Wednesday, January 18, 2006

we have moved!

What I have to say regarding the chevron riots..

Firstly.. Masd props to the brave youth there now. Closed milletary zone or not. We have full right to be anywhere we choose in eretz yisrael.

I fully believe the riots are AMAZING here you have youth who are sick of listening to the yeshu council of lemings. And decided DAI! enough! to hell with haflaga!
They got mad and rightly so! and they went on a rampage.

Now, I dont support attacking soldiers or policemen or any jews. I know that love will not stop the expulsion.. But right now there is no expulsion.. Blocking roads I support.. rioting and mayhem to a point is good... Ynet just published this

Jordan 's King Abdullah II said Tuesday that the only alternative to creation of a Palestinian state was more chaos, violence and instability in the Middle East.

The king said the next two years were particularly critical, and he urged Israel to continue withdrawing from Palestinian territories. (AP)

See, He uses violence as a threat.. and it works! On the front page of today's yediot (idiot) acharonot. It shows a masked girl saying she is 15 and a expelee from gush katif.

So clearly we have angry youth. And angry youth works wonders with the arabs.. they can get away with anything shruging it off as "angry youth" and I think these kids in chevron realized that.

Today in chevron and more...

Ok heres what happend... I left to chevron with 3 friends today, We got to the exit by givat ha'avot at about 4pm and we walked up the the police roadblock. Initialy they would not let us in. But my friends pulled the whole "we are american tourists" bit.. and they let us go by...
Which was funny considering my friend was wearing by orange gush katif shirt saying "gush katif ani nishava... lo nishkach lo nislach" And considering my roomate was wearing his army jacket with a old pollard sticker... I was wearing a yellow hoodie that says "eretz yisrael b'dam uvaesh" But thank g-d my jacket was closed...

So we start walking only to notice itamar ben gvir in his car by the road, The cops had stopped him... Now i know itamar for years. But this was one time i had to ignore him.. Thank g-d he dint see me.

So on we walked....

About halfway between kiryat arba and chevron, I notice a white skoda car pull up... My brain lurches.. First thing that hits my mind is "Shabak!!" Memory's of being dragged off into these cars rush thru my head.. So i just ignored em as they tried to talk to us....

A miracle!! a car pulls up.. room for all 4! we hop in and speed off... well we get to machpela area, And we wanted to go to avraham avinu neighberhood to check the situation...

Car gets cut off by ANOTHER white skoda.. door is opend up. They all whip out badges showing police ID... Sababa i think to myself.. just undercover cops no biggie!
So we get out where we are told to stand on the side. We whip out american ID and figure no problem's.. they will let us go.


The 4 undercover cops start talking and pointing at me.. they pass my US drivers license around... Now my roomate starts to tell me, in part sign lang and part me reading his lips that these cops know me from tapuach..

HUH?!?!? You gotta be kiddin me!! I moved from tapuach 2 years ago!!!
Furthermore.. These cops wouldent believe that i lost my hearing... So they start to give me a "hearing test" I was like Hello?!?!? L'azazel its FREEZING out here!!...

Well well guess who shows up?? the white skoda from back by derech ha'avot.. Now these guys i knew! upon further look i realized that the 5 guys in the car were shabak from here in jerusalem... We had a few run ins. Most notably them searching my apartment with no warrent..
My roomate recognized them as well.

So the jeru shabak crew starts to tell the cops that indeed I cant hear... So then according to my roomate they start to discuss what to do with me.. Should they arrest me ??
And you wont guess who decides to join the party... ANOTHER white skoda!! this car containing cops I am very famillier with.. they were in gush katif and visited us daily in maoz hayam to haras us..Finally they are like ok you can go into machpela to daven but you have just 30 min....

Hey I was in no position to argue about my rights to be in chevron all i desire and for sure to daven in the me'ara however long I wish... And frankly i wanted to get far away from these guys.. So we went in.. A very very sad site greeted me.. The colel was empty, The main outdoor section was empty and only in the hallway inside was there about 20 people..

