Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kadima (Forward) to jail

In Response to HaNegbi joining Sharon's Kadima Mafia Party: MK Ronnie Brizon (Shinui) said it appears that all of the crazy people ended up in Kadima, along with the police sirens. "From now on party meetings can be held in the Ma'asiyahu prison," he said.

Or maybe not... after all massiyahu jail is full of dangueres 14 year old's still in jail..
And daniel piner.

From jameel at the muqata

You decide! Ariel Sharon's son Omri Sharon, was such a great Member of Knesset, that he deserves a great game of his own -- and everyone deserves to play.
Just click on the picture above, or click
*Kadima (Forward) - Sharon's new party.


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