the hospital area and set a nearby car on fire, badly damaging
it.Another group of youths tried to reach the hospital and was prevented from
doing so by police officers.
"Apparently the police does not want calm
in the area. They murdered Samir and renewed our intifada here. All entrances to
the village are blocked and resident went out to block the road and to burn
tires," one resident of the village said.

The french could use some lessons on how to deal with rioting arab scum.

'We'll definitely win,' French teen says in this haaretz article.

PARIS - "How will it end? We'll win. We'll definitely win." The boy who says
this, with a slight grin, has not yet turned 18, and nothing in his appearance
indicates he can "win" against the thousands of armed police officers who have
been trying to restore order to France's burning suburbs.Mohammed is tall and
thin, dressed in baggy sweatpants, his face still marked by acne and a shy
expression: After all, until a few days ago, who could have imagined reporters
being interested in him.
Kudos to the boys over at religion of peace for the pic

Did someone say TRANSFER ?!?! It was a frenchman no less, In this AP article:

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said local officials have been told to deport the 120 foreigners convicted so far for their roles in the violence

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who previously inflamed passions by referring
to troublemakers as "scum," said 120 foreigners have been convicted for roles in
the violence, and he called on local authorities to expel them.
"I have asked
regional prefects to expel foreigners who were convicted — whether they have
proper residency papers or not — without delay," he said.
Far-right leader
Jean-Marie Le Pen, in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press, said
French nationals of immigrant backgrounds should be stripped of their
nationality and sent "back to their country of origin" if they committed crimes.

Meanwhile Suicide Bombers Kill 57 at Jordan Hotels

AMMAN, Jordan - Suicide bombers carried out nearly simultaneous attacks on three
U.S.-based hotels in the Jordanian capital Wednesday night, killing at least 57
people and wounding more than 300 in what appeared to be an al-Qaida assault on
an Arab kingdom with close ties to the United States and a common border with

Al Quaida US strikes on 9/11.
Al Quaida ME strikes on 9/11.
(Here in the middle east we do it the other way around so it is 9/11 today)

From joesettlers blog kudos to you for conecting the dots and bringing the stories to my attention, Yashar koach!

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At 7:08 AM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

I think ALL of these attacks are sick (but typical).

The terrorists are full of hate, and want to kill.


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