Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The next stop is...Chevron.

Transfer is availble to the 1 2 3 4 & 5 trains, Conection is availble to kela masiyahu...
Look I gotta tell you, I am kind of back into my shmutz la'aretz spoiled mode.
Business is booming b'h. I am comfterble in my apartment in jerusalem. We have DSL and 3 computers. TV / DVD clean clothes, nice soft bed. Its warm and I have food in the fridge.
Not to mention i am a coffe addict and trust me.. geting 20 oz's of coffe every morning in gush katif was a huge mesiras nefesh!

Rabos machshovos b'lev ish.. But hashem is the boss. And so i will be packing my beloved HUGE tremping backpack. And i will be off to chevron sunday. I have no idea what the future is.
Frankly i dont worry much regarding what will happen to me.

Hashem commanded avraham "Go to chevron and buy the cave of machpela" And avraham went. Hashem is commanding us now "Go to chevron and defend your inheritance!"

Y'know... back in june. Me and the torah i recieved from america for gush katif were expelled from maoz hayam. In agust me and the torah were expelled yet AGAIN!

Well can you guess where the torah is now ? You got it! In avraham avinu neighberhood in chevron. Back in agust after the girush i brought the torah there to the newly renovated chabad shull. Known as the "mittler rebbe's shull" Or the ashkenazi avraham avinu shull.

Here is a link of the torah leaving ny. Being expelled from maoz hayam.

And to its final home, In chevron. Where the torah will rest "עד כי יבוא שילה" Shilo refers to moshiach....

Next week, thousands of soldiers will be pitted against thousands of their jewish brothers.

Yet... Its not just the living that will cry out! The blood of the holy tzadeikes Shalhevet techiye pass May the lord avenge her blood. The hundreds of other holy martyrs who will killed al kidush hashem...


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