Monday, January 16, 2006

Chevron invaded!!

From shlomo wollins, I am out the door now!

This is Shlomo Wollins reporting from the Holy City of Chevron,which has just been invaded (contrary to promises from security forces)and the army has taken control of the Avraham Aveinu neighborhood...thearmy has locked down all the buildings and is going house to house toforcefully evict the children...I have posted massive update, with 13 video clips (ranging from 30 secondsto 11 minutes in length--in streaming format) as well as 3 audio clips....goto this link to view and listen (and weep): ruggle/This situation here is very dangerous....pls forward this link to EVERY person in America that cares about Chevron and the Jewish children here, who with great braveryand injury are defending the land of ALL the Jews...also pls post to blogs, forums, andforward to journalists...we must involve American Jewry here, or Chevron will beentirely lost in the Olmert regime, that misguided Israelis are about to elect in landside...The state of Israel is in dire peril....pray for us...ShlomoI can be reached on my cellphone 0547388054 from Israelor 011-972-54-7388-054 from overseas...if


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