Thursday, December 22, 2005


Me and my roomate decided to make aliyah, Mostly because we needed the cash :)
Turns out while mine was accepted and finished, He has some trouble... Misrad hapnim notified him that he has a tik plili (open criminal case) With the police, This dating from august 17 the day of the expulsion when he was arrested by kisufim "Ileagaly entering the gaza strip.."

Think the NYC subway strike is bad?

As my friend ari said "Feels like i'm in israel" He rollerbladed from canarsie to midtown manhaten(8 miles) in 20 degree weather. He got smart tuesday and wedensday night and slept at work. If new yorkers think this is bad...

Check out israel!!

At least something or someone is ALLWAYS on strike, Be it misrad hapnim (interior ministry)
Bus drivers, Doctors and nurses, The airports union etc..

But guess what ? If peretz were to get into office it would be ALOT worse!!!

FINALLY are we seeing some decent service from bezek etc.. Because If it takes 2 monthes to install my DSL i would have gotten cable! As less companies are staying goverment owned and hopefully we can crack the monopolies.. Israel's economy would flourish!

But peretz would bring us back to the 70's... Which is why MANY traditional labor voters are voting sharon, While i do i hate baby netanyahu he does have a very solid financial plan and the guy speaks engrish!!


I know i wasent suprised to read this:

Five IDF soldiers sustained light wounds after a Qassam rocket landed in a military base south of Ashkelon Thursday morning.
The rocket landed around 9:45 a.m. near the base’s dining hall, which was crowded with soldiers and officers at the time of the attack. The battalion in question has been deployed to the area to address terror threats in the northern Gaza Strip.

It turns out the goverment knew this was going to happen!

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has instructed the IDF to prepare for an expected terror wave from the Gaza Strip, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Wednesday.
During a meeting with IDF Southern Command officials Tuesday, Mofaz ordered forces around Gaza to prepare for a renewed, extensive terror

Do you need any more reasons on why the surender / explusion was bad ?

While i dont like yisrael katz (likud) he makes some good points here

Extreme solution? Israel should bomb the Gaza Strip and force residents in some areas to flee to the Sinai desert in Egypt, Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) proposed in response to ongoing Qassam rocket attacks from Gaza.

According to sedorot mayor Eli moyal

Moyal slammed the army's policy regarding a response to Qassam fire, saying the IDF fires shells that have passed their expiration date.
"They also fire at open fields because they don't really plan to eliminate Qassam fire. If they had intended on seriously operating, they would not fire old shells and certainly would not fire at open fields, something which has no effect."

Now the left starts to ramble some more lame crap.

Yoav Limor, Channel One’s military correspondent, said today that a ground-forces entry into Gaza is not in the cards. "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is not likely," Limor told Army Radio, "to endanger practically his sole accomplishment of his term - the disengagement from Gaza - while paying a heavy political, international and even economic price... Not to mention his bad experience with [Israel's entry into] Lebanon [in 1982 when Sharon was Defense Minister]..."Limor said, "There is no real military solution to Kassam rockets. The only time there could have been was on Jan. 30, 2001, when the first mortar shell was fired from Gaza, landing on a house in Netzarim. Israel should have responded then, but now it's too late. Another date on which action could possibly have been taken was three months ago, on Sept 14, 2005, when the first post-disengagement shell was fired from Gaza."

Truth at his best

From "Truth"

Well, it seems to me that Moshe has just turned into a 'realistic' figure [ie, he is now taken more seriously by the average voter, just take a look at all the Hebrew comments on the various leftist news websites; One person 'bashes' Moshe for 10 who say something like, 'I'm a leftist but in my opinion at least Moshe is consistent, honest and ideological[ie, uncorrupt]', etc.]. Let's take a look at this; 'Stevie' SlimJim got punked by PeePee [Likudniks didn't want Shakron's piglet]. PhatKatz the bicycle chain dude got punked by Moshe [and I wouldn't be suprised when the day comes that those who voted for PhatKatz would vote for Moshe]. Watch Stevie SlimJim bail for the Kadima pigSty any day now [and he'll blame it on Moshe, too]... So, what's remains of the Likud [ignoring for the moment background noises such as LeWhore SukNut and MickeyMouse AteOne]? PeePee and Moshe... And when PeePee does his usual screw-up [either corruption or his typical zigzag], then who's left? Kind of amusing, at least.
I know personally what the Beeb pulled when he was 'opposition' right before Rahbeen got plugged, so now I agree with you, he'll probably make lots of interesting noises, thanks for reminding me [and by the way, that dude has a HUGE head and very small body - you couldn't really see that on TV; if I recall correctly from the last time I stood next to him, his body (up to the chin) is about 4 feet tall - his head is at least 18 or more inches long - he's like a human 'bobblehead' doll....]

