Thursday, December 15, 2005

A nation of blind, Deaf-mutes.

After a cowardly nation blatantly ignored the expulsion of 10.000 jews from their homes.
All of a sudden they are shocked now to hear that sharon will devide jerusalem.

About 2 years ago, When the likud central commite voted on the expulsion. We glued up thousands of these posters "sharon will disengage also from jerusalem" Of course we were branded as fanatic's and worriyers...

In psalms chaper 115 and we say this in the hallel prayer it says: They have a mouth, But cannot speak. They have eyes, But cannot see. They have ears, But cannot hear. They have a nose, But cannot smell. Ther hands cannot touch, Their feet cannot walk, They make no sound in their throat....

Of course this is refering to idols... But seems to me it is also suited for modern day jews and our scumbag politicions (zevulun orlev in particular)

The psalm continues... Those who make them will become like them ( i.e. those who voted for them) All who put their trust in them.

The politicians are false g-ds!! And in turn they worship the false g-d which is america and in particular the g-d of green paper with pictures on them (i.e. money)

Israel! Trust in the lord! He is their help and their shield! House of aron trust in the lord. He is their help and their shield. Those who fear the lord, Trust in the lord, He is their help and their shield

Every day we say in our morning prayers chapter 146 of psalms: Do not place your trust in princes... in a mortal man, For he does not have the ability to bring delieverance...

We made a Tshirt, Disengage from the state. And conect to the torah...


At 12:30 AM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

You cannot connect to the Torah and disconnect from the State simultaneously.

That's like saying, "should we surrender our eyesight, or our hearing"?


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