Thursday, December 01, 2005


The police have issued a warning regarding a new worm undetected until the last 2 weeks. It is quickly spreading with its known destructiveness. The virus has the deceiving name “KADIMA”. The virus first attaches itself to MK’s, modifies their hard drive, and causes them to affiliate with it. The goal of the “KADIMA” virus is to spread to as many unsuspecting citizens as possible. The virus will send itself to your contact list, claiming it is one of your good friends. As the second stage, the virus will try to convince you it is there for you. It is also known as “National Responsibility”, “Security and Peace”, and “Road Map”. Its real actions are Destruction, Expulsion, and Dictatorship. It is trying to hide this at this stage. Caution: If you receive and email with the subject line “Kadima”, “National Responsibility”, or “Security and Peace” Delete it immediately and DO NOT OPEN IT.


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