We davend mincha and said tehilim, we went outside and by the police station there.. the cops point to their watches.. ok i'm like so your gonna arrest me huh ? GO FOR IT!
Instead they tell us to get lost and if they catch us in chevron they will arrest me for violating a shetach tzavai sagur (closed millatery zone)

B'seder ok.. So we hitch back to k4 where me and my roomate promptly got out of the car..
There was maybe 20 people standing around and my brain was shooting and just like pounding the big question...


Why arent there people standing there protesting ?!?!?

10 minutes later we are told that a large group of people are breaking thru by giborim path..
So we jog over but after 10 minutes it takes us to get there.. empty.
So we hitch home, I read on the news that they blocked the entrance to jerusalem..
KOL HAKAVOD to them!

As for myself you will find me tomorow standing by the checkpoint exiting kiryat arba by the road to chevron with signs protesting.. Frankly I dont care if it is just me there..
And I dont either care if I freaze...

Hisoreru!! AWAKE allready!! Rise up sleeping jews.. I know its winter! I know you have jobs!
But l'man hashem! eretz yisrael needs you!! I will forgive everyone for the inaction of gush katif if you will learn a lesson and get your butt over to chevron!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am back in jerusalem for another hour, I came back last night from chevron. Mostly because i am sick and needed to rest here. Plus my frigin arnona bill is due. They said if we dont pay they will evict us... so i told city hall that if they attempt to evict us i will do the following:

1) file a petition to the supreme court for a injuction against evicting me, on grounds that the state has not provided us with alternate housing + compensation.

2) As a means of protest i am boycotting all goverment bills, untill the goverment changes its ways.

3) yehudi lo megaresh yehudi!!!

4) if the city takes any mesure to expell me, They will then be forced to expell themselfs.
City hall hasent paid taxes in years ? heck who pays the arnona on the keneset building ?

5) if they attempt to expell, us my crazy hilltop colleuges may or may not block the roads...
That is something after all we do want to avoid!

In the end i just paid the damn bill, my point is i am on my way back to chevron.

kushen mir tuches if you live in israel and your not on the way there. A double neshika achorayim sheli.. to all the americans NOT on a plane to israel to fight for chevron...

Monday, January 16, 2006


For the first time, Israel's military has been given authorization to use live fire against Jewish protesters. Israeli security sources said military and police commanders have been given permission to use live fire to repel attacks by Jewish residents andtheir supporters in the West Bank city of Hebron.

The Jews, who have so far avoided the use of firearms, have been protesting government plans to expel11 families from an unauthorized neighborhood. "We are always concerned about this possibility [of using live fire]," Police Asst. Comm. Shlomo Efrati said. "The main problem is youngsters, violators of the law, who have come to the city over the last few days."

The sources said the decision came in wake of briefings to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that Jewish protesters were endangering the lives of Israeli troops in the city. Mofaz and Olmert were told that the militants were guided by rabbis who opposed the dismantling of Jewish communities in the West Bank. "In recent days, extremist elements have violently attacked security forces personnel who came to enforce the law in Hebron," Olmert told the Cabinet on Sunday. "The government will notcountenance the wild and unrestrained behavior that has taken place in recent days, especially last night in Hebron."

Olmert said he has ordered Israeli security chiefs to "act assertivelyin preventing the continuation of such phenomena." He warned that "whoeverraises his hand [against Israeli officers] will be severely punished." He did not elaborate. Hours later, an estimated 500 police and soldiers streamed into Hebron with horses, water cannons and anti-riot gear. Witnesses said police fired stun grenades and tear gas toward Jewish protesters. There were no reports of serious injuries.

In another incident, a military brigade commander, Col. MordechaiBaruch, cocked his weapon and pointed it toward Jewish youngsters, some of them wearing masks to avoid identification. The commander later said theprotesters were threatening his troops. "In the course of the events, the officer was protecting his soldiers,"the military said in a statement. Over the weekend, Jewish protesters hurled rocks, paint and eggs towardIsraeli soldiers and torched or ransacked several Palestinian stores andapartments. In response, anti-riot police and soldiers struck youngsters with rifle butts in the Jewish quarter of Avraham Avinu. Security sources said the military was considering declaring Hebron aclosed zone, and police and military units planned to expel Jewishnon-residents from the city. They said elite units, including commandos,were being prepared for the evacuation of the unauthorized Jewishneighborhood over the next few days.

