Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Settlers sell ad space on eBay

A bit old and definatly too late!

A young settler couple from the northern West Bank settlement of Sa-Nur, slated for evacuation Tuesday as part of the pullout plan, have posted a message on eBay offering advertising space on an old British police fortress set to become the center of the anti-evacuation struggle.

The bid starts at USD 40,000, a sum the couple justifies by noting the foreign and local press are set to cover the event en masse, meaning the images will be broadcast around the world.

And what will the winning bidder get? The couple promises to "hang a big flag with your company name on it (the fortress)."
"According to idf (-israeli army ) we are about to be evicted from our houses soon. We ( among hundreds of others) will entrench ourselfs to the old english police fortress thats in the middle of the settelment and fight hard as we can againt the soldiers," the couple writes.
"This event will be filmed by international news station and will reach the whole wide world," they say, and add that "you are bidding on an advertising spot on the fortress. We will hang a big flag with your company name on it!!!"


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