Sunday, November 06, 2005

'Time to return to Gaza'

Less then 3 monthes after the expolusion and cowardly surender of gush katif / gaza Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Yuval Steinitz Said

Israel should respond to escalatingterrorism against its people by expelling the
Palestinian Authority,but short of that, Jerusalem must at least approve a
major IDF incursion into northern Gaza and the establishment of a buffer

Why does the PA need expelling in the first place ? As far as i remember israel is the one who established it, Kind of the case of where your child starts to grow up and learns to start beating you up.

The dissolution of the PA and the exiling of its more unsavory characters
back to Tunis, Steinitz said.

In the absence of such a harsh andcomprehensive reaction, the senior Likud MK
said Israel must reenterthe Gaza Strip and establish a security zone to
its townsand villages from “Palestinian” rocket and mortar

Oh wow! why didnt they think of this BEFORE runing away from gaza ?Reminds me of a clasic bumpster sticker i saw "shalom achshav, milchama ledorot..." Which means "peae now, war for generations..."


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