For his part, Mofaz called on the Jewish leadership in Hebron to ease tensions "before it is too late." The defense minister announced plans to establish a bolstered police command in Hebron and enact tougher measures against Jewish protesters.

He also ordered another 250 police officers to deploy in the city. "Police and army numbers in Hebron have been reinforced and have been ordered to act firmly," a Defense Ministry statement said on Monday. "Mr. Mofaz has decided to evacuate them from the wholesalers' market in Hebron and will not be intimidated by outlaws."

Chevron invaded!!

From shlomo wollins, I am out the door now!

This is Shlomo Wollins reporting from the Holy City of Chevron,which has just been invaded (contrary to promises from security forces)and the army has taken control of the Avraham Aveinu neighborhood...thearmy has locked down all the buildings and is going house to house toforcefully evict the children...I have posted massive update, with 13 video clips (ranging from 30 secondsto 11 minutes in length--in streaming format) as well as 3 audio clips....goto this link to view and listen (and weep): ruggle/This situation here is very dangerous....pls forward this link to EVERY person in America that cares about Chevron and the Jewish children here, who with great braveryand injury are defending the land of ALL the Jews...also pls post to blogs, forums, andforward to journalists...we must involve American Jewry here, or Chevron will beentirely lost in the Olmert regime, that misguided Israelis are about to elect in landside...The state of Israel is in dire peril....pray for us...ShlomoI can be reached on my cellphone 0547388054 from Israelor 011-972-54-7388-054 from overseas...if

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Violence in chevron

Anyone following the news will know that lately there has been some sort of rioting going on in chevron. This is not the work of bored extremist teenagers I can assure you. This is a valueble lesson learnt from gush katif. On sunday night the week of the expulsion. Thousands of youth streamed into the neve dekalim junction and basically went crazy. Every army jeep and car approaching was smashed up. This is what can be called as "flexing some muscle"

The youth in chevron are proving a few things,

1 that when the time comes they can unleash hell.
2 that unlike in gush katif when we had such "notable rabbi's" like aviner etc.. telling us what to do! In chevron there are no bosses.
3 yesha council of lemings is smart enough to keep the hell away
4 we have been to jail and we are not scared!
5 crying and begging does not stop the bulldozers, no matter your behaviour it wont stop further destruction.

Ok so this established let me bash a few people.

The fury brought forth by the youth of gush katif at the likes of aviner and the yesha council to quote you eli ben haroush from atzmona who was born in the katif block "how dare these outsiders tell me how to fight"

Back in the battle of the gush, There were self apointed "heads" these lemings were in fact misguided souls who when not betraying us outright, were tying us up.
Effi eitam, bentzy lieberman, pinchas wallerstein, zev zombish, rabbi aviner.. were just a few.
Anyone not adhering to the set guidlines (they actually wrote up a flyer, laying out the accepted ways of protest) was disowned, attacked and bashed. By those who in reality did not even represent us.

Now here is what i am working up to....

Years ago some really smart men in ireland got together and founded the IRA as a milletary arm of fighting for their indapendance. Yet you see unlike us jews, the irish actually could agree on a few things (not the "orange" irish) And so in all of their brilliance they started the sin fein party. Transelated as "only thus!" Which if you know was the same slogan as lechi (also known as the FFI or the stern gang) RAK KACH! only thus, they shouted.

So back to the irish, With a political and millatery arm working together they could do ANYTHING! The IRA bomb a army barracks... The sin fein responds "well it was invitable... imperilisam does drastic things to people" and so it went...

And i'm sure you guessed it by now... The arabs here do the EXACT same thing. A terrorist blows himself up... Saeb eskrat goes on TV saying "occupation and curfews etc... cause these type of things.... there is nothing we can do to stop it, the people have had enough and this is what they resort to"

Trust me, it works wonders... Why do you think the pali-bums are so darn popular ?
Where in any normal society suicide bombing is horrible and disgusted... in israel when it's by the arabs.. the west accepts it.