Friday, December 16, 2005

Is nothing sacred ?

After yediot acharonot released a poll 49% of Israelis back Jerusalem division

Surprising results: Yedioth Ahronoth poll shows half of Israeli public willing to cede parts of Jerusalem in the framework of peace deal with Palestinians; meanwhile, Kadima drops to 38 seats in survey, Labor up to 23, Likud still at 11

I did a poll of my own, I polled 100 friends that live in israel, outside jerusalem and the results are as follows:

22% have never been to jerusalem
46% havent been here in the past 3 years or more
19% have not been here in the past year
and the remaining 13% have been here in the past year

No margin of error (unless they are full of S&^T)

Who did idiyot acharonot poll? was it ramat aviv gimmel? Or kfar shmaryahu?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Know Thine Enemy

“I simply apply common senseto commonly known facts” Yashiko Sagamori
I hearby nominate him for a nobel peace prize and a award as a Righteous Gentile
Below is some of a article he wrote

Do the “Palestinians” dream about an independent “Palestinian” state? Had we been in their place, that's exactly what we would have dreamt about. But do they? If so, why do they keep missing one opportunity for creating it after another? Why did Yasser Arafat reject Barak's offer at Camp David?
Because accepting that offer would have left Israel standing, and that would be a terrible betrayal of the Arab dream of the destruction of Israel. Because the “Palestinian” people is nothing but a weapon of Israel's destruction, and a very efficient one. Once Israel is no longer on the map, nobody is going to remember about the “Palestinian” dream of independence. Former “Palestinians”, having fulfilled their destiny, will rejoin their tribes and happily continue the normal Arab existence alongside their camels. If they are lucky, of course.
Whenever I say that the “Palestinian” people does not exist, someone is bound to accuse me of racism, although there had been no references to that people until the summer of 1967 in either Western or Arab sources.
Let us ask a silly question: Does the Jordanian people exist? Jordan did not exist as a country until 1921. We've heard many times that the majority of its population are “Palestinians”. Who are the rest?
In 1925, the British helped the House of al-Saud to defeat the Hashemite dynasty that had ruled the Arabian Peninsula whenever it managed to push the al-Sauds aside. The remnants of that dynasty were transplanted to other Arab territories: Faisal I was installed as the King of Iraq, and his brother, Abdullah I, became the King of Transjordan, a newly created country known today as Jordan. So, who are the Jordanian people?
Who are the people of Iraq? In a recent poll, the majority of Iraqis identified themselves as Arabs or Kurds, as Sunnis or Shiites, as members of this tribe or that. Only 3% of respondents identified themselves as Iraqis. Does the Iraqi people exist? And, if yes, what distinguishes it from other Arabs?
The truth is that Arab society today remains mostly tribal, and their personal allegiance to their tribes transcends most other loyalties. Beyond that, they are Arabs. Beyond that, they are Muslims. If our planet was attacked by extraterrestrials, Arabs would choose their side in the conflict not based on their membership in the spieces called Homo Sapiens, but on the aliens' willingness to convert to Islam.
Their tribal mentality may seem incredible in the modern world but Arabs do not live in the modern world. The absence of progress in the last 14 centuries affected not just the sciences and technology. Accepting their pedophiliac fuehrer as the last prophet, they consented to live the rest of their history according to the wisdom of the 7th century C.E. Dar-el-Harb moved on. Dar-el-Islam remained what it had been from its very beginning.
How can we presume to understand the mentality of people separated from us by 14 centuries of our progress and their stagnation? And yet, we keep doing exactly that. The entire “peace process” is based on the idea that the Arabs would agree to peacefully coexist with Israel under, at least, some conditions. Arabs have never — never! — given any indication of such a possibility. So, why do we keep trying to appease them as if appeasement had ever brought the desired peace to the appeasers? Because we project our own love for peace on our enemies, while those enemies hate us much more than they love their own children and project that hatred on us.
The anarchy unfolding in abandoned Gaza will not help Israel. The Arabs there will not do anything they haven't done a million times before. The world knows it and keeps hating Israel. Basic decency is not the defining quality of the humankind. Israel was crucified by the International Court of Justice for a futile attempt to defend itself with a fence. Meanwhile, real atrocities that regularly take place on this planet attract no attention from governments, or the press, or the public. No matter what terrible things transpire in Gaza, they will never help Israel's struggle for survival.
Today, jihad is only unfolding. We haven't seen the worst of it yet. Contrary to our patrinizing reassurances, our enemy will never miss a slightest opportunity to hurt us. Israel, Europe, the United States, and all of Western civilization are bound to suffer one devastating defeat after another until we realize that Islam is our mortal enemy and begin acting accordingly by declaring a total war against it.
With our current leaders, we don't have the chance of a snowball in hell.

