Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why cant rabin just die ?

Every year come november the left start screeching on rabin, I call it the rabin syndrome. And why not? With rabin they can blame the right for destroying oslo, They can blame the rabbi's for his murder, and they can plain out bash the right! He was after all a sick traiter who signed oslo and killed 10,000 jews. The left loves it because they can blame the settlers like in this article by Prof. Yoram Peri who is the head of the Herzog Institute for Media, Society and Politics at Tel Aviv University
Talia Sasson's report about
illegal outposts in the "Wild West (Bank)" is just one expression of this. This
is the reason Israel has
sunk to 28th
place on the international corruption chart – a fall of 14 places in just eight

In other words he is implying that israel is a sad corupt country because of the outposts... Not to mention that talia sasson is on PEACE NOW payroll.

President Moshe Katsav vowed Thursday that he would never grant a pardon
to Yigal Amir - the extreme right wing activist who assassinated former prime
minister Yitzhak Rabin at a peace rally in Tel Aviv in November 1995.

This in a article on Haaretz If rabin was the head of hamas he would have been released years ago.

My problem with barry chamish is that he wants amir to sit in jail but acuses shimon peres of actually killing rabin
Barry Chamish and David Rutstein, both residents of Israel, state
unequivocally that Shimon Peres ordered the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak
Rabin of blessed memory and NO ONE SUES US!
This taken from chamish's website So the guy who for the past 10 years has been at the forfront of declaring yigal amir innocant does not give a damn about the man himself! reports
A number of conspiracy theorists, the most prominent among
them, Barry
Chamish, do not deny that Amir was involved in the
assassination. Concurrently,
they are not interested in exonerating Amir or
granting him clemency.

Chamish claims that Amir’s weapon fired only blanks at the prime minister. The real assassin was positioned in
the back seat of Rabin’s car. This unknown assassin shot and killed Rabin only
after his body guard, Yoram Rubin, pushed him into the car, following Amir’s

My reply to you barry chamish is: you are a sad sick man! for 10 years all you cared about is your own name, Either you are a liar and inside you really believe that amir did kill rabin, Or you are a cold cruel man (exactly as you paint shimon peres) for wanting a innocent jew to sit in jail. You and david rudstein are most probably working for shabak....


At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry Chamish is a mentally deranged fruitcake with intimate ties to Holocaust Deniers and Neo-Nazis (see and a long history of "seeing" UFOs and space aliens!


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