Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Payphone for gaza arabs ?!?

From boker tov boulder she has awsome stuff on her blog

Norman Finkelstein in an interview with ZNet:
There are a lot of people who have suffered in the world. It’s time to give other people’s stories a public airing. I don’t think there’s any danger here of the Holocaust being forgotten, given the fact that the New York Times prepares a story on the Holocaust probably 5 out of every 7 days in the week. First, the only subject covered more thoroughly than the Holocaust is the weather. Second, most of what’s called the memory of the Nazi Holocaust is politically motivated. Its use and exploitation is used to immunize Israel from criticism, immunize American Jews from criticism, and for many years, it was used as a shakedown operation to extract monies from Europe. That kind of memory we can surely do without....And this is rather amazing as well:
There’s an international consensus on what the two-state settlement means. It’s a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank including East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Anything else is garbage. There are people like Sharon who don’t support a two-state settlement. They support a one state solution for Israel and a phone booth for the Palestinians.
A phone booth for the poorpalestinians? Such a notion boggles the mind, when we have just given them 100% of the Gaza strip, Jew free.

A phone booth?
We gave up 21 settlements,

48 gravesites,

42 daycare centers,
38 synagogues,
36 kindergartens,
7 elementary schools,
3 high schools,
a thousand acres of greenhouses,

$120 million in annual exports of flowers and produce;
we moved 800 cows
and wrecked the lives of 10,000 Jews...

... and all the Palestinians get is a phone booth? Best I not say what I think of Finkelstein.


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