A nation of blind, Deaf-mutes.

After a cowardly nation blatantly ignored the expulsion of 10.000 jews from their homes.
All of a sudden they are shocked now to hear that sharon will devide jerusalem.

About 2 years ago, When the likud central commite voted on the expulsion. We glued up thousands of these posters "sharon will disengage also from jerusalem" Of course we were branded as fanatic's and worriyers...

In psalms chaper 115 and we say this in the hallel prayer it says: They have a mouth, But cannot speak. They have eyes, But cannot see. They have ears, But cannot hear. They have a nose, But cannot smell. Ther hands cannot touch, Their feet cannot walk, They make no sound in their throat....

Of course this is refering to idols... But seems to me it is also suited for modern day jews and our scumbag politicions (zevulun orlev in particular)

The psalm continues... Those who make them will become like them ( i.e. those who voted for them) All who put their trust in them.

The politicians are false g-ds!! And in turn they worship the false g-d which is america and in particular the g-d of green paper with pictures on them (i.e. money)

Israel! Trust in the lord! He is their help and their shield! House of aron trust in the lord. He is their help and their shield. Those who fear the lord, Trust in the lord, He is their help and their shield

Every day we say in our morning prayers chapter 146 of psalms: Do not place your trust in princes... in a mortal man, For he does not have the ability to bring delieverance...

We made a Tshirt, Disengage from the state. And conect to the torah...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Summing up israeli poliiticians.

First hanegbi and now mofaz join in on the political music chairs. These slimey politicians show us just how dirty they are. With absolutely no loyalty or ethics.
The following story just about summs it up.

George Bernard Shaw once asked an honorable woman if she would accept 10,000 English pounds to go to bed with him. "Yes," she said.

"What about one lira," he asked.

The lady was horrified. "Just what do you think I am," she said?

"We both know what you are," he replied. "Now we're just arguing about the price."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Abu omri...

I call it the Abu o'merry (sharon) go round...

The fat slob just keeps on spining and we are all ready to throw up.

First he tricks people to vote for him...

Then he shows his true colors.

He pirates the likud party...

Then he surenders...

And together with his terrorist son..

Teams up with peres

And cause jews to be killed...

Takes us on the roadmap to peace...

Which really leads to..

Do us a favor sharon and go to...

Or better yet, You should be locked up in a dungeon and tortured..

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I did NOT make these pix

*DISCLAIMER* in case shabak finds these pix i say loud and clear
I DID NOT MAKE THESE PIX! the person that made them lives in the US
leave me out of this!! I in no way support or back the pix or any messege they potray....

here and here

some random pix

Kadima (Forward) to jail

In Response to HaNegbi joining Sharon's Kadima Mafia Party: MK Ronnie Brizon (Shinui) said it appears that all of the crazy people ended up in Kadima, along with the police sirens. "From now on party meetings can be held in the Ma'asiyahu prison," he said.

Or maybe not... after all massiyahu jail is full of dangueres 14 year old's still in jail..
And daniel piner.

From jameel at the muqata

You decide! Ariel Sharon's son Omri Sharon, was such a great Member of Knesset, that he deserves a great game of his own -- and everyone deserves to play.
Just click on the picture above, or click
*Kadima (Forward) - Sharon's new party.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Posted as a reply on myspace:

