Thursday, December 15, 2005

Know Thine Enemy

“I simply apply common senseto commonly known facts” Yashiko Sagamori
I hearby nominate him for a nobel peace prize and a award as a Righteous Gentile
Below is some of a article he wrote

Do the “Palestinians” dream about an independent “Palestinian” state? Had we been in their place, that's exactly what we would have dreamt about. But do they? If so, why do they keep missing one opportunity for creating it after another? Why did Yasser Arafat reject Barak's offer at Camp David?
Because accepting that offer would have left Israel standing, and that would be a terrible betrayal of the Arab dream of the destruction of Israel. Because the “Palestinian” people is nothing but a weapon of Israel's destruction, and a very efficient one. Once Israel is no longer on the map, nobody is going to remember about the “Palestinian” dream of independence. Former “Palestinians”, having fulfilled their destiny, will rejoin their tribes and happily continue the normal Arab existence alongside their camels. If they are lucky, of course.
Whenever I say that the “Palestinian” people does not exist, someone is bound to accuse me of racism, although there had been no references to that people until the summer of 1967 in either Western or Arab sources.
Let us ask a silly question: Does the Jordanian people exist? Jordan did not exist as a country until 1921. We've heard many times that the majority of its population are “Palestinians”. Who are the rest?
In 1925, the British helped the House of al-Saud to defeat the Hashemite dynasty that had ruled the Arabian Peninsula whenever it managed to push the al-Sauds aside. The remnants of that dynasty were transplanted to other Arab territories: Faisal I was installed as the King of Iraq, and his brother, Abdullah I, became the King of Transjordan, a newly created country known today as Jordan. So, who are the Jordanian people?
Who are the people of Iraq? In a recent poll, the majority of Iraqis identified themselves as Arabs or Kurds, as Sunnis or Shiites, as members of this tribe or that. Only 3% of respondents identified themselves as Iraqis. Does the Iraqi people exist? And, if yes, what distinguishes it from other Arabs?
The truth is that Arab society today remains mostly tribal, and their personal allegiance to their tribes transcends most other loyalties. Beyond that, they are Arabs. Beyond that, they are Muslims. If our planet was attacked by extraterrestrials, Arabs would choose their side in the conflict not based on their membership in the spieces called Homo Sapiens, but on the aliens' willingness to convert to Islam.
Their tribal mentality may seem incredible in the modern world but Arabs do not live in the modern world. The absence of progress in the last 14 centuries affected not just the sciences and technology. Accepting their pedophiliac fuehrer as the last prophet, they consented to live the rest of their history according to the wisdom of the 7th century C.E. Dar-el-Harb moved on. Dar-el-Islam remained what it had been from its very beginning.
How can we presume to understand the mentality of people separated from us by 14 centuries of our progress and their stagnation? And yet, we keep doing exactly that. The entire “peace process” is based on the idea that the Arabs would agree to peacefully coexist with Israel under, at least, some conditions. Arabs have never — never! — given any indication of such a possibility. So, why do we keep trying to appease them as if appeasement had ever brought the desired peace to the appeasers? Because we project our own love for peace on our enemies, while those enemies hate us much more than they love their own children and project that hatred on us.
The anarchy unfolding in abandoned Gaza will not help Israel. The Arabs there will not do anything they haven't done a million times before. The world knows it and keeps hating Israel. Basic decency is not the defining quality of the humankind. Israel was crucified by the International Court of Justice for a futile attempt to defend itself with a fence. Meanwhile, real atrocities that regularly take place on this planet attract no attention from governments, or the press, or the public. No matter what terrible things transpire in Gaza, they will never help Israel's struggle for survival.
Today, jihad is only unfolding. We haven't seen the worst of it yet. Contrary to our patrinizing reassurances, our enemy will never miss a slightest opportunity to hurt us. Israel, Europe, the United States, and all of Western civilization are bound to suffer one devastating defeat after another until we realize that Islam is our mortal enemy and begin acting accordingly by declaring a total war against it.
With our current leaders, we don't have the chance of a snowball in hell.


At 12:27 AM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

So, if defeat is inevitable, surrender.....or simply change the parameters of battle.

(You really need an evil leftist to break this down for you?)

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yashiko is Jewish. That's her nom de plume.


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