Monday, November 14, 2005

Sneak peek at the pictures

By the lake near temarim beach

Kfar darom, Moshe managed to run about 400 feet. I could only run 150 feet or so with him on my back.

Giving a class, Whats not to smile about ?

The day we were expelled, Later that night crying my heart out to g-d in mourning. The front of my shirt was ripped as a sign of mourning. "Who will comfort zion" jermiah cried. "They are orphans to their land..." Any of the verses of eicha or the haftorah nachamu or the tune of vayehi binsoy ha'aron vayomer moshe... if i hear them in my head i get teary..

I see men in black uniforms brutally dragging us for the shull.

"Nachamu, nachamu ami, -- Take comfort, take comfort, My people."

The Shabbat of Comfort. The shabbat after the expolusion of gush katif. The word Nachamu is taken from the first words of the Haftorah: "Nachamu Nachamu Ami Yomar Alokeichem", be comforted, be comforted My people, says your G-d (Isaiah 40:1).

Of all of the great and holy prophets of Judea and Samaria none match the prose and imagery of the Prophet Isaiah when describing the Great Redemption and G-d's Merciful Return to Zion.
The Prophet continues: "Speak unto the heart of Jerusalem and call out to her; since her sentence is complete, her transgression is pardoned, she received from the hand of G-d two-fold her sins (Isaiah 40:2)." Within this verse there are a few different thoughts:
" First is the human quality given to the City of Jerusalem, speak to the "heart" of Jerusalem. The Prophet speaks about the city broken by the Destruction of the Temple as if she is human and she requires us to comfort her.
" The next idea is the fact that the Ultimate Redemption of Israel can arrive in one of two methods. First the punishment is completed as intimated by the words "Malah Tzvah" her military service is satisfied. Her period in exile was sufficient to clean the slate. Second is the expiation of sin from the words "Nirzah Avonah" she atoned for her sin.
" Finally, how could Isaiah imply that Israel has punished double for her iniquity. Is G-d not just, why did He penalize Israel for double her sins? The answer is, G-d is just (All his ways are Justice - Deuteronomy 32:4), however since we do not understand G-d's immeasurable sense of justice, to us mere mortals it feels like double.

There are many "Voices of Consolation" within this portion of prophecy. One of the most prominent is the voice that instructs the Jews to remind each other that G-d will return them to Zion: "Ascend a high mountain you who are the Herald of Zion; lift up your voice with strength you who are the Herald of Jerusalem. Cry out, do not be afraid, say to the cities of Judah, behold it is your G-d. Behold, the Lord your G-d approaches with strength, and with His arm He rules. Behold His reward is with Him, and His deeds are before His Presence. Like the shepherd of his flock, he guides. With His hand He gathers His lambs, and in His bosom He carries them, gently leading the young (Isaiah 40:9-11)." The voice entreats the People of Israel to recognize that the Deliverance of Israel is imminent. The voice beseeches us to unabashedly declare our attachment to Zion and Jerusalem. We must remind the cities of Judah that G-d is on His way to reward those who have been steadfast in their belief of G-d's Torah.

One of the voices of consolation does not appear be encouraging at all: "A voice calls out, 'Proclaim'. And I reply, 'What shall I proclaim'? All flesh is grass and all kindness is like the flower of the fields. The grass dries the flower withers because the Wind of G-d blows through it, therefore the People are grass. The grass dries the flower withers, but the word of G-d will stand forever (Isaiah 40:6-8)." To paraphrase, the Prophet is depressed. He hears all the voices of revival and restoration but around him perceives only destruction and desolation. The People of Israel continue to worship other G-ds and ignore Isaiah's words. He answers the voices; these people are grass (they gave away Gaza, they want the EU to recognize them, they continue to insist that there will be a real peace with the PLO) why should I bother trying to provide them with inspiration and encouragement?

G-d responds, "You are right the people are transient and fleeting". Even if they strive to contribute to the betterment of the world the nature of humans is corporeal. However, G-d runs the world, even if events seem bleak the incorporeal controls the planet."
This is a lucid view of the world to today. How does the Israeli Government continue on its path of disinterest in "Jewish Goals" and "Jewish Ideals"? It is easy to give up hope of ever making Aliyah (a Jew returning to the Holy Land) if Israel continues to throw Jews out of their own land in outlandish Expulsion Plans. Nevertheless, G-d emphasizes his viewpoint of the situation regardless of any Knesset decision. How else does Arafat turn down Jerusalem when Barak offered it to him on a silver platter?

It is very significant that in the first weekend after the Destruction of the Holy Temple, the initial method in the consolation that G-d offers Israel is to assure them that He will stand by them. Only in the later prophecies does the Lord discuss in great detail the glorious Return from Exile of the Jewish Nation. The reason for this is that if G-d did not stand by us we would never have made it out of the Exile. The greatest "Nechama" (consolation) is that G-d is pulling the strings and He will do what is best for His People Israel.

Haftorah taken from K'cholmim


At 7:07 PM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

How come all of the people showing such deep emotion as pictured above, especially any Jewish Taliban members among them, STILL were totally unable and ineffective at thwarting the Gush Katif pullout?

Why did so many settler families practically invite the soldiers in for tea and coffee?

Nice sentiments, but they ain't gonna preserve God's land (yet another reason why the Kahanists are as useless as Bush, Sharon and Abbas are.....not a living brain cell between them.


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