OK i am late to this dicusion, And it will take me forever to reply personaly to every person. First off chabad stands for chochma bina and da'as.A sephardi cant be a lubavitcher ? Thats funny!! Did you know that lubavitchers daven nusach sefard ? Maybe check up the conection between the rebbe and the great sephardi rabbi's baba sali, rav ovadia yosef, rav yitzchak kaduri..I know many sephardic lubavitcher chasidim... You may not recognize them because some dont dress as most lubav's dress. But head over to jerusalem (where i live) and you will see. Zev hollis... send me a messege and drop by my crib we can discuss this... Chabad simlliliar to xtianty ?? No sir. If you did some research you will see that xtianity stole all its stuff from judaism!!A second coming ? Refers to eliyahu hanavi... that is where the xtians got their ideas.. calling up the rebbe to the torah ? its done in EVERY chabad shull but.. ONLY on simchas torah where you can give chasan torah or chasan bereishis to a non living person... i'll get you exact makor in shulchan aruch..Moshiach alive or dead... you are well aware that tzadikim do not die.. i'm sure you know of the great tzadik rav yehuda hanasi who used to come back from the dead every friday night to make kidush for his family. see rambam hilchos melachim regarding a dead moshiach... Denying moshiach can be from the dead is equilivant to hearsy which brands you as a apikores, keilu oved avoda zara rchmana litzlan. You deny the entire conmcept of techiyas hameisim...........No more need be said.. Second pasuk parshas beresheis it says "veruach elokim merchafes al pnei hamayim" tana dvei eliezer... that was moshiach! Before hashem created the world he created moshiach.. rambam 13 princaples of faith "achake lo bechol yom sheyavo..." i will await him every day.. whats the peirush "i will await him" by anouncing out loud to hashem that we need moshiach... we are sick of golus... we are ready for bias goel....Yechi or not yechi ?Chizkiyahu hamelech was proclaimed to be moshiach by hashem.. what happend ? He did not go out and announce it. som tasim olecha melech... it says you shall choose a king and accept him., .. just as you must choose a melech beis david to rule you... so too do you need to choose melach hamoshiach....As long as clal yisrael does NOT ccept moshiach or a leader theyu are not worthy to be redeemed... see medrash and meforshim on moshe rabeinu when he went to redeem the jews from egypt... koh amar hashem... just as koh then will redeem the jews so too will koh redeem them in the final redmption... af yehudi lo nishar b'galus... no jew will be left behind... despite mockery by jews to melech hamoshiach hashem has promised that all jews will be redeemed UNLIKE the redmption of egypt... False messiah ??See rambam hilchos melachim regarding a king of the house of david and moshiach... Who is moshiach ?? Each generation has a moshiach hador! If that generation is worthy then he will be the final redeemer...And who is moshiach ? He will be from the house opf david, He will return the jews from sining (king chizkiyahu was not successfull in this) He will be a torah scholar.... The lineage of the house of david will never be broken! So hashem promised...Since king david was anointed with oil. therefor his decendants do not need to be annointed...So what then ? That as the rebbe was from the house of david. He was the leader of the generation. He has caused hundreds of thousands of jews to return to judaism.. He was a brilliant torah scholar both in niglah and chasidus... The rebbe needed only to stand up and say "i am a melech beis david" and how would we have merited the redemption ? By accepting a king!!!!That was the idea of saying yechi to push the rebbe to accept uopn himself the yoke of king...So you are a misnagid and dont like the rebbe ? What can i do....I have never seen such hate as you guys have... Besides for the liberal leftists here....We need unity not fighting!!!On a final note...I do not wear a yechi yarmulka, I do not scream yechi I dont waive the moshiach flag either...But i love the moshiach flag more then the white and blue flag of this sick country... There was 300 lubavitchers in gush katif with me, Did not see many snags... Of those 300 lubabs all were crazy yechinik's... They were there you werent..

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yehi ratzon...

V'haya bayom hahu... yitaka b'shofar gadol... uvau haovrim b'eretz ashur uvehanidachim b'eretz mitzraim... v'hishtachavu l'hashem b'har hakodesh... YERUSHALAIM

Yehi ratzon milfanecha hashem elokany ve'elokei avosanu... sh'yibaneh beis hamikdash b'miheira biyameinu vsain chelkanu b'torasecha...

May it be the will of the almighty g-d and g-d of our forfathers... that the beit hamikdash shall be rebuilt speedily in our days and give us our portion of your torah...

On a side note.. I was at the grave of king david, Could not even pray because of all the christians singing!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Save me from magen david adom!

