Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Us and Them.

Plan: National Service in outposts
Right-wing leader Arieh Yitzhaky, who led the former Kfar Yam settlers’ battle against evacuation last summer, has been working on a new initiative that would allow youths opposed to the pullout to perform National Service duty in secluded West Bank outposts and settlements as an alternative to enrolling in the IDF, under the supervision of Land of Israel Faithful rabbis.

Brilliant idea! Let them defend the outposts and settlements, The left cant complain then.
A few years ago a orginization called the jewish legion was started. Its goal was to use only civillian guards to protect the yishuvim. But it didnt end up working out.

The Pink City
Local tourism officials plan on turning Tel Aviv into the gay capital of the world; Israel Hotel Association official: Tel Aviv and gay people are a perfect fit

While it would be easy to write it off as "screw tel aviv" We cant forget that its eretz yisrael and it is disgusting. The avos and imahos are turning over in their graves...

While hashem promised us not to send another mabul (flood) after noach,
Do you think hashem (g-d) would send us some other kind of disasster ? Maybe the avian bird flu....


At 6:35 PM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

But the "leftists" aren't complaining. They are LAUGHING, watching you guys paint yourselves into yet another corner.

On another site, "k-rebbe" stated, I just want these A-rabs out of "my country".

And I AM anti-disengagement.

But where did certain people ever get the impression that THEY rule over their, or any, part of Israel?

If you guys couldn't defend Israel's very own borders, the most botched human rights debacle since Kosovo, what good ARE the so-called "Torah True" anyway?

You're only a worthwhile rebel if you can be bothered to have a cause to fulfill.

Problem is, the world is seeing that there's no "there" there, and never was. It was just playing on Jewish fear, as bad as the fear it replaced itself.


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