Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rina Hilberg Video: A Mother's Agony

This MUST SEE video of rina hilberg from netzer chazani, Video taken by shlomo wollins of Video is in hebrew but will tear your heart out either way.

Rina was asked to speak at the Gush Katif graveyard near the resting place of her son, Yochanan, who was killed in Lebanon serving in the Israel army. A native English speaker, Rina displays intense mother’s grief & guilt at not being able to prevent the exhuming of her beloved son’s grave. It does not matter what language you speak, you must watch this and cry. For the benefit of those without any Hebrew skills, Rina presents a make-believe phone call from her son in the grave on the day the army comes to unbury him. Yochanan is like a scared child asking his mother: “Who are these soldiers here, I don’t recognize them? Mother! they are taking my headstone off the grave! Mother! they are unburying my gravesite shovel by shovel! Mother! Enough! Stop Them!” To which, Rina keeps crying in a mother’s indescribable torture for not being able to save him from being killed in war, and now, not being able to save him from the horror of forced unburial. Rina tries to explain to her son how she has tried for 2 years to stop the government, but she cannot prevent the unburial. And, breaking down in bitter and twisted sorrow in front of a crowd of hundreds, Rina asks for her deceased son’s forgiveness for not being able to prevent the desecration of his grave and giving over of the entire gravesite to an arab terrorist state. “Forgive me, Yochanan, Forgive me!” It was difficult for me to hold the video recorder steady as there was mass weeping which is clearly audible on the video. If this does not break your heart, then nothing will. If you only watch one video and read one post from this website, this is the one

Yochanan Hilberg, z.l., was buried in the Katif cemetery by his parents Sammy and Bryna. Yochanan, an outstanding naval commando, was killed in Lebanon on a secret mission. A film, You Can’t Cry Underwater, was produced by the Ulpana N’vei Dekalim Communications Department. It tells the poignant story of how Sammy and Bryna cope with their son’s death. The family raised money to build the Yochanan Youth Club on Moshav Netzer Hazani, his home. A “Run for Yochanan” takes place each Hanukah, when his IDF friends, family and community youth join together to remember Yochanan.
Taken from Israel reporter with full permision from shlomo wollins, Thanx for the help!


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