Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today in chevron and more...

Ok heres what happend... I left to chevron with 3 friends today, We got to the exit by givat ha'avot at about 4pm and we walked up the the police roadblock. Initialy they would not let us in. But my friends pulled the whole "we are american tourists" bit.. and they let us go by...
Which was funny considering my friend was wearing by orange gush katif shirt saying "gush katif ani nishava... lo nishkach lo nislach" And considering my roomate was wearing his army jacket with a old pollard sticker... I was wearing a yellow hoodie that says "eretz yisrael b'dam uvaesh" But thank g-d my jacket was closed...

So we start walking only to notice itamar ben gvir in his car by the road, The cops had stopped him... Now i know itamar for years. But this was one time i had to ignore him.. Thank g-d he dint see me.

So on we walked....

About halfway between kiryat arba and chevron, I notice a white skoda car pull up... My brain lurches.. First thing that hits my mind is "Shabak!!" Memory's of being dragged off into these cars rush thru my head.. So i just ignored em as they tried to talk to us....

A miracle!! a car pulls up.. room for all 4! we hop in and speed off... well we get to machpela area, And we wanted to go to avraham avinu neighberhood to check the situation...

Car gets cut off by ANOTHER white skoda.. door is opend up. They all whip out badges showing police ID... Sababa i think to myself.. just undercover cops no biggie!
So we get out where we are told to stand on the side. We whip out american ID and figure no problem's.. they will let us go.


The 4 undercover cops start talking and pointing at me.. they pass my US drivers license around... Now my roomate starts to tell me, in part sign lang and part me reading his lips that these cops know me from tapuach..

HUH?!?!? You gotta be kiddin me!! I moved from tapuach 2 years ago!!!
Furthermore.. These cops wouldent believe that i lost my hearing... So they start to give me a "hearing test" I was like Hello?!?!? L'azazel its FREEZING out here!!...

Well well guess who shows up?? the white skoda from back by derech ha'avot.. Now these guys i knew! upon further look i realized that the 5 guys in the car were shabak from here in jerusalem... We had a few run ins. Most notably them searching my apartment with no warrent..
My roomate recognized them as well.

So the jeru shabak crew starts to tell the cops that indeed I cant hear... So then according to my roomate they start to discuss what to do with me.. Should they arrest me ??
And you wont guess who decides to join the party... ANOTHER white skoda!! this car containing cops I am very famillier with.. they were in gush katif and visited us daily in maoz hayam to haras us..Finally they are like ok you can go into machpela to daven but you have just 30 min....

Hey I was in no position to argue about my rights to be in chevron all i desire and for sure to daven in the me'ara however long I wish... And frankly i wanted to get far away from these guys.. So we went in.. A very very sad site greeted me.. The colel was empty, The main outdoor section was empty and only in the hallway inside was there about 20 people..

We davend mincha and said tehilim, we went outside and by the police station there.. the cops point to their watches.. ok i'm like so your gonna arrest me huh ? GO FOR IT!
Instead they tell us to get lost and if they catch us in chevron they will arrest me for violating a shetach tzavai sagur (closed millatery zone)

B'seder ok.. So we hitch back to k4 where me and my roomate promptly got out of the car..
There was maybe 20 people standing around and my brain was shooting and just like pounding the big question...


Why arent there people standing there protesting ?!?!?

10 minutes later we are told that a large group of people are breaking thru by giborim path..
So we jog over but after 10 minutes it takes us to get there.. empty.
So we hitch home, I read on the news that they blocked the entrance to jerusalem..
KOL HAKAVOD to them!

As for myself you will find me tomorow standing by the checkpoint exiting kiryat arba by the road to chevron with signs protesting.. Frankly I dont care if it is just me there..
And I dont either care if I freaze...

Hisoreru!! AWAKE allready!! Rise up sleeping jews.. I know its winter! I know you have jobs!
But l'man hashem! eretz yisrael needs you!! I will forgive everyone for the inaction of gush katif if you will learn a lesson and get your butt over to chevron!!


At 12:53 AM, Blogger the sabra said...

i like ur blog
happy i got the chance to read some of it.
its nice to hear about someone else, for a change, that does these 'crazy zionist' things as well.

kol hakovod and hatzlocha rabba.

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i can say elchonon is g-d was there that day to save uer butt. uer one hell of a lucky man,b'hatzlacha rabah in all uer endevours.

At 11:12 PM, Blogger Pesach Ben Avraham said...

ditto that

At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G-d bless you Elchonon.
I'm not in Eretz Yisrael now. But balev vaneshama ani ken!!!


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