Thursday, December 22, 2005

Truth at his best

From "Truth"

Well, it seems to me that Moshe has just turned into a 'realistic' figure [ie, he is now taken more seriously by the average voter, just take a look at all the Hebrew comments on the various leftist news websites; One person 'bashes' Moshe for 10 who say something like, 'I'm a leftist but in my opinion at least Moshe is consistent, honest and ideological[ie, uncorrupt]', etc.]. Let's take a look at this; 'Stevie' SlimJim got punked by PeePee [Likudniks didn't want Shakron's piglet]. PhatKatz the bicycle chain dude got punked by Moshe [and I wouldn't be suprised when the day comes that those who voted for PhatKatz would vote for Moshe]. Watch Stevie SlimJim bail for the Kadima pigSty any day now [and he'll blame it on Moshe, too]... So, what's remains of the Likud [ignoring for the moment background noises such as LeWhore SukNut and MickeyMouse AteOne]? PeePee and Moshe... And when PeePee does his usual screw-up [either corruption or his typical zigzag], then who's left? Kind of amusing, at least.
I know personally what the Beeb pulled when he was 'opposition' right before Rahbeen got plugged, so now I agree with you, he'll probably make lots of interesting noises, thanks for reminding me [and by the way, that dude has a HUGE head and very small body - you couldn't really see that on TV; if I recall correctly from the last time I stood next to him, his body (up to the chin) is about 4 feet tall - his head is at least 18 or more inches long - he's like a human 'bobblehead' doll....]


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