Monday, November 07, 2005

Time Sensitive: Guest Editorial or Letter to the Editor

From my good friend Dr Neil Doboro writen to Rocky Mountain News

At the time of this writing the riots in France have not been
forceably put down by French police and are spreading. Countless shops have been looted, synagogues attacked, 3,300 cars and an older French speaking woman on crutches have been set on fire. Contrary to the AP and NY Times slant, the driving force is Islamist aspiration and Arab nationalism. Outside of the mainstream press it is being dubbed the “Franco-fada: the first battle for a Eur-Abia.”.

The question is, should France now take the advice it gave to Israel?

If it does, it should attribute the cause of the rioting to it’s own insensitivity to legitimate national aspiration, and to poverty brought on by French racism. The French police should use restraint. France should be willing, even encourage, the U.N. to send in peace-keeping troops to exert lawful authority in France.

France should negotiate a peaceful resolution of the demands with the riot leaders. In that process France should find a non-French speaking Muslim leader, even imported from an Arab country, who will claim that he will bring peace. That leader should be elevated to power and given guns by the French government.

France should then seek a two state solution with these areas, where after all most people don’t speak French and have virtually no contact with French culture. It should give land to those oppressed people in the areas . . . in exchange for peace. It should uproot it’s French speaking citizens from their homes, and jobs, and move them to where no Muslim in that area has to see them.

Or . . . it could protect it’s citizens and all of Europe by using necessary force to establish order and the rule of law. It could also be a lot less critical about matters in the Middle East.


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