Sunday, January 15, 2006

Violence in chevron

Anyone following the news will know that lately there has been some sort of rioting going on in chevron. This is not the work of bored extremist teenagers I can assure you. This is a valueble lesson learnt from gush katif. On sunday night the week of the expulsion. Thousands of youth streamed into the neve dekalim junction and basically went crazy. Every army jeep and car approaching was smashed up. This is what can be called as "flexing some muscle"

The youth in chevron are proving a few things,

1 that when the time comes they can unleash hell.
2 that unlike in gush katif when we had such "notable rabbi's" like aviner etc.. telling us what to do! In chevron there are no bosses.
3 yesha council of lemings is smart enough to keep the hell away
4 we have been to jail and we are not scared!
5 crying and begging does not stop the bulldozers, no matter your behaviour it wont stop further destruction.

Ok so this established let me bash a few people.

The fury brought forth by the youth of gush katif at the likes of aviner and the yesha council to quote you eli ben haroush from atzmona who was born in the katif block "how dare these outsiders tell me how to fight"

Back in the battle of the gush, There were self apointed "heads" these lemings were in fact misguided souls who when not betraying us outright, were tying us up.
Effi eitam, bentzy lieberman, pinchas wallerstein, zev zombish, rabbi aviner.. were just a few.
Anyone not adhering to the set guidlines (they actually wrote up a flyer, laying out the accepted ways of protest) was disowned, attacked and bashed. By those who in reality did not even represent us.

Now here is what i am working up to....

Years ago some really smart men in ireland got together and founded the IRA as a milletary arm of fighting for their indapendance. Yet you see unlike us jews, the irish actually could agree on a few things (not the "orange" irish) And so in all of their brilliance they started the sin fein party. Transelated as "only thus!" Which if you know was the same slogan as lechi (also known as the FFI or the stern gang) RAK KACH! only thus, they shouted.

So back to the irish, With a political and millatery arm working together they could do ANYTHING! The IRA bomb a army barracks... The sin fein responds "well it was invitable... imperilisam does drastic things to people" and so it went...

And i'm sure you guessed it by now... The arabs here do the EXACT same thing. A terrorist blows himself up... Saeb eskrat goes on TV saying "occupation and curfews etc... cause these type of things.... there is nothing we can do to stop it, the people have had enough and this is what they resort to"

Trust me, it works wonders... Why do you think the pali-bums are so darn popular ?
Where in any normal society suicide bombing is horrible and disgusted... in israel when it's by the arabs.. the west accepts it.

Now back to my curent blog....

When we block roads, Instead of the fools at the yesha council capitolizing on it! They go and bash us! and this is 1000% counter productive!!!

It just ruins the entire opertunity and it also backfires to the yesha council.. because no matter what no one will listen. so the public see's they represent no one!

In chevron we are ALOT smarter! daily statements by chevron spokesman noam arnon are setting a messege, "what can we do. the youth are obviusly upset"

"Arnon added that negotiations were held recently on the issue of the Hebron market, but that the army handed out the eviction notices for January 15, which caused a lot of anger and a great feeling of injustice."

From baruch marzel

The police officers have been beating, arresting and abusing children and women for three days now, and therefore friction and commotion were created," he said

Wisely the yesha council of fools have had the rare spurt of wisdom and stays the heck away!
Because no one would tolerate their patheticniss.


At 5:43 AM, Blogger hashfanatic said...

You fools.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger Joe Settler said...

Are you there, or are you writing remotely?

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Elchonon said...

Joe, I was there on and off in the last 7 days... i am going back now.


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