Magen David Adom and Palestine Red Crescent Society Sign Memorandum of Understanding:

Magen David Adom in Israel (MDA) and the Palestine Red Crescent Society have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Geneva which top officials said should help end a decades-old dispute and ease Israel's entry into the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.. Signing the agreement was Noam Yifrach, Magen David Adom Chairman and Younis Al-Khatib, President of the Palestine Red Crescent Society. It was witnessed by Philippe Cuvillier, member of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Standing Commission, President of the ICRC Jakob Kellenberger and Bengt Westerberg, ICRC Vice President. The signing was held under the auspices of Swiss Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. The agreement between Magen David Adom and the Palestinian Red Crescent amounts to formal mutual recognition by the two groups. Monday's signing ceremony in Geneva comes a week before a conference of the 192 signatories of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, on December 5-6, 2005, that is widely expected to formally recognize a "Red Crystal" alongside the Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols already in use. This “Third Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions” is expected to pave the way for Magen David Adom in Israel’s inclusion in the International Committee of the Red Cross. Daniel R. Allen, Executive Vice President of American Friends of Magen David Adom, commented on today’s event. “The signing of the Magen David Adom – Palestinian Red Crescent Memorandum of Understanding today in Geneva is proof positive that humanitarian concerns can come first, even in the Middle East. Now let’s hope the world is prepared to accept Magen David Adom.” American Friends of Magen David Adom – ARMDI is the only authorized tax-exempt fundraising organization in the United States supporting the life saving efforts of MDA in Israel – Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross. In the past five years, AFMDA/ARMDI raised over $90 million to purchase medical supplies and ambulances for MDA in Israel. In 2004, American Friends of Magen David Adom-ARMDI provided 110 ambulances to MDA Israel, of which 49 were specially-equipped MICU’s (Mobile Intensive Care Units). Magen David Adom (MDA) and its team of trained volunteer and professional medical responders provides the entire nation’s pre-hospital emergency medical needs, including medical, disaster, ambulance and blood services. The MDA National Blood Service Center, located in Ramat Gan, provides 100% of the blood requirements of the IDF and 95% of the blood needs of Israeli hospitals and the general population.

This coming after American Friends of Magen David Adom Proudly WelcomesUnited States SenatorHILLARY RODHAM CLINTON

Read it here

Arab superhero's...

Here's the perfect chanuka gift...

Hashashishe suicide bomber"
Includes Smith and Islamabad SLR rifle with 'Holy Vision' laser sight
plastic explosives included
Figure size - 7.5cm standing
Price - TBC

And for those that want to "upgrade you can go with the Allah super hero figure...

"He who may not be shown"
Figure size - 7.5cm standing
Price - TBC

allah chanuka


The police have issued a warning regarding a new worm undetected until the last 2 weeks. It is quickly spreading with its known destructiveness. The virus has the deceiving name “KADIMA”. The virus first attaches itself to MK’s, modifies their hard drive, and causes them to affiliate with it. The goal of the “KADIMA” virus is to spread to as many unsuspecting citizens as possible. The virus will send itself to your contact list, claiming it is one of your good friends. As the second stage, the virus will try to convince you it is there for you. It is also known as “National Responsibility”, “Security and Peace”, and “Road Map”. Its real actions are Destruction, Expulsion, and Dictatorship. It is trying to hide this at this stage. Caution: If you receive and email with the subject line “Kadima”, “National Responsibility”, or “Security and Peace” Delete it immediately and DO NOT OPEN IT.

And people call ME racist...

Photo: The Arab Council debated anti-Jew slurs for two days before finally coming to an agreement.

by Scooter


- In an unusual display of unity among Mideast leaders, the Arab League of 22 countries called an emergency summit Thursday to standardize Jewish slurs for use at future summits.Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa convened the meeting when it became readily apparent that the slurs used to describe the Israeli occupiers greatly varied depending on what country was involved. The wide array of dialects and languages became confusing and difficult to understand.While Palestinian militants referred to the Israelis as "Al Halsuada" or "the evil dogs," others in the Arab world used a derivation of "Satan's dogs" or sometimes "Satan's pigs." Hizbollah fighters, in a translation from Lebanese, referred to the Jews as "evil, big-nosed Muslim-haters" and still others living in refugee camps were partial to calling Israelis "rich, jihad-worthy, baby killers."

Members of the Egyptian Jihad, however, combined many of these slurs by using the standard Arabic "kosher scum-sucking pigs with machine guns," while Syrians used an even larger combination of slurs, which when loosely translated, refer to the Jews as "arrogant, bagel-eating communists that read books backward.""Clearly we need some standardization when it comes to denigrating Jews," Moussa said. "While everyone has a favorite, we think the results of this summit will be helpful to make our hatred more understandable for future summits."

After two days of arguing, the final statement, issued by Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Saud al-Faisal read as follows:"For all formal Arab sessions, Israelis and Jews will now be referred as "land stealing Moses-lovers" and during casual conversation as "rich fucking Jew bastards who wear the funny beanies and eat our children during holidays."

