Monday, November 14, 2005

Zevulun Orlev of the NRP = Scum of the earth

Oct 25th, When the expolusion was voted into the keneset.

Social Affairs Minister Zevulun Orlev (NRP) said Tuesday night that his party
will quit the government within fourteen days if Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
does not agree to hold a national referendum on unilateral disengagement.
"We demand a national referendum and promise to remain in the coalition even
if the outcome of the referendum is not to out liking. If within 14 days there
is no agreement on referendum, the National Religious Party will quit the
government," Orlev said. The Yesha Council of Settlements also signed the NRP's

Thats funny because NRP did not quit till june! and orlev himself stayed...Former minister

During the the siege at kfar meimon
Zevulun Orlev, of the National Religious Party, who quit the government
over the pullback plan, argued the settlers are not yet ready to move, farmers
are bound by contracts to supply produce that will not be ready next month.
"Come on, be humane. The August date is not holy," he appealed.
"A deluge
of 100 mortar bombs and Qassam (rockets fired in recent days into Israel and the
settlements) testify to a real fear ...that Hamas would control Gaza and the
(moderate) Palestinian Authority would lose all control," he
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas "does not want, or cannot beat
Hamas in Gaza.... Hamas control over Gaza would create an uncontrollable
terrorist state, " Orlev continued.
He advocated "postponing the
disengagement, rooting out terror in the Gaza Strip.... a wide scale military
operation such as Defensive Shield." In Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 the
Israeli army reoccupied all Palestinian cities except Jericho.
"I am not
proposing to cancel the disengagement. I wish I could dream there would be a
majority for it," Orlev added.

That is that orlev only quit in late july.

From deah v'dibur While i dont support rav elyshav they make a good point.

As the disengagement looms, they are looking for people to blame. Of course
Sharon is an obvious candidate, but he could not do it himself. Who were his
partners in the plan to destroy Gush Katif? Who is responsible if the police and
the Army destroy shuls and yeshivas, move thousands out, move graves, and
possibly destroy all the buildings?
To answer this we quote Uri Elitzur, a
leader of the settlement movement and director of the Prime Minister's office
under Netanyahu, who points to the guilty:

"What is the height of chutzpah? To criticize the chareidim for supporting
the disengagement when your name is Zevulun Orlev. It is the absolute height of
chutzpah and cynicism. It was none other than you — Orlev — who made it possible
for Sharon to go this far. You refused to leave the government when the Likud
Rebels numbered 20 MKs, and at a time when MK Gamliel thought — and rightly so —
that it was good for her career to oppose disengagement and to attack Sharon.

"You gave Sharon months of quiet and breathing room, when there were still
many in the Labor Party who opposed joining the government, and when Sylvan
Shalom and Livnat had not yet sold out. You refused to cause a government crisis
at a time when such a crisis had a good chance of initiating a dynamic that
could have toppled Sharon. You, and three other Mafdal MKs, volunteered your own
bodies to plug the dam. . .

"You who represent religious Zionism, whose movement founded the
settlements of Gush Katif, you enabled Sharon to get more and more public
support . . . you gave him the time to get more and more international support
for this plan — that a year ago was not even acceptable to Washington. You were
the scaffolding upon which Sharon built this monstrous building. And now you
criticize the chareidim, who were never Zionist, and who never pretended to
represent the settlers? What do you want from them?"
By the time the
NRP left the government, the Disengagement was already a fact — a plan approved
by the Israeli government. By the time Sharon came calling on the chareidim to
invite them to join his government, he did not need us to approve his plan. He
found an eager ally in Labor, and had an alternative to chareidi votes in
Shinui, with whom the NRP had no problem despite their open desire to destroy
all religious life in Eretz Yisroel.

Orlev Tells Bnei Akiva Youths We Are Fighting for Our Reputation

National Religious Party leader MK Zevulun Orlev visited with Bnei Akiva
campers on Monday, discussing disengagement and other political events. Orlev
explained the “struggle of the National Religious camp includes the image of the
State of Israel as a democratic Jewish state.”

When asked if camp should be canceled to permit attending Tuesday’s
planned major anti-disengagement event in Sderot, Orlev stated the camp staff
must see themselves as serving in IDF reserve duty, making them responsible for
imparting the Torah & Work ethic lauded by Bnei Akiva, explaining there is
no alternative to values the campers will learn during the continued summer

Sick sick man!!

MK Orlev: The Knesset Paved the Way to Disaster

With its vote defeating a bill that would have postponed the implementation of
the Disengagement Plan to uproot Jewish towns from Gaza and Samaria, Knesset
Member Zevulun Orlev, among the originators of the bill, warned that the Knesset
has paved the way for a disaster. "Ministers and Knesset members of the Likud
abandoned a sinking ship instead of throwing us a life preserver," MK Orlev
said. "The MKs who voted against the law 'disengaged' from their conscience and
paved the way for a national disaster."

You dirty scumbag!! You were a member of the keneset and sharon's coalition and in his cabinet as well!!!

And then to top it all off!

MK Orlev: PM Sharon Has Lost the Moral Right to Remain in Office

National Religious Party MK Zevulun Orlev, in response to Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon’s address to the opening of the 16th Knesset's winter session,
stated that the prime minister has lost the “moral right” to remain in office.
Orlev stated Sharon's words were void of meaningful content, irresponsible, and
it is now apparent to all that the government has reached the end of its

Ummm orlev, YOU were in THAT keneset and that coalition. You are a piece of garbage double talking LIAR!!!!!!!!

ALL you do is TALK! And release empty worthless statements.


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