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OK i am late to this dicusion, And it will take me forever to reply personaly to every person. First off chabad stands for chochma bina and da'as.A sephardi cant be a lubavitcher ? Thats funny!! Did you know that lubavitchers daven nusach sefard ? Maybe check up the conection between the rebbe and the great sephardi rabbi's baba sali, rav ovadia yosef, rav yitzchak kaduri..I know many sephardic lubavitcher chasidim... You may not recognize them because some dont dress as most lubav's dress. But head over to jerusalem (where i live) and you will see. Zev hollis... send me a messege and drop by my crib we can discuss this... Chabad simlliliar to xtianty ?? No sir. If you did some research you will see that xtianity stole all its stuff from judaism!!A second coming ? Refers to eliyahu hanavi... that is where the xtians got their ideas.. calling up the rebbe to the torah ? its done in EVERY chabad shull but.. ONLY on simchas torah where you can give chasan torah or chasan bereishis to a non living person... i'll get you exact makor in shulchan aruch..Moshiach alive or dead... you are well aware that tzadikim do not die.. i'm sure you know of the great tzadik rav yehuda hanasi who used to come back from the dead every friday night to make kidush for his family. see rambam hilchos melachim regarding a dead moshiach... Denying moshiach can be from the dead is equilivant to hearsy which brands you as a apikores, keilu oved avoda zara rchmana litzlan. You deny the entire conmcept of techiyas hameisim...........No more need be said.. Second pasuk parshas beresheis it says "veruach elokim merchafes al pnei hamayim" tana dvei eliezer... that was moshiach! Before hashem created the world he created moshiach.. rambam 13 princaples of faith "achake lo bechol yom sheyavo..." i will await him every day.. whats the peirush "i will await him" by anouncing out loud to hashem that we need moshiach... we are sick of golus... we are ready for bias goel....Yechi or not yechi ?Chizkiyahu hamelech was proclaimed to be moshiach by hashem.. what happend ? He did not go out and announce it. som tasim olecha melech... it says you shall choose a king and accept him., .. just as you must choose a melech beis david to rule you... so too do you need to choose melach hamoshiach....As long as clal yisrael does NOT ccept moshiach or a leader theyu are not worthy to be redeemed... see medrash and meforshim on moshe rabeinu when he went to redeem the jews from egypt... koh amar hashem... just as koh then will redeem the jews so too will koh redeem them in the final redmption... af yehudi lo nishar b'galus... no jew will be left behind... despite mockery by jews to melech hamoshiach hashem has promised that all jews will be redeemed UNLIKE the redmption of egypt... False messiah ??See rambam hilchos melachim regarding a king of the house of david and moshiach... Who is moshiach ?? Each generation has a moshiach hador! If that generation is worthy then he will be the final redeemer...And who is moshiach ? He will be from the house opf david, He will return the jews from sining (king chizkiyahu was not successfull in this) He will be a torah scholar.... The lineage of the house of david will never be broken! So hashem promised...Since king david was anointed with oil. therefor his decendants do not need to be annointed...So what then ? That as the rebbe was from the house of david. He was the leader of the generation. He has caused hundreds of thousands of jews to return to judaism.. He was a brilliant torah scholar both in niglah and chasidus... The rebbe needed only to stand up and say "i am a melech beis david" and how would we have merited the redemption ? By accepting a king!!!!That was the idea of saying yechi to push the rebbe to accept uopn himself the yoke of king...So you are a misnagid and dont like the rebbe ? What can i do....I have never seen such hate as you guys have... Besides for the liberal leftists here....We need unity not fighting!!!On a final note...I do not wear a yechi yarmulka, I do not scream yechi I dont waive the moshiach flag either...But i love the moshiach flag more then the white and blue flag of this sick country... There was 300 lubavitchers in gush katif with me, Did not see many snags... Of those 300 lubabs all were crazy yechinik's... They were there you werent..


At 12:11 AM, Blogger FrumGirl said...

Why is everyone so judgemental?

At 5:29 AM, Anonymous hashfanatic said...

What a freakshow.


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