Saturday, November 12, 2005

Peres disgusts me.

Peres: I have nothing to be ashamed of

"For many years I was laughed at when I spoke about the new Middle East, and here it is happening, with financial ties between Israel and our neighbors advancing. We need to strengthen these financial ties with the Palestinians and not to forget about Gaza, and we need to make a supreme effort at making sure the Palestinians can travel freely, because if Palestinians will be jailed in Gaza without movement, investments in Gaza will dry up," he said.

Aye, we still laugh at you! You have the IQ of a carrot. But you are also a danguress man!
You have ALOT to be ashamed of... 90,000 guns to the pali-bums. Intiating oslo and bringing tens of thousands of terrorists to israel... Just to name a few!

Apparently losing an uncountable series of elections despite huge leads in the polls, serving as PM three times without ever being elected once, rhetorically asking his own party if he was a loser only to hear an overwhelming response of "yes!", attempting to topple Shamir with the "stinking manuever" and failing pathetically, putting the very survival of the country in jeaporady with his Oslo process and now losing to an inexperienced outsider that he himself brought into Labour against the wishes of everyone else in the party is nothing to be ashamed of.

Famous quotes from Peres:

"Basically, I think it's better talking than shooting, but if you cannot stop shooting, you shouldn't stop talking," (Jerusalem Post 2001)

"It is a great mistake to learn from history. There is nothing to learn from history."(M'aariv interview, 1993)

And from jameel at the muqata

"Why don't you go back to where you came from?"(Peres yelled this at a Women in Green anti-Olso demonstrator in 1995. She was a concentration camp survivor. )

"What, I'm a loser?"(Shimon Peres asks the Labor Party central committee, and they yelled back a resounding "YES!" )

"I think violence is the intervention of the past in the attempt to change the future."(Speech at the Peres Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, April 2001)

"Instead of dwelling in the history of the past, we have to look to the history of the future."(Speech to American Jewish Committee, May 3, 2001)

"I am totally uninterested in the past. If you wouldn't ask me I wouldn't talk about it. The past bores me. Listen, it bores me for two reasons: it never repeats itself and secondly it is unchangeable. So why should I concern myself with it? (Interview with Michael Kapel, Australia/Israel Review, June 6-June 26, 1997)


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