Now back to my curent blog....

When we block roads, Instead of the fools at the yesha council capitolizing on it! They go and bash us! and this is 1000% counter productive!!!

It just ruins the entire opertunity and it also backfires to the yesha council.. because no matter what no one will listen. so the public see's they represent no one!

In chevron we are ALOT smarter! daily statements by chevron spokesman noam arnon are setting a messege, "what can we do. the youth are obviusly upset"

"Arnon added that negotiations were held recently on the issue of the Hebron market, but that the army handed out the eviction notices for January 15, which caused a lot of anger and a great feeling of injustice."

From baruch marzel

The police officers have been beating, arresting and abusing children and women for three days now, and therefore friction and commotion were created," he said

Wisely the yesha council of fools have had the rare spurt of wisdom and stays the heck away!
Because no one would tolerate their patheticniss.

Why I dont post alot.

For about 90% of my day, My brain is doing "defragmanting" the other 10% when my brain is at somewhat fuctional I am usualy A in the shower or B fighting with my bank clerk at hapoalim. So all my good blogs go to waste.... I mostly type up my blogs in the morning while waiting for my coffee to brew... hence the complete lack of anything inteligant.

Goodbye blogger!

I am switching to wordpress, I bought a domain name but alas it is frozen now due to possible fraud. I had to explain to that i am actually in israel and yes it is my credit card. Then they make me scan a copy of my US driveres license and email 'em. So g-d willing i will have that up soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bloging from notepad...

NOTE: my internet is back up!

So my internet died, Baruch dayan ha'emes... well hopefully we will get some techias hameisim in the morning. It seems that bezek has a very bad sense of humor, choosing to cut off my internet at 3 am. ok ok its my fault i did not pay the bill!
But i never got a bill in the mail!! I swear shabak must be stealing my mail.. Why is it that after the expulsion of gush katif, I have not recived a SINGLE piece of mail sent to me ?? I should just have people address the letters and send to shabak HQ.
Now being that i'm not the type to dial 199 and wait on hold for 3 hours till i get some rude ignorant operator, who barks as if you are trying to steal his last remaining piece of bread. And then tell them "hey lookit here, you guys didnt send me a bill nya nya nya boo boo" I HATE BILLS!
So my internet is down, I played roughly 20 games of solitare (and lost them all) I ate enough food to shame king kong.
I learnt some torah, Read a chapter of dave barry's guide to vacation... which i now have a mad huge stomach ache from laughing so hard after eating! I HATE BEZEK!

Jewish blogers.

While I may be a horrible blogger, I feel fourtunate to know alot of the jewish bloggers out there.
Most of the bloggers up for JIB voting have a few things in common.
1 they are jewish
2 they have a education
3 they are fairly intelligant (well, we are discusing jews)
4 they have profesional jobs (after all jews controll the world)
5 they were against the expulsion of gush katif
I on the other hand, went to yeshiva. I hold no form of highschool diploma. Heck i dont even know proper grammer..
My inteligance is equal to that of the shabak (fairly low) my job considers of pissing off my roomate... oh wait!
I do have a very successfull (thank g-d) ebay business and I am maybe 1 of 10 shomer shabbos jews that are a power seller gold.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The next stop is...Chevron.

Transfer is availble to the 1 2 3 4 & 5 trains, Conection is availble to kela masiyahu...
Look I gotta tell you, I am kind of back into my shmutz la'aretz spoiled mode.
Business is booming b'h. I am comfterble in my apartment in jerusalem. We have DSL and 3 computers. TV / DVD clean clothes, nice soft bed. Its warm and I have food in the fridge.
Not to mention i am a coffe addict and trust me.. geting 20 oz's of coffe every morning in gush katif was a huge mesiras nefesh!

Rabos machshovos b'lev ish.. But hashem is the boss. And so i will be packing my beloved HUGE tremping backpack. And i will be off to chevron sunday. I have no idea what the future is.
Frankly i dont worry much regarding what will happen to me.

