Thursday, December 01, 2005

And people call ME racist...

Photo: The Arab Council debated anti-Jew slurs for two days before finally coming to an agreement.

by Scooter


- In an unusual display of unity among Mideast leaders, the Arab League of 22 countries called an emergency summit Thursday to standardize Jewish slurs for use at future summits.Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa convened the meeting when it became readily apparent that the slurs used to describe the Israeli occupiers greatly varied depending on what country was involved. The wide array of dialects and languages became confusing and difficult to understand.While Palestinian militants referred to the Israelis as "Al Halsuada" or "the evil dogs," others in the Arab world used a derivation of "Satan's dogs" or sometimes "Satan's pigs." Hizbollah fighters, in a translation from Lebanese, referred to the Jews as "evil, big-nosed Muslim-haters" and still others living in refugee camps were partial to calling Israelis "rich, jihad-worthy, baby killers."

Members of the Egyptian Jihad, however, combined many of these slurs by using the standard Arabic "kosher scum-sucking pigs with machine guns," while Syrians used an even larger combination of slurs, which when loosely translated, refer to the Jews as "arrogant, bagel-eating communists that read books backward.""Clearly we need some standardization when it comes to denigrating Jews," Moussa said. "While everyone has a favorite, we think the results of this summit will be helpful to make our hatred more understandable for future summits."

After two days of arguing, the final statement, issued by Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Saud al-Faisal read as follows:"For all formal Arab sessions, Israelis and Jews will now be referred as "land stealing Moses-lovers" and during casual conversation as "rich fucking Jew bastards who wear the funny beanies and eat our children during holidays."


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Ittay said...

It’s always the antisemites that gives us the best compliments. According to them, us Jews are all smart, rule the world and are “arrogant, bagel-eating communists that read books backward.” If only all Jews could read Hebrew like they eat bagels, our Jewish education would be complete.


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