Thursday, November 17, 2005

Police get ‘evacuation bonus’

This just makes me MAD!!! According to Ynet It pays to evacuate: Senior police officers who took part in the recent Gaza Strip and northern West Bank pullout are being rewarded with trips overseas at the police’s expanse, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

Yeah no wonder none of them refused orders, Has a S.h.i.t. List, Self hating israel thtreatening.

I say we get together a list of all the high ranking officers that helped make gush katif expolusin the fun it was, Dont forget the counslers at camp massiyahu, ayalon, migras harusim and the others... Some good jews in the diaspora need to spot these guys on the street and break their teeth.. (is that considerd incitment ? i guess i'll just have to wait to see if my door gets broken down)

Actually as i write this post i was searching gamla (you cant forget their webaddress its carved onto my orange bracelet :)

Awsome website in hebrew The pillory of shame Which lists all those that were involved AND those that get a tzalash (Its like a congresional medal of honor) in english
Niso shacham definatly gets high rankings on the pillar of shame!

lets not forget american jews!

US Jewish Leaders Affirm Support for Israel’s Disengagement Plan
Monday 23.5.05 – Haaretz
James S. Tisch, Chairman, of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations reaffirmed the Conference’s support for the Israeli Government’s disengagement plan.
Tisch stated the Conference is firmly behind the disengagement. “We have unequivocally expressed our support of this plan. Amongst the Conference’s membership we have consensus on this issue.”
David Alenson, the president of the reform "Hebrew Union College" spoke about the "enormous importance" of the plan,
Ismar Schorsch is the sixth Chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary "saluted" to Sharon's leadership confronting the Intifada and his courageous decision to withdraw from Gaza.
The president of the orthodox "Yeshiva University", Richard Joels was more restrained: "We stand behind Israel apart our own opinions".


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