Down with the UN

UN = Unwanted nobody's, Kick em out of israel!

Refugees in the consulate

Benny Solomon, 38, an officer with the Jerusalem Immigration Police, coordinates the monitoring of illegal residents in the capital, especially those who are here under UN protection. He has been following the process in the field for three years, sometimes arresting people who have submitted requests for refugee status, but whose cases, like that of the engineer, are still pending while they go about with the temporary residency permits issued by the UN.

The Jerusalem area, says Solomon, is a magnet for Ethiopians because of its proximity to the Ethiopian church and to the consulate in the city. "But they are not the only ones. We've arrested hundreds of people here from different countries in Africa, as well as Romanians, Turks, Chinese and Bulgarians. They're all going around with these UN papers in their pockets and when we catch them, they pull them out and we have to politely let them go. There are thousands of people like this in the country and the State of Israel knows nothing of their existence.

"He works as a cleaner at a yeshiva not far from here, and he has a wife and a 4-year-old son who was born in Jerusalem at Bikur Holim Hospital. He came into Israel as a tourist and decided to stay. Six years ago, to the best of his recollection, he filed a request with the UN to be granted refugee status, and since then, his permit has been automatically renewed every six months. It is sent to him in the mail.

His wife, a non-Jewish Ethiopian, is also residing in Israel under the protection of the UN Convention on Refugees.

Maybe they have simply been forgotten? "Actually, I hadn't gone there in a long time," says Asagdum Agis in Hebrew. "But I was there a month ago, because of the boy's preschool, and I asked them to help me get a discount from the municipality. I don't earn that much. My wife doesn't work, she has problems with her joints. I make NIS 3,000 and pay $300 in rent, so I asked for a discount."Asagdum Agis knows of other Ethiopians who have permits like his and live in the consulate building. Solomon knows, too, but he is forbidden to enter there. "As far as we're concerned, it's foreign territory," he says. "And the police are absolutely not allowed to enter the territory of a foreign nation." The Ethiopians who were looking out the windows while he was checking Asagdum Agis' permit didn't seem that confident of being able to rely on international law. Just to be on the safe side, they fled inside and hid behind the locked doors and shuttered windows.

1. Before 1990, Security Council passed 175 resolutions, 97 were directed against Israel (It is 55% of all resolutions). 2. Before 1990, UN General Assembly voted on 690 resolutions, 429 were directed against Israel (It is 62% of all resolutions). 3. The UN was silent when Jordanians destroyed 58 Synagogues in Jerusalem.

4. The UN was silent while the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. 5. The UN was silent while the Jordanians enforced an apartheid-like policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

6. The UN was silent while for 18 months Israel was terrorised by indiscriminate suicide bombing campaign unleashed by PA leadership. 7. There are 54 Muslims countries in the UN. As well as many more are others Arab oil dependant states. 8. Israel is the ONLY MEMBER OF THE UN THAT IS NOT PERMITTED MEMBERSHIP ON THE SECURITY COUNCIL.

9. Israel is the only country excluded from the U.N.'s regional group system. Since Israel does not belong to any group, it is the only country of 190 member states that is not eligible to serve on the numerous U.N. commissions.

10. In recent years, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights has annually passed five resolutions condemning Israel. This year, they passed seven. By contrast, each of the following countries/regions has been the subject of only one resolution: Afghanistan, Burundi, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Russia/Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Southeast Europe and Sudan.

11. Nov. 29 is the United Nations Day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian People. No other group or nation has a U.N. Day of Solidarity.

12. Israel is the only state to which a special investigator with "an open-ended mandate to inspect its human rights record" is assigned by the U.N.

13. It is the only state targeted by two special committees and special units of the U.N. Secretariat ostensibly devoted to the Palestinians but in reality dedicated to Israel-bashing worldwide, costing millions of dollars a year.

14. UNIFIL, the U.N. force stationed on the Israel-Lebanon border, hid a videotape of Israeli soldiers being abducted by Hezbollah in October 2000. After finally admitting to having the tape, the U.N. would only show an edited version (in which Hezbollah faces were hidden) to the Israeli government.

15. UNESCO, in Paris, began passing resolutions about protection of Jerusalem holy sites and access for Muslims in 1968. No resolutions about protection or Jewish access were passed from 1946 to 1967 when Jordan controlled Jerusalem and barred Jews from entering.