Monday, January 09, 2006

A new low for israel

Sunday the news was abuzz regarding the army/ police's closing of the jewish legion.
I spent 14 monthes in tapuach, I raised dogs, I trained them, I patrolled with them and I guarded with them. Yes the dogs were trained to identify and attack arabs. Arab's who sneak into the settlement with the intent to butcher jews. As to the success of the jewish legion I cannot vouch. I know that the legion was started back 4 years ago at a time when jews were being butcherd daily.

The original legion that i was in 3 years ago. Was composed of highly motivated young men and women. Both jews and gentiles, Religious and secular.

Trainers consisted of those like dave, He was a former USMC recon unit trainer. Many of those in the legion ended up joining elite army units...

Israelinsider has a news story regarding the raid.

Hundreds of Police, Border Guard and IDF forces raided this settlement in northern Samaria, confiscating six dogs being trained for security in Jewish settlements. They also hauled off silverware, Tupperware, and other contents of the kitchen and dining room as well as books used in the Torah study seminary. The police told the Legionnaires that they no longer can dine there, even for snacks, nor use the study hall, even for study.

Taking no chances, however, security forces padlocked several doghouses, confiscated a number of plastic doggie bowls, and seized several kilos of industrial strength kibble.

Gee aint that just peachy ?


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