Hashem commanded avraham "Go to chevron and buy the cave of machpela" And avraham went. Hashem is commanding us now "Go to chevron and defend your inheritance!"

Y'know... back in june. Me and the torah i recieved from america for gush katif were expelled from maoz hayam. In agust me and the torah were expelled yet AGAIN!

Well can you guess where the torah is now ? You got it! In avraham avinu neighberhood in chevron. Back in agust after the girush i brought the torah there to the newly renovated chabad shull. Known as the "mittler rebbe's shull" Or the ashkenazi avraham avinu shull.

Here is a link of the torah leaving ny. Being expelled from maoz hayam.

And to its final home, In chevron. Where the torah will rest "עד כי יבוא שילה" Shilo refers to moshiach....

Next week, thousands of soldiers will be pitted against thousands of their jewish brothers.

Yet... Its not just the living that will cry out! The blood of the holy tzadeikes Shalhevet techiye pass May the lord avenge her blood. The hundreds of other holy martyrs who will killed al kidush hashem...

Monday, January 09, 2006

A new low for israel

Sunday the news was abuzz regarding the army/ police's closing of the jewish legion.
I spent 14 monthes in tapuach, I raised dogs, I trained them, I patrolled with them and I guarded with them. Yes the dogs were trained to identify and attack arabs. Arab's who sneak into the settlement with the intent to butcher jews. As to the success of the jewish legion I cannot vouch. I know that the legion was started back 4 years ago at a time when jews were being butcherd daily.

The original legion that i was in 3 years ago. Was composed of highly motivated young men and women. Both jews and gentiles, Religious and secular.

Trainers consisted of those like dave, He was a former USMC recon unit trainer. Many of those in the legion ended up joining elite army units...

Israelinsider has a news story regarding the raid.

Hundreds of Police, Border Guard and IDF forces raided this settlement in northern Samaria, confiscating six dogs being trained for security in Jewish settlements. They also hauled off silverware, Tupperware, and other contents of the kitchen and dining room as well as books used in the Torah study seminary. The police told the Legionnaires that they no longer can dine there, even for snacks, nor use the study hall, even for study.

Taking no chances, however, security forces padlocked several doghouses, confiscated a number of plastic doggie bowls, and seized several kilos of industrial strength kibble.

Gee aint that just peachy ?

Jewish & Israeli Blogs awards

I got a email from joe settler to vote for him in the JIB awards. I was actually a bit shocked to see the list of names. While i allways imagined the jewish / israeli blogsphere to be BIG... Most of the names on the lists i knew. Boker tov boulder, Atlas shrugs, Jameel at the muqata... They even got laurence from This blog is full of crap. Check it out here While I cannot disclose exactly who i voted for, Because it would get me in big trouble from the others. I do hope maybe next year i can actually get on the list.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

where was i hiding ?

No where actually, I was just too lazy to get around to post anything.

Can we celebrate sharon's sicknes?

So ithmar ben gvir had a party
I have been attacked by people saying "a jew is a jew..." So i bring you the halachot.

רמב"ם הלכות עדות פי"א הי"א המוסרין והאפיקורוסין והמינים והמשומדים לא הוצרכו חכמים למנות אותן בכלל פסולי העדות שלא מנו אלא רשעי ישראל. אבל אלו המורדין הכופרין פחותין הן מן הגויים שהגויים לא מעלין ולא מורידין ויש לחסידיהן חלק לעולם הבא ואלו מורידין ולא מעלין ואין להן חלק לעולם הבא.

שולחן ערוך יורה דעה סימן שמה סעיף ה כל הפורשים מדרכי צבור, והם האנשים שפרקו עול המצות מעל צוארם, ואין נכללים בכלל ישראל בעשייתם, ובכבוד המועדות וישיבת בתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות, אלא הרי הם כבני חורין לעצמן כשאר האומות, וכן המומרים והמוסרים, כל אלו אין אוננים ואין מתאבלים עליהם, אלא אחיהם ושאר קרוביהם לובשים לבנים ומתעטפים לבנים ואוכלים ושותים ושמחים.