Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bloging from notepad...

NOTE: my internet is back up!

So my internet died, Baruch dayan ha'emes... well hopefully we will get some techias hameisim in the morning. It seems that bezek has a very bad sense of humor, choosing to cut off my internet at 3 am. ok ok its my fault i did not pay the bill!
But i never got a bill in the mail!! I swear shabak must be stealing my mail.. Why is it that after the expulsion of gush katif, I have not recived a SINGLE piece of mail sent to me ?? I should just have people address the letters and send to shabak HQ.
Now being that i'm not the type to dial 199 and wait on hold for 3 hours till i get some rude ignorant operator, who barks as if you are trying to steal his last remaining piece of bread. And then tell them "hey lookit here, you guys didnt send me a bill nya nya nya boo boo" I HATE BILLS!
So my internet is down, I played roughly 20 games of solitare (and lost them all) I ate enough food to shame king kong.
I learnt some torah, Read a chapter of dave barry's guide to vacation... which i now have a mad huge stomach ache from laughing so hard after eating! I HATE BEZEK!


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